Quick and Easy Picnic Ideas

We’re sharing quick and easy picnic ideas today as we team up with some of our favorite creative ladies for this month’s Pinterest Challenge blog hop hosted by the wildly talented Cindy of County Road 407.

If you’re coming over from Barb’s blog at French Ethereal, welcome, we’re excited to have you here. I can’t wait to check out her military tribute buffet!

This month, our inspiration photo comes from Lori at Giggle Living.

Everything about her picnic buffet is so fun and festive which makes it a fabulous way to celebrate Father’s Day and the summer season too.

A Quick and Easy Picnic on the Marsh…

A few weeks ago, I spent some time visiting my parents.

From the beginning, our schedule was a tight one, so I knew pulling off a quick and easy picnic might be a bit of a stretch.

Especially, given both of my parents had doctor’s appointments on the only day we had an opening in our schedules.

Quick and Easy Picnic Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Still, my Mom was pretty confident we could do it.

So, the night before the picnic, we created a simple menu with ingredients that could easily be picked up at the grocery store and settled on a color palette inspired by my Dad’s love of plaid.

Quick and Easy Picnic Ideas with Blue and White China-The Crowned Goat

Shopping the House for Picnic Items…

If you don’t have a quilt or a picnic blanket, consider using a piece of fabric.  

We used this piece I found at a local charity shop years ago because it reminded me of one of my Dad’s button down shirts.

Quick and Easy Picnic Ideas with Blue and White China and Plaid Fabric-The Crowned Goat

Next, we chose blue and white plates from my Mom’s collection, navy blue napkins, and silver monogrammed napkin rings.

The picnic basket is also a thrifted find we use all the time!

Monogrammed Silver Napkin Rings-The Crowned Goat

Easy Picnic Menu Ideas…

Two of the quickest and easiest picnic menu options, no matter what the season, are deli style sub sandwiches and grazing boards.

Subs are great if you’re picnicking with littles or picky eaters because they can easily be customized.  

Throw in a small bag of kettle chips, a fruit cup or cookie from the bakery, a fizzy drink and it will probably take you longer to stand in the sub line than it will take to throw your quick and easy picnic together.

Quick and Easy Picnic Grazing Board Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Another simple option is to create a grazing board.

We chose this option because it fit best with the style of picnic we had envisioned.

We chose 3 different kinds of cheese, a variety of fruit, walnuts, dark chocolate pretzels, a box of assorted crackers and assembled everything at home.

To drink, we had lemonade.

But you might also want to consider a bottle of sparkling water, wine, or champagne as well.

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Quick and Easy Picnic…

Finding the perfect spot for your quick and easy picnic will depend on where you live.

Here are a few places to keep in mind:

  • Beach
  • Marsh
  • Lake
  • State Park
  • Hiking Trail
  • Meadow
  • Pecan Grove or Orchard
  • Farm
  • Your Backyard
  • Your Living Room

We chose the marsh because it’s so close to my parents’ home.

In addition to the memorable places listed above, we’ve also enjoyed picnics on the lawn of our local museum, the garden club, and during movie nights downtown.

So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Quick and Easy Picnic Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Expect the Unexpected…

Finally, expect the unexpected.

On the day of the picnic, my Dad’s doctor’s appointment ran very, very late and he missed the picnic altogether.  

In fact I almost opted out of participating in this Father’s Day-themed picnic blog hop for that reason alone.

But then I thought about how many times my Mom stood in the gap while my Dad was away when we were growing up.

Truthfully, she’s taken on the traditional roles of both parents for most of my life.

I know there are thousands of families just like ours who have experienced or are experiencing the same situation too.

Quick and Easy Picnic Ideas-The Crowned Goat

So, no matter who’s at your quick and easy picnic, I hope you’ll find a way to make some beautiful memories along the way.

Because you never know what’s in store from one season to the next.

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  1. CoCo, I love that you’ve taken your Father’s Day buffet idea outdoors to the marsh!! The reeds are beautiful and I imagine just listening to them swish in the breezes is heavenly… I’m sorry your dad didn’t make the picnic but I’m sure he was happy to eat the leftovers. 🙂 I love the plaid shirt idea!!!

    And your mom’s knife? I think my dad gave me that exact stainless steel silverware pieces when my parents picked up some new silverware. I was happy to have their first wedding flatware (what was left after some were lost, thrown away, ground in the garbade disposal ~ what happens to us all) when they retired the set back when my kids were small.

    Great picnic idea! Pinned most of your photos. LOVE the silver napkin rings…

  2. Such a cute idea, CoCo!!! Love the plaid and those plates are so pretty. So, so sad for your dad to miss it!! I know he would have LOVED it all!

  3. I am with your dad on plaid, I love it and I especially like the patterned plates from your mom. Everything compliments each other so well CoCo. My mom took on the roll of both parents too, and sometimes I am not sure how mom’s do it. They are special people that is for sure. I hope she enjoyed the picnic you put together.

  4. Instead of But God, this time and so many times for me too it’s But Mom. I’m sure your dad wished he could make it. Glad you were able to enjoy it with your awesome helper. It looks beautiful and I love that your dad loves plaid. That’s unique and fun. Most guys just like a color. My dad would tell me his favorite color was green- the color of money. Even though that sounds materialistic, the man was a giver. A giver of his time, his money and if need be, the coat off his back. Miss him. Hope you get the chance to have a wonderful Father’s Day soon. Thanks for making the time with such a busy schedule.

  5. This is right up my alley, and I love the setting you picked CoCo! That handsome plaid and those pretty plates just naturally compliment each other!

  6. Love the plaid with those cute blue & white plates. And yes, bring on the nibbles! What a beautiful setting for a sweet picnic. Sorry your dad couldn’t enjoy it with you:(

  7. Perfect picnic. I love the plaid blanket and your blue and white theme is so pretty. Great Charcuterie board looks so delicious.

  8. I adore the idea of a picnic buffet for Father’s Day! That fabric is perfect and reminds me of a button-down shirt too! It looks fabulous paired with the blue plates! Great ideas on food that is yummy but easy to prepare! Sorry, your Dad missed out on the fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

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