How to Make a Lemongrass Room Diffuser

Today I’m going to share with you how to make a really easy diy lemongrass room diffuser. It’s a super simple gift you can give to your coworkers, teachers, friends or family members or use to make your home smell amazing.  We chose lemongrass for this one but honestly you can use whatever combination you like best. Here’s a look at how you can make this diy room diffuser in just minutes…

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-1


Glass container – keep in mind the wider the neck the quicker the oil will diffuse so choose a container that has a slender neck.

Wood or bamboo reeds

Carrier oil – we used sweet almond oil

Essential oil – we used lemongrass but you can choose your favorite combination to completely customize this project


Start with a clean and dry glass container. This vintage container belonged to my Granny’s but you can find glass containers similar to this at most thrift or craft stores.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-2

If you’re giving this diffuser as a gift you’ll want to make sure the stopper or lid seals well.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-3

Pour the carrier oil into the glass container.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-4

Add about 20 drops of essential oil (s) per ¼ cup carrier oil

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-5

If you’re giving this diffuser as a gift, add a tag that describes the scent or gather a few sprigs of your favorite flowers and herbs (these are from our Texas Sage bush) and wrap reeds with a pretty ribbon.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-6

Then attach reed bundle to diffuser container.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-7

If you’re keeping the diffuser to use at home, place the reeds directly into the container and lightly stir.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-8

Leave the reeds soaking in the essential oil mixture for 1-2 hours, then flip them so the oil soaked ends show.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-9

As always use caution and care and keep room diffuser away from children and curious pets.

DIY Lemongrass Room Diffuser-10

You can create a room diffuser in about 5 minutes provided you have all the materials at the ready, it’s that easy. Each diffuser can be completely customized for a specific recipient or play around with the essential oil combinations to make a signature scent for your home.

Lemongrass Room Diffuser

See you guys back here tomorrow. I hit the treasure trail with my mom while I was visiting our hometown last weekend so I’ll share with you what I brought home. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. CoCo – this is a great idea. We had no clue that these were this easy to make. Getting our thoughts together to make lavender ones for the nightstand for better sleeping! Thanks for the inspiration!

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