French Press Coffee Tips and Tricks

We’re sharing our favorite French press coffee tips and tricks today!

Earlier this year, I spent some time in Savannah with my family.  Every morning we lingered over a leisurely breakfast with fabulous coffee and it felt like the biggest gift.

Easy French Press Coffee Tips and Tricks-The Crowned Goat

Truthfully, there were a lot of things about that trip that changed me completely.

While I didn’t know how to put it into words at the time, I realize now I had reached what blogger, podcaster, author, and speaker, Jenna Kutcher calls the “enough point.”

If you haven’t heard her podcast on reinvention yet, it’s such a good one!

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Anyway, the minute we got home from Savannah, I vowed to start including simple pleasures and little luxuries in our lives.

Instead of getting overwhelmed and trying to do everything all at once though, I decided to ease into things by making a list of little luxuries that brought us joy including a list of rituals, rhythms, and routines I could easily incorporate into our daily lives.

Revamping Our Weekday and Weekend Morning Routines…

If you’ve ever tried to make positive changes and healthy habits a true lifestyle, you know it takes time.

I wasn’t sure where to start at first. So, I decided to start at the beginning of the day with our morning rituals.

It took a few weeks before we got our weekday morning routine down, but I can honestly say, it was worth all the extra effort.

Once I was satisfied with our weekday mornings, I turned my attention to how we could make our weekend mornings feel more celebratory.

If you’ve been working from home since the pandemic began, you know how easily the days seem to run together sometimes.

One super simple way we decided to make our weekend mornings feel special is to make coffee in the French press because we have drip coffee during the week.

We also decided to do away with our random coffee mug collection and buy new white cappuccino mugs.

While making coffee in the French press and using cappuccino mugs might sound kind of fancy or even time-consuming, it’s actually a super easy and budget-friendly way to enjoy your morning cup.

French Press Coffee Tips and Tricks-The Crowned Goat

Here’s a look at our favorite French press coffee tips and tricks…

French Press Coffee Supplies:

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*this link from Walmart is not an affiliate link, I’m just sharing in case you want to get these cute mugs too!

French Press Coffee Steps:

Using caution and care, warm the French press up by rinsing it with hot water. Be sure to discard the water before moving on to the next step.

Add coarse ground coffee to the bottom of the French press. You’ll want to use 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per cup of water.

Then pour hot water over the coffee grounds.

We use our tea kettle to heat up the water. The ideal water temperature is said to be around 200 degrees so definitely use caution and care.

Be sure your water is sitting just below the rim of the French press; you don’t want it to spill out.

Gently stir the grounds with a spoon.

Secure the lid to the French press and allow the coffee to brew for about 4 or 5 minutes.

Next, slowly push down the plunger as this will separate the water from the coffee grounds.

Once you have the plunger all the way to the bottom of the French press, you’re good to go. Gently pour and enjoy!

Simple French Press Coffee Tips and Tricks-The Crowned Goat

French Press Coffee Tips and Tricks…

It might sound kind of woo-woo but after having coffee at The Paris Market in Savannah, I started visualizing what kind of morning my “best self” would have. That way, I could find a way to hold onto the feeling that brought back so many special memories.

The exciting thing about simple pleasures, little luxuries, routines, rhythms, and rituals is that they’re completely different for everyone.

French Press Coffee Tips and Tricks-Weekend Ritual Ideas-The Crowned Goat

You can customize your list at any time based on whatever season of life you’re in and revisit your list whenever it no longer serves your needs.

What feels like a luxury to someone with small kids will be a completely different luxury to someone who is retired with grown kids. Someone who lives in a big city is going to have a different idea of a simple pleasure than someone living in a small town.

That’s the beauty of it – you get to decide what is most important to you!

As we transition from one season to the next, I hope we can all find little luxuries and simple pleasures to enjoy each day.

It might be French press coffee and a croissant on a Saturday morning, or it might be reading a book from cover to cover on the beach without any interruptions.

Whatever brings you joy or tops your luxury list, don’t wait for a holiday, birthday trip, or special occasion to incorporate it into your rhythms, routines, and rituals.

Find something you love and just get started!

We hope these French press coffee tips and tricks have helped! If you could add one little luxury to your life today, what would it be?

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Many blessings,


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  1. What a lovely thing, CoCo! Coffee is just the best and is so comforting!

    1. It really is such a special way to start the day, Rachel. I swear I would be lost without it. Hope your week has been a special one. I can’t get over how fast it all went by! Big hugs, CoCo

    1. It’s the best, Josiah! Hope you’ve had the best week!

  2. What a lovely post CoCo! Wonderful sentiment behind it and I am so glad your Savannah trip seemed to have refreshed your soul in so many ways. A few years ago I finally got rid of my super huge espresso/capuccino machine and replaced it with a French press. We had had the machine for over a decade & altho we spent a small fortune on it and it served it’s purpose for awhile, it started to glitch (it was digital) and I was over it. I bought the French press at Marshalls for 9.99 out of desperation because we needed something. {I am not partial to drip coffee because I always find it watery}. Anyway, that was the best 10 bucks ever spent. I haven’t looked back & we use the French press almost every day. We have a mini frother from Amazon and together we have amazing coffee. I know, probably more than you needed to know, lol, but I love our French press & had to share. 🙂 Have a lovely day. XO- MJ

    1. I love that you guys have French press coffee too, MaryJo! It feels totally fancy yet like such a treat all at the same time, doesn’t it? I didn’t think it would be that big of a difference between French press and drip coffee but I swear it’s huge! Love that you guys take time to make ordinary mornings, extraordinary. It’s such a gift. Big hugs and thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it, CoCo

  3. I MUST have my coffee in the morning, just ask my husband! LOL! I’ve never tried a french press before but I’ve heard it makes a mean cup of Jo! I might just have to order one up!

    1. It makes the best coffee, Christine, and it’s so easy too! Any time I feel like I want a fancy machine 1K coffee machine, I pull out my French Press and imagine I’m at the prettiest cafe – it works like a charm every time and saves our budget too! Big hugs, CoCo

  4. I’m so glad you shared this! I’ve never been able to get my coffee to turn out right using my French press. I’ll give it a try this weekend, using your tips.

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