Top Ten Posts of 2019

Today, we’re sharing our Top Ten Posts of 2019 which is one of our favorite posts of the year! 

We’re currently celebrating the New Year with my family and while we’re excited about what’s to come in 2020, it’s fun to take a look back too!

We check our analytics on a regular basis but always fascinates and surprises us each year to see which posts and projects you love most. 

Although we try hard not to pick any favorites, we’re excited to find a few unexpected surprises that make the list.

Here’s a look at our Top Ten Posts of 2019…

#10 – The Easiest Way to Revitalize an Old Tobacco Basket

This post, The Easiest Way to Revitalize an Old Tobacco Basket was one of the first times I’ve ever used hemp oil on anything other than a piece of painted furniture. 

It took a bit to brush through each of the split oak slats, but the end result was absolutely worth the effort.  The tobacco basket looks completely refreshed now!

#9 – Embracing Fall Home Tour

We were super excited to see so many pieces of Fall content make the Top Ten Posts of 2019 List. 

This post, Embracing Fall Home Tour was such a great one put together because it featured so many of our fellow creatives and bloggers.  Fall has always been one of our favorite seasons and it felt extra special to be able to celebrate this year.

#8 – DIY Moss Covered Urn & Spring Tea Party Blog Hop

The DIY Moss Covered Urn  I created for the Kentucky Derby Tablescape and the Spring Tea Party Blog Hop was lots of fun to make.

I must admit though a little outside of my comfort zone.  It was the first time I’d ever used moss for more than a table runner or a placemat but I’m excited to try it out again this Spring.

#7 – One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Reveal

You blew us away with your support of this post, One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Reveal.  A million times over thank you for making this makeover one of the top ten posts of 2019! It’s so hard to believe it almost didn’t happen.

In the middle of the One Room Challenge my Dad and #1 DIY buddy had a heart attack. I was this close to pulling out of the One Room Challenge altogether and finishing the bedroom makeover later in the year. But my Dad said he could rally and rally he did, all the way to the finish line!

#6 – Spring Home Tour & Blog Hop

Without a doubt, our Spring Home Tour was one of my favorite tours of the entire year. 

S was learning how to walk again with the help of crutches, and we were beyond excited to welcome a fresh new season of hope. I haven’t really decided how we’ll decorate for Spring this year but last year will certainly be hard to beat!

#5 – Spring Porch Tour & Blog Hop

After finding out how much you liked our Spring Home Tour, it wasn’t a surprise to see our Spring Porch Tour & Blog Hop on the Top Ten Posts of 2019!

My Mom and I had recently returned home from Renningers where we always find tons of inspiration when we pulled together the ideas for creating the Spring Front Porch.  Bonus, we got to team up with some of our favorite bloggers to help welcome spring too.

#4 – Summer Porch Tour & Blog Hop

I can’t even tell you how crazy hot it was the day, I took pictures for the Summer Porch Tour and Blog Hop post.  Even in early June, when I would wake up to take our sweet Jelly Bean outside each morning at 2 am you could already hear the Katydids and Cicadas singing.

The front porch will always be such a pleasure to decorate because it’s one of the first spaces to greet you when you enter a home and one of the last places you see when you leave. 

For that reason alone, it’s worth our time and attention.

#3 – 13 Easy Summer to Fall Decorating Ideas

I’ll admit transitioning from one season to next can sometimes feel a bit tricky especially where decorating is concerned.  We teamed up with some of our favorite bloggers for this post, 13 Easy Summer to Fall Decorating Ideas in large part because you asked for the content!

Given we all decorate at different times during the year, most bloggers walk a delicate line between sharing too soon and not sharing soon enough. 

That said, you taught me a big lesson this year in how I should be sharing content and our editorial calendar is already starting to fill up which is exciting.

#2 – DIY Fall Centerpiece

This DIY Fall Centerpiece post went viral so I knew it would be on the list!

But it’s another post I almost didn’t share because we were in the middle of getting ready for Hurricane Dorian and I thought it might be too simple a project.

Last year’s #2 post in 2018 was also related to easy centerpiece and DIY Herb Topiary Ideas so if you’re trying to tell me something, I’m listening ?

#1 – White Washing Terra Cotta Pots with Chalk Paint

I knew this post, White Washing Terra Cotta Pots with Chalk Paint was a popular one but I had no idea it would be #1 on the list of Top Ten Posts of 2019.

It was another quick project that can easily be completed in an afternoon.  These pots can be used indoors in vignettes or outside on the porches which makes them super versatile too!

We can’t thank you enough for spending time with us each day! The Crowned Goat has grown leaps and bounds over anything I could have ever imagined these past few years.  

I know there are so many things on a daily basis that compete for your time and the fact you choose to spend it with us always blows me away.  We appreciate you more than words could ever express!

As always, we’re open to your suggestions about what topics you want to see more of in 2020.  You can leave your ideas in the comment section below, send us a direct message via our social media links or send us an email.

Did your favorite projects make the Top Ten Posts of 2019 list? We’d love to hear which posts you loved most this year.

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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