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DIY Halloween Trees

Today, we’re sharing our quick and easy ideas for DIY Halloween Trees!

If you had a chance to read last week’s, From the Front Porch post, you know we’ve been working on Halloween decorations for my sister’s house.  She has two has little boys that are crazy smart, funny, and creative. 

They’re also both wild for Halloween and have been asking to decorate the house and buy their costumes since the summer.   They love Halloween so much, it’s not uncommon for us to eat dinner with any of the characters from Star Wars, a Yeti or sheet dressed ghosts on any given day. 

Given their excitement for Halloween has been building for months, we wanted to surprise them with a few special decorations and ultimately a party.

During the party planning and supply gathering process, my sister and I realized despite our schedules would be fairly hectic in the weeks leading up to Halloween.  She’s currently training for a triathlon and we don’t live in the same town. 

Still, we wanted to make sure the littles had the chance to enjoy the festive decorations as long as possible.  So, we came up with simple Halloween decorating ideas that could easily be made in an afternoon. 

These DIY Halloween Trees totally fit that bill and more than likely you already have most of the things you need to create them already on hand. 

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about making DIY Halloween Trees of your own…

DIY Halloween Tree Supplies

  • Sticks (we used sticks from our yard)
  • Spray Bottle (filled with bleach and water to spray on sticks)
  • Gloves
  • Black Matte Spray Paint (we used Rust Oleum Flat Black)
  • Containers (we used clear vases from the Dollar Tree)
  • Materials to Make Gravel (we used black beans and black rocks)
  • Floral Foam
  • Faux Spider Web (we used faux spider web from the Dollar Tree)
  • Halloween Tree Decorations (optional)
  • Candy Pumpkin Mix (optional)
  • Worn Old Books (optional)
  • Pumpkins (optional) 

DIY Halloween Tree Steps

After gathering your supplies, make sure the sticks you plan to use for this project are clean from dirt, debris and pests. 

This is probably the most important step in this entire process so don’t skip it, ok? Especially if you plan to use sticks from your yard like we did for these DIY Halloween Trees. 

We usually use a 3:1 bleach to water solution to soak the sticks and then allow the sticks to dry completely in the sun.  As always use proper safety precautions when using bleach products and performing this step.

Once the sticks are dry, spray them with black matte spray paint in a well-ventilated area.  We used Rust Oleum Spray Paint in Flat Black.  You’ll want to consult the back of the can to make sure you’ve adhered to the appropriate drying times and safety precautions.

After the black spray paint has completely dried, make sure your container is also free from dirt and debris.  We found these glass vases at the Dollar Store.

Next place a piece of floral foam on the bottom of the vase.  Full disclosure I ran out of floral foam right before I started working on this project.

So, I had to improvise and use these old crochet spools to help anchor the sticks/Halloween tree. 

Once we had everything stabilized, we placed “gravel” (black rocks and black beans) around the entire base of the tree…

and completely filled the vase.

Then we carefully started adding a faux spider web.

After we had our spider web in place, we added Halloween decorations to the tree. 

They usually have lots of spooky things you can use as decorations from ghosts to glow in the dark skeletons to spider to bats.  This is a great opportunity to be as creative and festive as you want to be!

Keep in Mind

Given our DIY Halloween Trees are mostly black and white, I wanted to add an easy pop of color with a candy pumpkin mix.  Keep in mind, this project is not something that should be easily accessible to curious littles or mischievous pets as there are lots of small pieces and nibbles.

Truth be told, it took longer for the sticks to dry than it did to put these DIY Halloween Trees together.  We used the old books to help stagger and vary the heights of the trees. But you could just as easily use black books, orange books or even small wooden boxes painted white. 

We’ll share how we created the pumpkins next week.

I can’t wait for the littles to see these DIY Halloween Trees.

And I hope this post has shown you there are simple projects you can create at home that are budget friendly and don’t take a lot of time to create.

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? We’d love to hear what you’re crafting. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Stop the cuteness! The littles had to be so excited and impressed with your Halloween trees. So creative and adorable! They are super fortunate to have you as their aunt!! MUCH LOVE!

    1. They loved them ha ha prolly a little too much! I hear they’ve taken the spiders out of the trees and have started hiding them around the house to scare my sister. I don’t think Halloween can come soon enough for her 🙂 Big hugs, CoCo

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