The Most Popular Posts of 2021

We’re sharing the most popular posts of 2021 today!.

I hope you had a peace-filled and happy Christmas. I swear it goes by way too fast every year!

We’re snuggled up at the cabin relaxing, hiking, enjoying nights by the fire and lots of quiet to time reflect on what we’re leaving behind and what we’re looking forward to most next year.

Before we go on holiday break though, I do a deep dive into our stats and analytics. That way, I can find out the most popular posts of 2021 and plan for 2022.

Given this is a home decor and DIY blog, I was not surprised at all to see painted furniture, room makeovers, and seasonal projects top the list!

But I was blown away when two of the Encouragement of the Month posts made the most popular posts of 2021 because to my best recollection I had not promoted either of them on Pinterest or social media.

Ready to find out if your favorites made the list?

#10-Early Fall Craft and Decorating Ideas

Fall is hands down my favorite season, so it’s always interesting to see which posts make the top ten list.

Early Fall Craft and Decorating Ideas was a great post because it not only allowed us to highlight the projects we love most, it also allowed us to team up with some of our favorite creative ladies for a fabulous seasonal blog hop!

Most Popular Posts-DIY Brown and White Transferware Pumpkin-The Crowned Goat

#9-Encouragement For The Weary…

If you’ve ever heard me talk about the Encouragement of the Month series, you already know they are the hardest posts to write.

I guess that’s why I was shocked to see even one of them make the most popular posts of 2021 list much less two.

The Encouragement For The Weary post was dedicated to those of us that have taken what feels like hit, after hit, after hit without relief. For those who wonder if they’ll ever feel a sense of normalcy again. And how sometimes taking baby steps forward is the only way path to progress.

I usually hate surprises. But I have to say this one was a good one and I owe it all to you for your kind and generous support!

Most Popular Post of the Year-Encouragement for the Weary-The Crowned Goat

#8-DIY Anthropologie Inspired Mirror

I should have known this DIY Anthropologie Inspired Mirror would make the list when my Mom asked me why I hadn’t made one for Loblolly!

This was definitely one of the easiest projects we completed in 2021 as part of the ORC: Guest Bedroom Makeover.

The entire space had lots of ups and downs due to shipping delays so I was beyond thankful for the quick and easy mirror idea.

French Country Dresser-Anthropologie Inspired Mirror-The Crowned Goat

#7-Cultivating Courage…

I could not believe it when I saw this post, Cultivating Courage, make the most popular post of 2021 list but I’m so grateful it did!

I used to think confidence gave you courage. But now I know courage is being brave enough to show up every day, move past your fears, and into action as you live your dreams out loud.

For, in the end, it’s the small courageous modifications and the quiet transformations, we make each day that give us the biggest opportunity for beneficial and lasting change.

#6-Upcycled Country House Birdhouse

Even though Fall is our favorite season because it feels as festive as the holidays without all the extra fuss, we love Springtime too!

This upcycled country house birdhouse was a fun way to celebrate the season and to repurpose an old birdhouse that was headed for the trash pile!

We have a ton of birds on our property with everything from songbirds to marsh and shorebirds to birds of prey roaming the skies, our yard, and the tall oak and pine trees at any given time.

I look forward to seeing and hearing them every single day!

#5-Simple Ways to Celebrate Fall Home Tour

Our Fall Home Tour makes the top ten list almost every year!

While it never actually feels like Fall in Florida we take extra care to make it special and spend lots of time creating a home that feels warm and cozy throughout the season.

#4-DIY Drawer and Shelf Liner

These DIY Drawer and Shelf Liners were so easy, I almost didn’t even bother sharing them at all!

I’m glad I did now though because it was a super simple way to dress up any drawer in the house from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathrooms.

Bonus, you can customize the liners to complement the decor in your home too!

#3-11 Architectural Salvage Decorating Ideas

This was another surprise on the most popular posts of 2021 list because I was this close to not participating in the blog hop.

Honestly, I didn’t think I had very many projects to share, but I didn’t want to let the ladies in the blog hop down either.

Once I started looking around the house though, I realized I had managed to weave 11 Architectural Salvage Decorating Ideas into our home.

Most of the pieces we’ve collected over the years I found while out junking with my Mom so this was another fun post to put together.

#2-French Country Table Makeover

This French Country Table Makeover was a fun one because you guys totally helped me out with the paint color!

In the can, the paint was a beautiful pale shade of gray. But once it got in my office where the room is flooded with light, the hue looked almost blue.

I love the curved lines and all the scrolly accents. Plus, it felt great to pick up a paintbrush again to paint some furniture. I used to do it all the time but paintable pieces are so hard to find now!

#1-How to Style a Glass Display Cabinet

In a million years if you would have given me a million dollars, I would have NEVER guessed our post, How to Style a Glass Display Cabinet, would have been the most popular post of 2021.

I am completely shocked!

I’ve always said, if I could get rid of any piece of furniture in my entire house – this cabinet would be it!

The good news is that my Dad has been building my Mom a hutch for the buffet at my childhood home, Loblolly Manor, so I’ll definitely have more like this one to share once it’s finished.

I’m still shocked though 🤣

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Which one of your favorite posts made the most popular post list? Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. One of my favorite transformations of the entire year CoCo!

  2. Hey CoCo – you already know how much we love this office space. It is beautiful, well thought out and filled with lovely bits and pieces! We can only imagine the creativity dreamed up in this space!

  3. This office is gorgeous, CoCo! Every time I look at the before and after picture it blows my mind. Great job as always, Sarah

  4. CoCo

    You know how much I love your ideas.

    The mirror and the crocks from paint cans are my favorites.

    Hope you’re having a great time!

    Happy New Year!

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