Laundry Room Lighting: From Lampshade to Pendant Light

It all started with this post about the laundry room makeover. I haven’t changed my mind about the makeover, I love it, but there are a few things I want to update now that I’ve had a chance to use the space a little more.


At first, I thought I wanted to bring this chandelier back to life until I started counting how many crystals it would take to actually make that happen. I loaded everything I needed in my virtual shopping cart but ultimately I just couldn’t press the buy button. I can be very practical and there are a few things I’m saving up for that I would rather have.


I found this lampshade at Salvage Sisters in Yulee. It was in one of the sheds on the back of the property. This is a place you really have to pick through to find the good stuff. I love how this light has a vintage appeal and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the laundry room. Full disclosure we are not trained electricians or contractors. This post is not meant to be an all-inclusive. This is a post regarding our personal experience only. Use all necessary safety precautions and get professional advice before you try this project on your own.


This is the light we have now. It is a typical ceiling mount light.


We bought a lamp hanging kit at a local home improvement store.


I used painters tape to tape the wires so they would not be spray-painted.


I purchased high heat spray paint to paint the metal part of the kit black. Both items can be found at local home improvement stores. I allowed several hours of drying time.


We attached the kit parts to the lampshade as per the directions on the lamp hanging kit.


After turning off the power to the entire laundry room !Safety first! we took down the ceiling mounted light. Ask for help with this step if you are not a trained professional electrician or contractor.


Because we needed to cover the hole in the ceiling and our lampshade pendant did not come with a cover, we bought a cover at a home improvement store.


We followed the instructions listed on the back of the cover. This is another step to ask for help if you are not a trained electrician or contractor.


Once the lampshade pendant had been wired and secured, we screwed in the new Edison light bulb.


And returned the power back to the laundry room.


As soon as we turned on the light, I was excited. It adds a little bit of vintage funk to the room and I love it! I gave the folding station a little distressing and now I’m off to shop for a few accessories.


Many blessings,


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