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Fall Porch Tour

Welcome to our Fall Porch Tour!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spent a good portion of last week adding fall touches to the front porch. We keep the porches tidy throughout the year. But, I give the wicker furniture, front door, windows, floors, rugs and linens an extra scrub before changing out the decorations from one season to the next.


Mums have quickly become one of my seasonal “must haves” and this year I’ve used them throughout the house. It took me a while to find white mums. But I finally found these at Walmart of all places. I know! I was kind of shocked too.

We almost always find our mums at the farmers market. But this year they only had yellow and you guys know how much I love white.


I needed white ones to pair up with the wreath I found at Michaels. It’s twin is hanging on our fall inspired mantel


Using Pumpkins on a Fall Porch Tour 

This little picnic basket is a favorite vintage find and is perfect for holding gourds, baby boos, pine cones and a little raffia.



It’s been so long since I’ve painted pumpkins. We’re usually carving them but I wanted to something different this year.  You can read more about the best way to paint and personalize pumpkins here.



Creating Easy Seating Zones

A few years ago we broke the porch up into zones and it’s made decorating this outdoor space so much easier.

It feels just as comfortable having a few friends over as it does having my family over all at the same time. We love having both couches filled and watching the littles running around the yard or the dogs playing.


I like to have quiet time out here in the mornings and snacks in the afternoon. These salted caramel mini pumpkin bunt cakes are really easy to make ahead of time if you have people coming over. Of course, it’s always nice to have a healthy snack alternative for guests too.



Adding Texture with DIY Pillows

I made this stenciled pillow from a burlap feed sack. The king size pillow is a snug but I like the full a fit. The fur pillow and plaid throw are both thrifted finds.


I made this no sew varsity letter pillow too. It’s another project that is super easy to make.


I giggle every time I see this angle because I told my mom I wanted it to look like white mums had exploded on my front porch.


We’re trying to decide how big to let the shrubs in our front flower bed grow. They help shade the front porch a good bit in the summer.  The bushes help to create a cozy nook at the end of the porch. It’s been cooling off in the late afternoon which is perfect for curling up with a book or magazine.


I picked up this pillow from Kirkland’s last year. You can find a classic blue and white ticking pillow cover like this from most any big chain decorating store or craft supply store.


Creating Eating & Drinking Zones for a Fall Front Porch

The trunk I painted over the summer is still holding up well. It’s a little bit bigger than the wicker table which is nice for serving if you have multiple people over at once.


We use trays like this all the time! You can read how I tea stained this one here . To find out how we created the milk glass inspired cake stand go here. The monogrammed napkins and silver were also thrifted finds.

My mom bought the brown and white Windsor ware as a gift a few years ago. They’re crazy hard to find in this area. So, I don’t have very many pieces yet. But, I’m always on the hunt.




Do you guys remember when I picked up this plaid fabric from the thrift store a few months ago? It’s been one of my favorite plaids so far.

If you don’t have time to make a pillow, don’t even sweat it. Grab a belt from the children’s section of the thrift store and wrap it around your favorite fall fabric or ticking pillow cover. 


If you read any posts from my The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating Home Tour  and series, you’ve heard me say, “Be consistent with your decorating choices.” It’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve kept the color palette the same and wrapped the mums in feed sacks on the porch too.  Creating a cohesive fall porch is easier than you think!


I know I say this every time I have a porch tour but I wish you guys lived closer! We could totally hang out on the porch and laugh the day away.




Decorating our porch for Fall is one of our favorite posts of the entire year.  We totally adore mums!

Be sure to check out how we used orange mums in our Fall Front Porch Tour here, yellow mums in our Fall Inspired Porch Tour here, and pink mums on our Thanksgiving Porch here

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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