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Bliss Barracks Lanai Makeover Reveal

Today, we’re sharing the Bliss Barracks Lanai Makeover Reveal! This makeover took about a month to complete and it was so much fun to work alongside my parents on this project.

My Mom’s biggest goal was to have the lanai be more functional and welcoming, ready for the spring and summer entertaining season yet calming enough to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee on any given day.

My main goal was to reconfigure the spaces and create specific zones on the lanai while at the same time using the pieces of furniture they already had on hand and imagine them in a fresh way.

Bliss Barracks is very traditional with lots of warm woods, plaids, touches of red and equestrian style throughout so I knew early on we would have to find a way to carry the feel of the house out to the lanai as well.

We actually started working the design boards and inspiration for the lanai makeover back in February when my Mom asked me to help her refresh the space. It took about a week before we settled on a color palette and then about a month to finish all the various projects.

I always like to share how long the process takes because sometimes it looks like you can finish a makeover in an afternoon on TV and it’s just not like that in real life. Obviously, in real life we’re all balancing work and family life taking a time here and there to work on house goals.

It took my parents and I working pretty consistently each week to get the lanai makeover finished by the end of March but I’m excited to say it was totally worth it!

Just this past weekend we all spent a leisurely afternoon enjoying the sunshine, visiting and hanging out while the little played soccer in the back yard.

As I mentioned before, all the furniture we used on the lanai makeover my parents already had on hand. That said, once we gave them a fresh feel it changed everything.  Here are a few of the before and after shots…

The dry sink turned drink station before…

and after.

The buffet and hutch before…

and after.

The outdoor dining table before…

and after.

I think the table is everyone’s favorite transformation because it’s so drastic.  All the kudos definitely goes to my Dad for pulling this makeover off!

My Mom set the table with treasured finds we picked up while at the Renninger’s Extravaganza. Her eye for detail always keeps me on my toes…

Her favorite project transformation was the baker’s rack we repurposed as an outdoor herb garden.

This piece was so rusty and crusty I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. This is how it started…

it’s the perfect complement to herbs,



plants and

outdoor seating area though.

It’s another space that went through a pretty big change

but the setup is working really well so far.

Especially, these diy outdoor side tables.

All in all, we’re excited about the way the Bliss Barracks lanai makeover came together.

There’s plenty of room for all of us to spread out

while still being close enough to enjoy each other’s company which is really the most important thing anyway, right?

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This doesnt even look like the same space Coco. Great job on this makeover to you and your parents. It’s beautiful

  2. Wow CoCo – another fabulous makeover in the books for Team Goat. You have truly showcased how to work with what you already have and make it even better. Beautiful lanai. Much love!

  3. I love it all!
    It’s a great place to have a cup of coffee,
    while working on the upcoming week.

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