DIY Stamped Books

Today, I’m sharing a seriously easy diy stamped book project that you can completely customize for any occasion or use to decorate around your house every day.

Do you guys like to decorate with books?  Oh my gosh, me too! They are so easy to decorate with because they can help add height to a vignette, texture to a bookshelf or add a layered look to coffee tables and nightstands.

Books that have a bit of age or patina to them are some of our favorite things to pick up at thrift stores because they have a “collected over time” look and you can usually find them for just a few dollars (or less) each.  They’re not always easy to find though, so in that case, I just make my own.

You may remember, my mom recently came to help restyle the bookshelves in my office.   Boy, can they be tricky.  I want them to look like office shelves but I need them to function like extra inventory shelves because some of the pieces I pick up eventually go into client homes, I use them in photoshoots or for blog material too.

During that “restyling sesh” we came across a set of books we had stamped YEARS ago that I had completely forgotten about.  I thought I would share them with you today because they are so simple to make you can customize a set for seasonal decorating like Valentine’s Day! You can also stamp out words that have a special meaning to you like your 2018 Word of the Year.   Let me show you how easy it is…


Books (you’ll need one book for every letter of the word you want to stamp and they’ll need to be the same length too)

Alphabet Letter Stamps

Stamp Ink Pad (feel free to use whatever color you love best)



Tarp (to protect surfaces)


First, I like to gather all the books I’m going to use together (it’s best if they’re the same size)

and secure them in place with a piece of string or ribbon.

Then decide where you want the letters to be stamped using a ruler and a pencil to guide where each letter will go.

Next, place the stamp on the ink pad in the color of your choice and make sure your letters have good coverage.

Pinch the pages of the book together before placing the stamp directly onto the pages.  Hold the stamp in place until you know the ink has properly adhered (be careful with this step because the ink will smudge on the pages when/if moved).

Each book will get a different letter until you’ve spelled out whatever word you choose.

Seriously so simple, right?

We love this project because you can customize the books to fit a child’s name for a playroom or nursery, you can spell out something seasonal like “comfort and joy,” a city that has special meaning to you or a word that inspires you.

The sister that encouraged me to do this gave me these cute goat bookends.

I have these on the bookshelf of my office but I wanted to show you how you could easily use them in the common areas of your home as well.   We may even make a few sets for the new bookcase my dad is building at Loblolly Manor.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless and they take just minutes to make!

Let us know if you guys make these! We’ll see you back here tomorrow with scenes from our week and all of our favorite things from around the web. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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