4 Strategies for Managing Your to Do List, March Goals Update & a Video

Today, I’m sharing our March goals update and a new video inspired by something that has haunted me since my grandparents passing which has been a little over a year now. In fact, it’s something very few people even know about. To be perfectly honest, I DID NOT want to talk about this subject at all. I just wanted to gloss over it, work through it and go on about my business.

I prayed for WEEKS I would be moved to talk about something else – anything else – and yet, every time I would ask, “What should the March video be about?” the answer would almost always be the same.

I finally talked it out with my Mom where I pretty much cried the entire conversation. “How in the world am I ever going to get these words out on video if I can’t even get them out on the phone with you?” I said.

She sat quietly for a minute gathering her thoughts before she replied, “You’re going to focus on the gift of grace.”

There was something about the way she said, “Grace,” with such confidence it pulled me out of the “What-if Rabbit Hole.” You know the one I’m talking about…What if I look like a total idiot in this video? What if I cry the entire time? What if I look like I don’t have myself together? What if it starts to sound like CoCo’s Confessional Hour instead of the grace-filled encouragement I’m trying to offer? What if this is a HUGE mistake? …and on and on down the rabbit hole we go, sometimes so far, we can no longer see the light.

We’ve all been there, right?

I ultimately decided to share my story because this specific event changed me completely. Not because it was an earth shattering decision but because the minute it happened I made up my mind I never wanted to feel like that again.

You guys, busyness is not a badge of honor. It may seem like a way to “escape” having to deal with things you don’t really want to deal with like your taxes, or losing weight, or working on your marriage or cleaning your messy house, finding a way to leave the job you hate or an incredibly deep loss. Busyness will not provide long-term relief for any of those things no matter how much time you spend avoiding or how many items you accomplish on your to-do list.

But you know what does? Grace

If you’ve ever struggled to balance your to do list or your busy list consistently outweighs your blessings list and you’re ready for a change, this video is for you.

March Goals We’re Celebrating This Month:

  • Keeping Sundays sacred.
  • Finishing the 15K!
  • Making TCG more efficient by implementing new automation processes in all areas. (Thank you, S, I know this was not an easy task)
  • A big thank you to our accountant Valerie for rocking our taxes like a boss lady (even the super confusing parts).
  • Making healthy eating choices, drinking more water and stewarding our finances with purpose.
  • Started journaling again.
  • Finishing the study of James (it was a good one). Next up, the study of Hebrews.
  • Finishing the book, She Means Business by Carrie Green. Next up, Finished by Jon Acuff.
  • Connect with others via random acts of kindness, family dates, one-on-one dates for brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, trips to the bookstore, the beach, and a trip to the movies too; Participating in group projects and being available to clients.
  • Welcoming Spring into our home and on the front porch!
  • Creating at least one video and pressing publish on the post.
  • Spending time cultivating, “The BIG Dream” and reaching out to the Beta group

I meant it when I said I want us to be in the 8% that reaches our goals this year. I fully understand there are going to be times we struggle but I also know that through the struggle we find strength.

March Video Takeaways – Four Ways to Balance Your Busy List and Your Blessings List

  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Prioritize your to do list and choose the three top things to focus on each day
  • Change your language by using “I get to instead of I have to”
  • Stop waiting for the perfect time and choose faith over fear

Thanks so much for supporting these videos! You guys are the best and I appreciate you helping me to realize my goal of connecting with you more each month. I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow. It’s been quite a week as we’ve been working off site at Loblolly Manor. I’ll share what we’ve been up to and all of our favorite things from around the web. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. As always Coco, great video. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. It makes me feel like I know you a little better each month. I’ve been working on keeping the house picked up, spending more quality time with my family and finding something just for me. It really helps to have a focus. Thanks again for sharing,

    1. You are very welcome, Sarah. I always appreciate your sweet support. Great job on your goals this month. I am so proud of you. I’m totally with you it definitely helps to have a focus! Big hugs, CoCo

  2. I’m so glad you shared this video. I had a similar situation happen that has caused me regret too. I always said “I love you” to my family before getting off the phone. I was angry at one particular person at the time and had not spoken to her for a few weeks when I got the call she had been killed. I felt horrible I had let my anger and busyness get in the way of trying to make amends. Thank you for reminding us we can walk in grace every day. Also tell your mom thank you for reminding us not to let one bad event negate all the good events. I needed this today.

    1. Gosh Bonnie, I feel teary just reading this, I am so very sorry for your loss. I appreciate you speaking up and sharing with us. I’m sure it wasn’t easy yet I know your story will help others. We can definitely walk in hope and grace every day even when it gets hard. Please know I’m sending you big hugs and prayers. I’ll pass your sweet message onto my mom. Hugs, CoCo

  3. I’ve been thinking about grace a lot this week with Easter in just a few days. I love how you share with us, even when it’s hard for you. I could tell you were choking back the tears. I look forward to these videos each month.

    1. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this Ashley! This is probably the only video I’ve been thinking about taking down. I appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot. Big hugs, CoCo

  4. Vee Muller says:

    I usually don’t watch any videos but was intrigued about this one. Thank you for this. We do need to be kind to ourselves and focus on the positives and not dwell on the negatives.
    Your grandparents were lucky to have a granddaughter like you. I’m sure they are smiling on you from heaven.
    Have a good Easter. Vee

    1. I definitely needed to read this, Vee, thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video and to leave a comment. It’s really sweet of you. Practicing kindness and leaving the negativity behind can sometimes be a struggle but you are right, it is so worth it. I’m thankful we’re all a work in progress that can help support each other through all the adventures. Sending you big hugs, CoCo

  5. CoCo – you are awesome and inspiring once again. We are the professionals of pushing busyness through each day in place of dealing with our painful grief and loss. As you well know, this was an ill conceived plan. It’s funny how at the time we thought the we were truly rocking and rolling each and every day, when we were only fooling ourselves. Thank you for the reminder of the gratitude journal – we each used to keep one and somehow have moved away from this. A gratitude journal was always its best at the end of a bad day because you had to only write the good things 🙂 We love you CoCo and so glad we “get to” call you our friend!

    1. You guys are the best, thank you for lifting me up! I’m with you on the gratitude journal. It makes a huge difference each day. We’ve also been incorporating a celebrating page into our planners each month which has been so much fun to look at as well. I think sometimes we forget how awesome we are and how making changes big or small should be celebrated. Sending you both big hugs and thank yous of support, CoCo

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