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How to Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout

Today, we’re sharing how to change the existing grout color on a subway tiled backslash!

Do you ever pine over something and then you finally get it and it’s not exactly what you thought it was going to be?

That’s what happened with me and our kitchen. I’ve wanted a white kitchen for THE longest time.

Like years.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve sort of eased into having a white kitchen.  First, we installed a white subway tile back splash Then we painted the kitchen walls before painting the kitchen cabinets. As you know, one thing usually leads to another and we ultimately installed and painted shiplap completing kitchen makeover.

I haven’t regretted painting the cabinets or installing the shiplap, not a single day.

In fact, my only regret was that we didn’t paint them sooner.

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Deciding to Change the Color of the Existing Grout 

It’s been about a year now since I’ve had an all white kitchen save for the black granite countertops and hardware.

While I loved it all, I don’t know, I just kept looking at it thinking there was something missing.

I know that sounds totally weird coming from me.  If you’ve been a friend of The Crowned Goat for even a minute, you know, my favorite color is white.  Sure, I did dream of having a farmhouse kitchen for 7 years. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling something was amiss.

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Choosing the Right Grout Color

I finally decided the kitchen was missing texture and maybe I needed a bit of color in the form of plants too. There are plenty of ways to add texture to a space and the kitchen back splash seemed like the most logical place to start.

After a bit of research online, I headed to Lowes to find a way to recolor the existing grout in our subway tiled back splash. I should note here, my bestie S suggested I chose a gray grout from the get go.

In my defense, the cabinets were still maple at the time and the walls had been painted in a color called Green Tea. Needless to say, I was laser focused on having a white kitchen and if that meant picking out Alabaster grout, so be it.

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Selecting the Right Product

Fast forward to painting our kitchen cabinets white (which changed everything) and had me standing in grout aisle of Lowes trying to decide which gray to use.

I settled on Grout Recolor in Silverado by TEC which allows you to change the color of your existing grout with just a few simple steps.  Without a doubt, you’ll want to read and follow the directions on the back of the bottle provided by TEC if you choose to do this project.

How to Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout Steps

Using caution and care remove any electrical outlet covers with a screwdriver and place a drop cloth over your countertops and/or surfaces to protect them.

Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout-4

As per the instructions, I shook the bottle well before I started this process. First, I placed a narrow bead of grout recolor on the grout joint. Then I used a toothbrush to spread the color evenly along the joint with a scrubbing motion and working in small sections.

Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout-5

While the grout color was still wet, I wiped off the excess color from the surrounding tiles with a damp towel.

Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout-6

Some of the joints, especially around the corners, were a little tight. So, I had to put the grout recolor directly on the toothbrush before applying.

As you can see, I used a child’s toothbrush that had a small head.

Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout-7

You basically keep applying and wiping away the excess color until you have all the grout joints filled in.

Keep in mind, depending on what color you’re changing to you may need more than one coat. It was much easier to apply two thin coats than one really thick coat.

We waited about 45 minutes to reapply between each coat.

Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout-8

Curing and Drying Time 

After about 4 hours we wiped down all the tiles with a damp cloth just to make sure there wasn’t any extra residue on them.

We also place the outlet covers back on all the outlets.

As per the TEC Grout Recolor bottle the curing time to recolor your existing grout  is approximately 7-10 days. We were extra careful while in the kitchen during that time.

Easily Change the Color of Existing Grout-9I’m still surprised at how easy the grout was to recolor and it definitely added a bit of texture to the kitchen too.

I still have a couple of things I want to do bring in a bit more texture before I’m ready to reveal more of the kitchen but things are definitely progressing. Have you ever used a grout recolor product before? I’d love to know!

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It’s fun to see all the different changes our kitchen has undergone over the years.  Here’s a look at some of our favorite kitchen projects:

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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