The Easiest Breakfast Birthday Cake Ever

As I’ve been sharing this week, we recently celebrated a milestone birthday for my mom with a special brunch. I knew in advance we were going to have a lot of her favorite foods on the menu including Belgian waffles with caramel sauce. I was this close to using one of the waffles as her birthday cake, you know? I mean, it is sweet and she does love them and it is breakfast so just put a candle in the waffle and let it ride. But as the party drew near, I just couldn’t let her celebrate the day without some sort of birthday cake. I decided to create the easiest breakfast birthday cake ever and I’ll show you how you can make one too…

Breakfast Birthday Cake-1

To create this cake, you’ll need a sturdy cake plate. You’ll also need at least 36 powdered donuts and a half dozen cream horns, 5 of which should be sliced and a bag of shredded coconut. Place one of the cream horns in the middle of the cake plate standing up, then, carefully place slices of cream horns around the center cream horn.

Birthday Breakfast Cake-2

After you have the center cream horn stabilized, begin stacking powdered donuts around the cream horn slices.

Birthday Breakfast Cake-3

Continue to carefully stack the donuts (slightly askew) until you’ve created multiple levels of donuts.

Birthday Breakfast Cake-4

The donuts won’t all be the exact same shape so keep stacking until the donuts are completely stable. You don’t want them to tumble over when you’re moving the breakfast birthday cake from the buffet to the table.

Birthday Breakfast Cake-5

Once the donuts and the cream horns are in place, sprinkle shredded coconut around the base of your cake.

Birthday Breakfast Cake-6

Remember to add some coconut to the back too as this cake will be seen from all sides.

Birthday Breakfast Cake-7

Next add some decorative embellishments. My mom’s name starts with an M so I saved this glitter Christmas ornament out to use for her birthday. It helps if the embellishment has a flat foot/edge so it will be easier to stand up amid all the shredded coconut.

Breakfast Birthday Cake-8

Carefully insert sparklers or a candle into the cream of the center cream horn.

Breakfast Birthday Cake-9

Please note, if you use sparklers like we did here you WILL NOT eat the center cream horn as it will no longer be food safe.

Breakfast Birthday Cake-10

Super cute, right? I originally bought just one bag of powdered donuts. I totally forgot to look to see how many donuts were in the bag because I was so focused on the other food items on grocery list. Imagine my surprise when around 830 pm Friday night, I started putting the cake together and realized I was going to run out of donuts. I have to give my bestie S a shout out who ran to the convenience store, bought all the sleeves of donuts they had on the shelf and saved the day! For real, you guys it is really hard to live so far from town sometimes. There is no way I could have to made it the 27 miles to the grocery store that late at night and made it in time.

Breakfast Birthday Cake-11

As you can imagine, the easiest breakfast birthday cake ever was a big hit, especially, with the littles who all took a snack bag of donuts for the long ride home.

Breakfast Birthday Cake-12

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’m sharing a simple drink marker a busy girl can make in mere minutes. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I would never have imagined there were cream horns holding this cake up! This is so cute. Now the donut lips from yesterday make perfect sense 🙂

    1. It takes the cream horns to stabilize the cake, Sarah! I know your littles are going to love this one. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much ladies! I think my mom was like “so many carbs” ha ha! She was seriously a good sport about it all. The kids of course ate everything on their plate just to get some “cake.” Hugs, CoCo

  2. Yet another creative idea from you, CoCo. I might do something similar to this cake for Valentines Day.

    1. That’s a great idea, Bonnie! I think maybe Little Debbie or Hostess may even have some pink hearts or something like that so you could build a cake like this with the festive colors of Valentines Day. Hugs, CoCo

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