Clever Ways to Organize Books and Magazines

You guys, it’s so hard to believe today is the first day of March! As you know, I’m working with a great group of ladies this year to purge and organize my entire home using the KonMari method from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.   So far, I’ve organized the bedroom drawers and closet, the pantry, the kitchen cabinets and drawers as well as the kitchen’s built in desk area.  I can honestly say, we’ve been able to keep these areas tidy thanks to decluttering and having a system in place we’re able to maintain.  This month, I’m working on books and magazines.

Oh my stars –  the book and magazine clutter was so close to getting out of control.  I could see the stacks of magazines peeking out of the storage baskets as soon as I walked through the door so I knew I had to make going through all of them a priority.


One thing I like about the KonMari method is using the technique of decluttering an entire category in one sitting as opposed to going through one container/area/room per day.  I started by pulling all of the magazines out of the baskets and sorting them by publication.  This is after sorting one basket…do I have a love affair with magazines or what?


If  you’re ever unsure of what your true style is try reading the titles of your favorite magazines.  The stacks of Country Living, Flea Market Style and Romantic Homes pretty much say it all. I kept the titles that still provide inspiration


and vowed to let the rest go.  Most books and magazines can be placed in the recycle bin, donated to hospital/school art programs, traded with friends and families, donated to charity shops for resale or consider starting a free lending library in your community.


Once you’ve decided which copies you want to keep and which to let go, determine how you want to store them.  I decided to keep all of the magazines in these baskets so they can be shared when we have company. I bought the baskets at Target a few years ago and they’ve held up really well.


If you’re looking for a way to organize a specific category within the baskets (i.e. seasonal or holiday publications) try products like these file boxes specifically for organizing magazines and specialty papers.  You can find them at most office supply, big box stores and sometimes at thrift stores too. Here’s a look at how I used the file boxes inside the baskets


and on the bookcase.


If you’re short on space for baskets or file boxes, consider using vintage suitcases or briefcases,




weathered boxes,


picnic baskets,


or even metal trunks to keep treasured books and magazines contained.


Nightstands, dressers, buffet drawers or desk cubbies are also a great way to keep things close at hand yet contained especially if you read before bed or as a way to relax while taking a bath.


The one thing I’ve come to understand throughout this decluttering and organizing process is that you have to want things to be neat and tidy more than you want to keep bringing things  home that you like instead of love.  It’s definitely a process but one I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of and I hope you are too.


Let me know if you need some encouragement in your simplifying journey or just budget friendly ideas to organize a specific space. Be sure to check out how these ladies have used the KonMari method to tackle their spaces:

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See you guys back here tomorrow.  I’ve painted my first piece for a new project called River Ranch.  What started as a simple furniture paint job wound up taking 2 days to complete so I’ll share with you the process and the pitfalls.

Many blessings,



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  1. Great work! That’s on my to-do list as well. Somehow they just seem to multiply! I love all the ideas for storage you gave.

    1. Thanks so much Amy! You’re totally right getting a new magazine each week definitely adds up. I was shocked at how many I had actually accumulated. Sending you hugs and I’m loving your refrigerator makeover, Coco

  2. Girl…what are you doing with all of those magazines? LOL We know our homes have lots of clutter in them and we appreciate all of your valuable tips. Sometimes letting go of “stuff” can be very hard. This year we vowed to not renew any magazine subscriptions. It was a hard decision but very freeing at the same time. We are now working on closets and drawers. Do you offer in-home services LOL. Your home is beautiful, reflecting the people that live there. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ha ha should I add them to your crate ladies? I know it takes a bit of extra work to get everything organized into a manageable system that is easy to maintain. B I gotta tell ya once you start with even one drawer or closet it makes such a huge difference. I’m working my way around the house too so I’m cheering you guys on. In home services are definitely available for sweeties like you 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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