French Linen Painted Dresser

Since the July 4th weekend was a long one, I was able to steal an extra day and travel a few towns over to find a few new treasure haunts. My Mom and I scouted everything out on Tuesday and by Thursday I was back with the truck. It’s kind of ironic the original piece that I drove down there for didn’t work out at all. I swear I looked the armoire over so carefully. However, by the time I drove back to purchase it just two days later one entire side was coming apart at the seams. I’m ok with making some repairs but for the price the storeowner was asking for this beat up piece it just wasn’t worth it. She definitely taught me a lesson in how to treat customers that will stick with me for a long time. Think when Julia Roberts in the move Pretty Woman goes to buy clothes on Rodeo Drive for the first time.

Frustrated but not defeated, we drove to the next stop on the list. My original plan was just to buy this beautiful 4-drawer dresser. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it but the dresser was priced almost $50 more than I had budgeted for. In the end, this storeowner was so sweet and gracious we bought 3 pieces of furniture, a Christmas gift and drove away happy customers. A totally different lesson learned than in the previous store. I wanted to wheel the truck back to the original store and shout, “Mistake, BIG mistake, HUGE!” just like Julia did in the movie SO bad.


There are times when I struggle with wanting to keep the items I’m supposed to be bringing to my booth. If I can find a spot for a treasure as I bring it home, I will trade out things that I no longer feel attached to. If not, it goes straight to the booth. Given that I need dressers at The Pickers Market, I shouldn’t even let myself think of how amazing it could look in my bedroom at my parent’s house.


I shouldn’t be thinking about how pieces of furniture will be moved from one house to another and that these moves will disrupt both of my bedroom spaces. And this dresser painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen on the bottom and Old White on the top would be the perfect touch in a bedroom that will make my neutral loving heart sing.

So stop thinking about how amazing these legs are and


begin lightly sanding the dresser with 320-grit sandpaper.


I paint the original wooden knobs so they’ll stand out.


Next I coat the entire piece with clear furniture paste wax and buff with a soft bristled brush.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - French Linen Painted Dresser - The Crowned Goat - 072215-7

I pretty it up for the blog pictures and

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - French Linen Painted Dresser - The Crowned Goat - 072215-8

make sure the mirror is straight.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - French Linen Painted Dresser - The Crowned Goat- 072215-9

Sadly, I can’t find the perfect spot for it in my house so I have to let it go. I load it in the wagon and haul it to my booth hoping someone will love this piece just as much as I do.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - French Linen Painted Dresser - The Crowned Goat - 072215-10

See you guys back here tomorrow. I realized when I left for Haven I’ve never done a complete house tour on the blog before so I’ll share it with you then.

Many blessings,


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  1. I can’t believe the difference in this dresser! I have my daughter’s house tour on my blog today and one of the pieces we used in her home was a chair from the trash. You just can’t beat vintage finds to bring character to a space. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mary Beth, I LOVED that chair you guys refinished for her house tour! I still can’t believe you found it in the trash. That’s nuts. I’m so glad you saved it! Hope your day is totally fantastic, Coco

  2. This piece is beautiful! I know it will sell fast! And, I’m dying at the image of you passing the first store yelling BIG mistake! You should have done it, LOL!

    1. ha ha Angie, I’m only that sassy in my head! It was such a great lesson to learn though and I definitely found a great new place to shop. Sending you big hugs, CoCo

  3. CoCo – we don’t blame you and we know exactly how you feel. We want to keep everything we purchase. For the two of us it works well because we can trade with each other LOL. Your dresser turned out beautifully! The color choices, finish, love it all!! Great job!

    1. Thanks so much ladies! I know you guys know first hand what it’s like to want to keep everything. I wanted to sneak that coffee cart into the car and take it to Florida 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

  4. Coco, this turned out so beautiful and I just love the color!!! You’re a painting rockstar my friend, hugs, Lisa

    1. Thank you bunches, Lisa, this is definitely one of my all time favorite painted pieces. It was so hard to let go. Sending you hugs for a happy day, CoCo

  5. Beautiful piece Coco. Those legs and casters! Oh my. And the perfect colors. I predict this one will go quickly 🙂 Bwg ~~~

    1. I appreciate that Bobbi, thank you! The legs and wooden wheel casters were definitely one of my favorite features. Hope your day is a happy one, CoCo

  6. So so pretty! Those are two of my favorite colors and on my short list of colors to keep “in stock.” 🙂 Beautiful job, Coco!! I am sure that someone will fall in love quickly and the dresser will have a happy new home!

    1. Thank you so much, Kimm, I hope so! It’s the hardest part of being in this business you want to keep everything 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

  7. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience with the first store owner. Definitely her loss! And this dresser turned out beautifully. It has such lovely clean lines.

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I try to be so low key and not let my feathers get ruffled too much but once I saw how damaged the piece was after we had driven all that way it was so frustrating. It was a great business and life lesson to learn though. It always pays to treat people with love and respect. Hugs, Coco

  8. Whew – got the math question right! haha Seriously, lovely dresser and I like your color combination — it could work in so many spaces. Hope it sells quickly for you!

    1. I really appreciate it Cynthia, thank you! This color combination is one of my favorites. I’m hoping to do something similar in my office. High five and big hugs for your math skills, Coco

  9. Another awesome transformation! I love neutral colors, too! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday:-)

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