Latest Finds and 3 Tips for Shopping Thrift Stores

Last Friday I met my mom for a bit of treasure hunting in our hometown so I thought I would share with you a few things I brought home. As many of you know, I try to shop “The Loop” each week in my own town and most of the time I have pretty good luck. I’ve always wondered if I would have the same kind of luck in a small town though. I know a lot of you live in small towns and have trouble finding thrifted items to incorporate in your home. At the same time, I also know a lot of you live in a big city where the prices are high and the selection is scarce.

Given I never really know what I’m going to find when I go out shopping, I thought I would share a three thrift store shopping tips that help to make the experience easier…

Keep a master list of specific items your home needFor our home, this could be anything from pieces of ironstone to accessories for our latest makeover. Keeping a master list will help you stay on track if or when you get overwhelmed by so many different random items and styles in the store.

Keep your home’s color palette and style in mind before you buy – Keeping your home’s color palette and style in mind before you head to the checkout counter will help you avoid impulse buys. Most of the time the pieces we bring home are almost always neutrals. A few exceptions are pieces you can transform with paint (you’ll see a red frame I bought below).

Ask yourself, “Do I have a place for this in my home right now?” – knowing in advance where you will use a specific item will help keep you from getting caught up in the “thrifted bliss moment” meaning you’re at the thrift store with all the feels, it’s a great deal, someone is hovering, your heart is racing, you can make it work….you think. It can be heartbreaking to have to walk away from something you really like but the goal is to fill your home with items you LOVE not just like.

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Here’s a peek at the things I’ve picked up lately…

Botanical Prints – I thought I would be able to use these on the mantel but they’re too big! I’m going to try them in the dining room or beside the display cabinet so I’ll keep you posted.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-2

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-3

Black and White Art – We’ve had black and white photographs hanging in our home for years. They’re great because they can easily be seamlessly changed from one room to another.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-4

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-5

Frame – Finally a frame we may be able to use to finish the art we recently purchased for the bedroom! I know I’ll need to either paint it or add a bit of Rub and Buff. I’m hoping to give it a makeover next week.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-6

Ironstone – Pieces like this one are so hard to find I pick them up anytime I see them no matter what because I never know when or if I’ll come across another one.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-7

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-8

Scale – I was so excited to find this scale on sale for $2.50. The bottom feels like thick plastic so I’ll probably paint it but at that price it’s worth taking the chance.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-9

Barware – We looked for stylish water pitcher and glasses before the master bedroom makeover reveal but we couldn’t find one we loved. This VIP set was perfect and also on sale at $1.50.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-10

Decanter – Decanters are getting hard to find in this area as well so as soon I found this sentimental one, I knew we had to bring it home. We’ll be using this as an accessory for the office makeover.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-11

Vase – Small containers like these are always good to use for flower vases or room diffusers.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-12

Baking pans – Baking pans are not something I normally buy thrifted but I’ve been looking for both of these for a while now. I can’t wait to make a gingerbread bunt cake at Christmas. The pattern on this pan is going to be so pretty!

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-13

Napkins – These gray napkins were such a pretty shade of pale gray I couldn’t leave them behind. I think they’re going to be perfect for summer.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-14

Coverlet – This coverlet is actually more of a cream or ecru than it appears in the photo. I’m trying to figure out a way to lighten it up so we can use it this season.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-15

Pillows for the Benches – Anytime we need fluffy pillows for the entry and breakfast nook benches we head to Big Lots for pillows. These are $4 each in our area so check your store to see if they have a similar deal.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-16

Concrete Candlesticks – I picked these up at Hobby Lobby on the 66% off aisle for our mantel or the bookcases. I love the shape, color and you can’t beat less than $7 each.

3 Tips for Shopping Thrifted Finds-17

I’m hoping to be able to get these pieces in place before our company arrives on Friday! You guys know how it is though, you move one thing which leads to another and before it’s all said and done you’ve redecorated completely ha ha.

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow with scenes from our week and all of our favorite things from around the web. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Mindy McHugh says:

    Hey Cocoa! What great finds!! Maybe sometime you could share “the loop” with us. We only get down your way about once a year, but I would love to visit some of the spots.? Your ORC was awesome, I especially love the stenciled floor!!

  2. Great finds…I love finding unexpected treasures…

  3. I’m crazy about ironstone and botanical prints. Thank you for the tips!

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