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Spring into Summer Porch Tour and Blog Hop

Today, we’re excited to share our summer porch as we join some of our favorite bloggers for the Spring into Summer Porch Tour & Blog Hop.  As always, a special thank you to the lovely Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home for putting these blog hops together.

If you’re coming over from Botanic Bleu, welcome, we’re glad you’re here.  Didn’t you love Judith’s porch? She has such great taste!

To be perfectly honest you guys, I had no idea if I was even going to be able to pull off a summer porch this year.  The heat and humidity in Florida are already totally bananas.  In fact, there have been times when I wake up at 2 am to take my sweet little Jelly Bean outside, you can already here the Katydids and Cicadas singing like crazy because it’s that hot.

Nevertheless, the front porch is one of the first spaces to greet you when you enter almost any home and it’s one of the last places you see when you leave.  And for those reasons alone, it’s worth our time and attention.

We tried to keep everything on the front porch as simple as possible this year.  Now that the One Room Challenge is over we’re looking forward to cleaning out our closets and organizing all the things!

Thankfully, I got a bit of a head start on organizing the linen closet and I rediscovered all the thrifted blue and white fabrics we’re using on the summer front porch. Do you guys get excited when you find something you love that’s been put away for a season? Me too!

Using a blue and white color palette is fabulous anytime of the year but especially in the summer when adding pops of red with pillows, throws and flowers around Memorial Day and Independence Day makes holiday decorating super easy!

Due to the summer heat, it’s a bit too late to add any new flowers to our garden beds but that didn’t keep us from adding a few new flowers to the containers on our front porch. The white lantana

and the polka dot plants have been growing really well since Spring.

We recently picked up the Starlight hydrangea

and this blue-ish/purple-ish flower that is fuzzy and looks like a caterpillar. This is the first year we’ve tried either one of these plants, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how it all goes.

We looked all over for a summer wreath to put on the front door, but we just didn’t find anything we absolutely loved. So, I brought out my favorite wall basket and filled it with cream colored roses and boxwood picks from Hobby Lobby.

Even though this flower basket is fairly large, it’s really simple to put together an arrangement like this.  You can see more about how we created a similar spring front door flower basket here.

No matter if you’re using your summer front porch once or multiple times a day, choosing a consistent color palette is one of the easiest ways to make seasonal decorating a breeze.

While we try to be as careful as possible to bring the pillows in before a rainstorm and wash the seat covers each week, we know we can’t prevent dirt or sun fading. That’s why we mostly use thrifted or inexpensive linens on the porches because we’re all about simple care and maintenance.

The white covers are actually twin bed skirts we can just throw in the wash and bleach whenever we need to.  I made the vintage monogrammed no-sew pillows last Fall and while we mostly use them inside, they’re still holding up well.

Unlike in the spring and fall when we use the front porch frequently, we normally use our summer porch for quiet time in the mornings, for drinks and popsicles after working in the yard or to cozy up and read during a light rain.

We love books any time of the day but especially during lazy summer afternoons. Honestly, we can’t wait to dive into our summer reading list which is a list of 48 books on a variety of topics from novels to memoirs to home decor and personal development. Did you guys create a summer reading list this year?

All in all, it’s set to be a fabulous summer filled with change and adventure.

We hope this summer will be an exciting time for you and your family too!

Be sure to check out Angelina’s beautiful home at Petite Haus who is the next stop on the Spring into Summer Blog Hop! She always has a beautiful European style.  Once you’re finished there be sure to check out the rest of the fantastic and creative homes on the rest of the tour…

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  1. Such a pretty and inviting porch. I love the pretty wicker loveseat and chairs, so inviting and your plants look amazing. The basket wreath on the door is stunning. Beautifully done.

  2. What a beautiful and welcoming front porch. The various shades of white and blue make me feel instantly cooler here in hot Texas.

