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I hope you guys all had a peace filled and happy Christmas. It has been a relaxing and exciting season spending time together as a family. There’s just something about hearing the pitter patter of little feet coming down the stairs with squeals of Christmas magic that melts my heart. I’m looking forward to the adventures of this week too as we look forward to ringing in the New Year and end our vacation ready to tackle 2017!

I was looking back on the stats of 2016 trying to plan posts for 2017 and was not surprised at all to see painted furniture and room makeovers topped the list with our posts on all things organizing coming in a close third. I will definitely be working to bring you guys more of these kinds of posts next year.

The biggest post of 2016 was also one of the toughest to complete because it took almost every day of the six weeks we were given in the One Room Challenge to pull it off. It was the time we turned what was a completely ordinary office


into an extraordinary place to work.

I know. Even now sometimes I walk in there and I still can’t believe I get to work in a space that I love so much. It definitely makes a regular appearance in my gratitude journal ha ha.

When I started planning the space, I needed so many things I didn’t know how in the world we going to make it all work. I mean, the office that I had before was barely functional at all and I found myself drowning in inventory, papers that had no place to be filed and craft supplies. My dad helped to remedy a lot of the storage issues when he built me the two bookcases.


They were about a foot taller than I imagined they would be when they arrived. In fact, I thought how in the world are we going to get them in the room! But of course they fit because dad’s are awesome like that and they wound up to be just what I needed.


That being said displaying your props and favorite collections is one thing but it’s an entire different thing to cut visual clutter with a closed storage system. My dad had already started on the bookcases when I called to tell him I found THE perfect dresser to store paperwork and craft supplies. It took some finessing and a little bit of extra money to accommodate the changes but this thrifted dresser has been a huge factor in helping to keep things organized and tidy in the office.


Another problem we had to solve during the office makeover was the fact I needed room to stand up to complete projects while at the same time needing a desk to sit down to answer emails and write blog posts. I was telling my mom all of the furniture pieces I wanted to put in the space one afternoon and she was convinced I wasn’t even going to be able to walk around in the room ha ha!

Thankfully, we all put our heads together and my bestie S built me this work station


while I painted and rehabbed this desk and hutch set that was sitting in the garage waiting to be used.


It was getting close to the end when I my mom convinced me to address the inventory closet and looking back I’m so glad she did. Had she not given me a major nudge, we would have probably never come up with this idea and while my office would have looked pretty behind door number 1 it would have looked like a disaster behind door number 2.


A lot of people asked me where we found all of the accessories for the office and I can honestly say my mom and I spent weeks and in some cases months trying to pull all of them together. I think part of what helped us stay organized and on track is we had such a clear vision of how we wanted to the end product to look.


We knew we wanted a mix of rustic and refined so after we had all of the vintage and salvaged pieces in place the only thing left to do was to put the refined pieces in place. We chose this light,


this rug,

these barstools,


and these drapes. All elements which made a huge difference in the end!

If you would have told me at the beginning of 2016 I would have an office that looks like this I would have probably laughed out loud. It just didn’t seem possible.


But I’ve realized over the last year, determination and persistence combined with dreams and goals are powerful forces for change. And the impossible is in fact possible, if you believe.


See you guys back here tomorrow. I can hardly believe 2016 is almost over so I’ll share our year in review. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. One of my favorite transformations of the entire year CoCo!

  2. Hey CoCo – you already know how much we love this office space. It is beautiful, well thought out and filled with lovely bits and pieces! We can only imagine the creativity dreamed up in this space!

  3. This office is gorgeous, CoCo! Every time I look at the before and after picture it blows my mind. Great job as always, Sarah

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