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6 Strategies for Reaching Your Goals, a PowerSheets Update & a Video

Of all the content I’ve posted this week, I can honestly say, this post – 6 Strategies for Reaching Your Goals in 2018 complete with video – is probably the one I’m most nervous about and it has nothing to do with the content.

Almost a year ago my baby sister suggested I start creating more videos. In the moment, it sounded super exciting and I was wholeheartedly on board. But nearly every time I had the chance to post a video, I found myself rattling off a list of excuses as to why I should “hold off.”

Fear is crazy like that, you know? It will tell you all sorts of lies.

In the end, I struggled with that fear and those lies for nearly a year and as 2017 came to a close, I knew it had gotten the best of me.

I thought long and hard about the goals I wanted to achieve in 2018 before I ever wrote one sentence down on paper. One overarching theme that kept showing up over and over again was that I wanted to connect more with others. In my heart I know this is because I was so disconnected after the death of my grandparents and my beloved Talladega, I barely even recognized myself at the end of the year.

I know 2017 was not an easy year for some of you guys either.

But I don’t want us to live in fear.

I want us to live the life we were created to live – the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the crazy wild adventures and the quiet moments that stir our souls like a whisper.

So today, I’m stepping out from behind the laptop and in front of the camera to share with you 6 Strategies for Reaching Your Goals in 2018. I’m also sharing a January PowerSheets Update (I love them!) and the reason that gets me hopping on the treadmill every single morning!

If you’re new or want to follow along on our goals journey this year, you can find our 2018 Word of the Year here and our goals for the year here.

I completely understand the end of January can seem like a “make or break” month for goals but you guys, don’t believe a word of that, it’s just not true. January is a great time to tweak what is working well for you and to reassess what is not working well so you can direct yourself and your goals on a more solid path.

If you haven’t set goals yet, if you feel like your goals aren’t “big enough,” if you feel overwhelmed by the process or you just need a bit of a pep talk, I’m so glad you’re here – this video is for you.

Let’s do this…sweaty palms and all ?

It’s so awesome to celebrate with you guys no matter how big or small your victory. I’d love to hear one way you pushed past the fear to reach an important goal this month in the comments section below!

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow with a peek at scenes from our week and all our favorite things from around the web. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Great video CoCo. I’ve been reading for a while now but I dont think I’ve ever heard your voice. I’m in the “goal overwhelm” category but these strategies give me new hope. Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome, Bonnie, glad to help. I can certainly relate to being overwhelmed by goals so know you are in good company right now. Give yourself lots of grace and get back on track. You don’t have to make big progress overnight. One step in the right direction is all you need to celebrate. Let me know if you need anything, CoCo

  2. Thank you, Coco! I’m still thinking about goals I want to achieve this year (it’s a very slow process). Love the video!

    1. Yeah for taking your time to really think about what you want and need to accomplish this year! I’m really proud of you for not rushing into anything just yet, it’s so smart of you. Thanks so much for your kind words – they are appreciated! Hugs, Coco

  3. You are too cute CoCo. I would never have the guts to put myself out there like this but I really appreciate that you did. My goals seem really basic but I have been much more patient with my kids this year. Being a mom is so hard sometimes but I love it and Im already seeing a big difference in our home. We even do the clutter catcher and they give me menu ideas. It really does take everyone helping. Love the tips in this video, Sarah

    1. Oh my gosh, Sarah, I was so scared to hit publish! I really appreciate your kind words. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a mom but just knowing you’re excited about the progress you’ve been making so far has me over the moon ecstatic for you too. Keep at it, ok? Small progress is still progress and every bit deserves to be celebrated! I’m really proud of you, CoCo

  4. Can’t tell you how much this video made my morning! Seeing and hearing you, sweet friend, your wise words, and your encouragement is the best. You really have a gift of encouragement and I needed this “you can do it” today. Thank you for this video!! Hugs!!

    1. You’re making me melt, Angie, thank you so much. I believe in you and I know you’re going to make great things happen this year. Count me in as a cheerleader for sure 🙂 Big hugs and love, Coco

  5. The video was awesome. You were a natural with it. I loved all the tips and they were needed.

    1. You’re so sweet to say that Lizzy, thank you! I’m glad you liked the tips. It’s fun we can all support each other. Hugs, CoCo

  6. Way to put yourself out there. I’m proud of you. Goals can seem so overwhelming, its good to have it broken out like that. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for encouraging me to “get out there,” LiLi, your support means the world to me! Big hugs, Coco

  7. You are like a balm for the soul! Fabulous video, message and material. It is so wonderful to see and hear you sweet friend. We definitely need to “Figure out your WHY” portion. 2018 has gotten off to a shaky start so we need to refocus and capture our energies. Thank you for delivering this fab gift. Hugs and love to you!

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