Styling the Dining Room Buffet and Hutch

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this completed project with you. I’ve been working on the dining room makeover all week. Each day I make progress, which sparks my imagination for the next day. I finished the base of the buffet on Wednesday and the hutch on Monday. They finally came together exactly as I was hoping.


As I was trying to decide what to pieces to feature, I pulled together my favorite things like ironstone, tarnished silver and wood grain. I love this antiques sign I found at one of my favorite stores.


This Wedgewood plate was at the store in St. Augustine and thankfully it never sold. It was one of those pieces I wanted to keep. I would think about it all of the time and would check to see if it had sold every week. That should have been my clue to bring it home ☺ The rusty scale we found at an estate sale. The dough bowl is a primitive piece I love too.

It may be a little hard to read but both of those pieces on the top shelf to the left are vintage trophies. The old syrup bottles I picked up with my Aunt Gale when I first started hunting for treasures for the store. She took me to her hot spots and we had the best time.


The black and white pictures of the churches we picked a few years ago in Fernandina. The ironstone platters are part of my collection.


Now that the buffet and hutch are finished I’m going to start working on the table and chairs next week. I also have plans for a beverage station and I need to hang the lace curtains I picked up a few weeks ago. It’s all coming together.



Many Blessings,


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