The Pickers Market Booth Update

On Friday while I was looking like this

Jack Russellwatching a documentary on Margaret Mitchell, and reading this

two of the sweetest people on the planet were helping me take care of this.

The Pickers Market Booth #125

I’m so incredibly thankful for my family and friends who rallied to help me get things done while my back continues to heal.


They made deliveries and restocked the booth.


They punched tags, recorded inventory


and made sure my space looked fresh for customers.


Sometimes we need gentle reminders about what’s really important in life and give ourselves   permission to slow down and rest. What will you give yourself permission to do this week?


Many blessings,



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  1. So happy to hear you took the time to rest. Bless your family and friends for rallying behind you…..but then you are too easy to like so it would be easy! Hugs sweetie 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words sweet friend, I did my best to take your sage advice. I’m sending hugs right back at ya!

  2. CoCo-
    It make perfect sense…you are such a wonderful, kind, loving person – that you would be surrounded by the same people in your life! So happy that your family and friends are there to help you while your back is healing!

    Soak it in!
    Vicki and Jennifer

    1. You girls are so sweet to me, thank you! I couldn’t have made it through some days without your extra dose of laughter! Thank you for lifting my spirits and helping me heal.

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