One Project Leads to Another…Styling a China Cabinet

I’ve been in and out of town so much this week I thought today was Saturday, all day. I don’t know if it’s been the change of scenery or the rain but I’ve been feeling an overwhelming NEED to get things accomplished lately. Maybe I’m getting spring fever. I’m super excited the light in the laundry room is finally up. There are a few accents I’m still looking for but it’s nice to feel the room is almost finished.

042514-1I don’t know about you guys but one project in this house almost always leads to another especially with an open floor plan. Since the console table has been built and styled I thought I would turn my attention to the areas that are around the living room.


I have so many plans for the living room. It is currently in a state of very sad brown. It’s almost too sad to show here. Just imagine coffee colored walls, brown couch, brown weird deco recliners, dark brown end table, coffee table, media console…yes, the complete set.all. matching. I know. But the reality of the situation is I live with someone that values brown as much as I value white. Moreover finds comfort when things match. Enter the art of compromise.


I wanted to bring some white into the area so I decided to move the china cabinet from the dining room to the large wall adjacent the console table. This wall has given me a hard time from the very beginning. It’s been a reading nook…


It’s been a holding area for furniture we bring home but have yet to find the perfect spot for…


In fact, this will be the second time the china cabinet has been in the exact same spot. And to be perfectly honest, I can’t say with any certainty it won’t be moved again should an impulsive moment strike. I change my mind a lot. I wanted to continue to display my brown and white transferware in the cabinet but I wanted to freshen it up a little bit.


So I added my favorite white ironstone soup tureen and a small monogrammed loving cup.


My Mom and I picked up this brush yesterday and I love the way it added texture to the shelf.


I wanted to display my teacups but because I change my mind so often, I didn’t really think hooks would be a good idea. I decided to take the picture out a frame I really liked


And hang the cups on the frame with ribbon thus eliminating the need for the hooks.


I used a set of French books for height, an ironstone teapot and continued the display of transferware.


It took me hours to style these shelves. Hours. Every time I would feel stuck I would repeat what I liked about the section I had previously finished. I layered transferware, ironstone, silver and texture on each shelf.


I swapped out piece after piece staying true to my favorites until I achieved the look I was after.


Even after I was finished styling the china cabinet, the wall seemed expansive. So I added a chicken coop from my grandpa, a sign I made a few months ago and layered accessories using the same techniques I used on the china cabinet. I love the way the cabinet looks but the chicken coop is styled almost like a bar cart would be and that gets my wheels turning all over again….


Many blessings this Easter holiday,


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