Indoor Coffee Station Updates

We’re sharing a few indoor coffee station updates today!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really sure how an indoor coffee station would work out long-term or if we would even use it that much when I originally set ours up in 2014.

Now though, I can’t imagine our home without a coffee area.

In fact, I think every home should have one.

No matter if you love coffee or tea!

Here are a few things to consider when creating or making indoor coffee station updates of your own…

Choosing the Right Spot for an Indoor Coffee Station…

The indoor coffee station I created, in the beginning, was nothing more than a simple setup on top of one of the counters in the kitchen.

I chose the spot because we keep all of the drinking glasses in the upper cabinets and to-go cups in the lower cabinets.

The space also has two drawers where we keep tea, coffee, and other drink essentials which is a total bonus.

In addition, the indoor coffee station is close to the refrigerator making it easy to grab coconut milk or creamer.

Coffee Bar Drink Station-The Crowned Goat

Indoor Coffee Station Update: Think Beyond Your Countertops…

Don’t be afraid to create a coffee and tea bar around a piece of furniture if you don’t have counter space though.

About a year after we started using the countertop indoor coffee station, I found a metal plant stand so we could expand our coffee and tea bar even further.

All the shelves made it really nice to have everything corralled together and in one spot. 

Plus, it was much better on our cabinets too.

The steam from the coffee pot had started to warp the bottom of the cabinet.

So, keep that in mind if you plan to create a countertop indoor coffee station too.

A few years after I brought home the metal plant stand, my bestie S helped me build a cabinet for my coffee station and I’ve used it ever since.

Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat

Organize Your Coffee and Tea Bar Supplies…

As I mentioned above, this area has two drawers under the drink cabinet that holds coffee and tea bar essentials.

We use one drawer for coffee supplies and one drawer for tea supplies.

One of the easiest ways to organize your coffee and tea station is to use clear bins to contain all your supplies.

Easily Organize Coffee Supplies with  Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat

We use these bins in almost every drawer in the house.

They’re great because they come in different shapes and sizes which makes it easy to customize each drawer based on your needs.

The cans are for loose-leaf teas and specialty coffee grounds.

But if you don’t have drawers like these to help keep your supplies organized, don’t sweat it.

You can also use a tray or a basket to organize your supplies.

Easily Organize Tea Supplies with Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat

Make sure your setup is easy and convenient to use with essentials like:

  • Coffee
  • Filters
  • Scoop
  • Loose Leaf Tea
  • Tea scoop
  • Accessories (strainers for loose-leaf teas, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Stirring spoons
  • Spoon rest
  • Drink stencils (check out our post on how you can create your own drink stencil here)
How to Easily Organize Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat

Stock Your Coffee and Tea Bar… 

Through trial and error, we’ve learned the coffee and tea essentials that are not only important to us.

But the items that make things easier for our overnight guests as well.

Keep your indoor coffee station stocked with easy to access appliances and latte creation items like:

  • Coffee pot with Stainless Steel Carafe (keeps the coffee hot for hours)
  • Electric Tea Pot
  • Milk Frother (we use an electric one and a handheld one too)
  • Flavored Syrups (we keep ours in wine bags and label them with DIY air clay tags using this method)
  • Spice Shakers (cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, Dutch chocolate, powdered sugar)
  • Straws for cold drinks and iced lattes
  • Seasonal Sprinkle Shakers (if desired)
  • Mug rack with generous cups (for extra visitors)

Make it Fun and Festive… 

Given the coffee and tea bar is one of the first spaces we all visit in the mornings and sometimes at night too, remember to make it fun and festive throughout the year.

Consider hanging season garlands and wreaths or utilizing food displays for holidays or special occasions. 

It seems like such a small thing but it can make the entire space feel more celebratory.

I never could have imagined our indoor coffee station updates would have grown from a simple countertop display to a metal plant stand to a whitewashed farmhouse cabinet.

Tips and Tricks for Organizing an Indoor Coffee Station-The Crowned Goat

But sometimes you just have to take a chance on pieces you love and try it out.

This setup truly helps to make our morning coffee and afternoon tea something we look forward to every single day!

How to Organize with Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat

We hope you’ll give this idea a try so you can have a coffeehouse experience at your house too.

Speaking of which, we recently purchased this coffee maker.

So, I’ll share an update as soon as we get the hang of it.

Right now we’re still in the trial and error phase but we’re having lots of fun trying it out.

Let us know what indoor coffee station updates you’re making this year!

Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat
Quick and Easy Indoor Coffee Station Updates-The Crowned Goat

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Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. bawawa or is it that he’s crying because we had to switch to sugar free 🙂 Thanks so much for all of your kind words. You guys are the best! Hugs, Coco

    1. Ha, we made a coffee bar station in an Armoire I found thrifting

      Now, why in the world have I never posted about it like you did.

      We don’t use syrups but we love it and use it all day. Pinned

  2. I’m so sorry I missed this Marilyn. We went from getting ready for a big first birthday party filled with fun, family and friends to a laundry room renovation. There is stuff everywhere and it’s driving me bananas 🙂 I’m hoping to link up this week. Hope your day is awesome, CoCo

    1. You’re so sweet, Linda, thank you! It’s definitely one of our favorite places in the house now and I’m glad we finally come up with a solution to all the flavored syrups too 🙂 Sending you hugs for a happy week, CoCo

  3. CoCo you have created the perfect spot for a coffee station and I love how you change it up for holidays and still keep it organized. Thanks so much for the link share. Hugs!

    1. You are so welcome, Michelle, I love how you created a space that feels so warm and inviting for all to enjoy in your home. I’m still not over how you displayed the little creamers. It’s all so pretty! Hugs for a happy week, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much, Jo! We use it all the time 🙂 Hope your week has been a fun one, CoCo

  4. What a wonderful post with so many lovely tips to create and decorate a portable coffee station! Pinned!

    1. I really appreciate it, Julie, thank you so much! I hope your weekend was a fun one. Hugs, CoCo

  5. I love the idea of using a piece of furniture as a coffee station! I also love how you decorate your coffee station to reflect the season. (Only CoCo would think to do such a thing). When we built our house in 2020 – we had a small section of the kitchen constructed for a coffee station. At first, I thought it was bit over the top in terms of expense and needs. However, now I can’t live without it. I literally use it EVERY DAY. You are so right – it definitely keeps the rest of the kitchen organized and prevents the underside of the cabinets from getting warped.

  6. Hi Coco: Spot on. I loved your comments this morning about checking your ego at the door. I think that we all forget that ego may spear us on to accomplish what we need to get done but, kindness will always win the day.

  7. Great project, ours is a workhorse in the kitchen also, definitely time for a refresh for Spring! You are way ahead of the game…lol. Sandi

  8. I love your coffee station! Mine is on the counter because of space, which is fine, but I love the ones set up like yours. So cute!

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