  3. Your blue and white is lovely with your pops of greenery. Your porch looks so cozy and serene! It is a pleasure to join you for the hop this week. Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. This just might be my dream front porch. It’s adorable and right out of the pages of a favorite magazine.
    Happy Summer.

  5. You have created such a beautiful front oasis! I love your porch and bet your guest will enjoy visiting your porch.

  6. CoCo,
    Your front porch speaks to me with your wicker furniture, fresh flower arrangement on the table, and your vintage blue and white linens. I can imagine how hot and sticky Florida already is, but your porch is a great place for the other three seasons of the year. We, too, will be using our Texas porch less during the summer than the other three seasons for the same reason…HOT!

    Thanks for the shout-out!


  7. CoCo I always love your decor and your porch is no different! I love the soft touches of blue and your pillows! I also enjoyed all of your potted plants. Good luck staying cool this summer my friend!

  8. I love the white wicker with blues and whites. I have a blue and white quilt with matching pillows and you have inspired me to use them on our garden bench. After the 4th of July I’ll switch out the red, white and blue an copy your lovely porch.

  9. CoCo – your summer porch is gorgeous! We love the pops of blue and white – our favorite combo! This looks like the perfect spot for sipping, dreaming and gathering! Much love!

  10. Even though it feels hot to you, it looks like a cool, relaxing spot in pictures, CoCo! Perfect spot to rest after a hot day working in the garden! Thanks for the tour;) Your pic reminded me I’ve got to pick up that issue of Modern Farmhouse magazine!

  11. Hot or not your front porch looks very inviting to me. Living in Texas I know all about humidity and heat lol! Love your fresh layered linens, which look cool and comfy. AND the gorgeous basket flower display on the front door is truly stunning! Hope you get some rain soon!

  12. Love all the blue and white on your porch this year! It’s fantastic and is so cozy. And I don’t mean that it’s small! I mean I want to sit out there and never go inside. Thanks for the inspiration today!

  13. Your porch looks cool and refreshing—no matter how hot it is. I love white wicker and have a whole screened porch full of it—so I enjoy seeing the days of yesteryear used in such a lovely setting. Thanks for the cool breeze and eye candy!

  14. Your porches are always so beautiful!! Love the blues and whites! They are such a great welcome as you said. And your guests must feel very welcomed!!Hope you find relief from the heat so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces!

  15. Coco your porch decor is always a favorite of mine, especially since you style up each end and it it like getting double prizes each visit! I love the blue and white scheme. Just like you I love to discover things that have been packed away. The ORC really messed with my normal spring cleaning routine and I am behind on cleaning out all of the closets and decluttering. I have started though and we are having a yard sale this weekend so hopefully we will have a nice house and garage detox!

    I love all of your pretty plants in the terra cotta pots, especially the polka dot plant. I think I will try some on our porch tour. I also love that door basket. I am looking for something similar for our back door.

    I enjoyed your lovely porch tour! I hope you get some milder days so you can enjoy it and your fabulous books. Thanks for joining the hop. Happy summer!

  16. Coco, your front porch is once again such a lovely place to enjoy an afternoon. The blue and white is such a classic combination. The white wicker is reminiscent of an earlier, slower time. Love your stack of books. The white flowers in the white containers are so beautiful.

  17. Coco, your porch is delightful! I love all of the blue and white! Although the temperatures might be hot, your cool white and blue give the feeling of cool, calm and welcoming. All of your white wicker just adds to the casual and welcoming feel to your porch. Where are you in Florida? I am in Celebration just south of Walt Disney World. I am feeling the HEAT, too!! I am planning a blogger get-together at my home next January and would love to have you join us!

  18. I love the blue and white color scheme on your front porch. I also love the wicker furniture. That looks like a perfect place to sit back and relax.

  19. Hi Coco!
    Your porch is beautiful! I love the blue and white theme! And using thrifted linens is a brilliant idea! I would love for you to share this and your other projects at Homestyle Gathering! I hope to see you there.
    >>> Kim

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