How to Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint

The other day I was on the phone with one of my sisters. This sister in particular lives at Marsh Winds and she’s been our Palm Beach Princess for as long as I can remember. I tell you this because I have another sister who lives at Hawk’s Ridge that is as free spirited as they come.   We all have the same parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins yet as my parents would say, “the girls are as different as night and day.” Our eclectic differences were definitely on display when we spent an afternoon making candles.

Anyway, I was asking the Palm Beach Princess if they (the kids) were ready for school and for the most part she said they were good to go. There was one thing in particular she said that caught my attention though, “You have no idea how many times the kids come home with the wrong backpack, lunch box, even socks. It makes you want your kids to wear a single color all year long just to keep up with it all. I decided to make it easy this year and I ordered everything that could possibly be monogrammed from Pottery Barn so I know they’re coming home with the right stuff.”

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, I stifled a few giggles but I can definitely see the point of needing to personalize everything. Inspired by our conversation I got out the stencils and the chalk paint in an effort to make a pair of monogramed pillowcases. Here’s what you’ll need in case you’re running out of time to order from Pottery Barn but still want a set of your own…

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-1


  • 2 Pillowcases (I’m using a microfiber/cotton blend)
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (in your preferred color)
  • Fine-tip Detailed Art Brush
  • Chipboard Letters
  • Leaf Stencils (or other stencils of your choosing) (optional)
  • White Charcoal Pencil (or piece of chalk)
  • 2 Pieces of Cardboard the Length of the Pillowcase Top
  • 2 Garbage Bags
  • Tape
  • 220-grit Sandpaper



Center and place the chipboard letters you’re using for your monogram.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-2

Outline each letter with a white charcoal pencil or chalk.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-3

Outline each leaf or other stencil you want to use.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-4

Wrap a garbage bag around your piece of cardboard. Secure with tape. Insert the garbage bag covered cardboard into the opening of the pillowcase. This is to help keep any paint from seeping onto your surfaces.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-6

Your chalk paint should not have a thick consistency. If it does you need to water it down a bit in a separate container. Using a fine tip art brush “color” in the stenciled letters with chalk paint.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-7

Depending on the consistency of your paint, it may take you multiple coats to get the color/finish you’re looking for. Allow the paint and fabric to fully dry.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-8

If the paint dries and feels scratchy, carefully use a piece of 220-grit sandpaper to go over each letter and leaf. While the sanding may help the fabric become more pliable, you have to be careful because you don’t want to smear the letters, stencils or paint.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-9

Speaking of smearing, check out this bit of bleed through. This is why you want to use a barrier.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-10

Once your fabric and paint has dried and you have achieved the color you want, place in the dryer to set the color.

At this point you should be good to go but I wanted to see how the pillowcases would hold up in the wash so I placed both pillowcases in the washer on the “quick cycle (approx. 26 mins)” using the “cold/cold” setting. After the wash cycle was completed I immediately put them in the dryer. This is how they came out. The pillowcase on the right came out almost exactly as it went in but the one on the left (the first pillowcase I tried) didn’t have as much paint on the monogram so it didn’t fair as well.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-11

I’ll probably repeat the paint process with the left one again. I definitely plan keep an eye on how it wears after frequent washings so I’ll keep you guys updated.

This project was really easy and took an afternoon to complete. It would be fun to have a personalized pillowcase for visiting littles or to add a bit of personality to your bed linens.

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-12

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-13

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-14

Personalize Pillowcases with Chalk Paint-15

See you guys back here tomorrow.  I’ll share a new series we’re starting just for Fridays called “From the Front Porch.” Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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    1. Thanks so much ladies! I’ve been wanting to use her paint on fabric ever since I saw her using it to dye material. You guys are so right, it’s a really versatile paint. Hope you have the best day, CoCo

  1. You are blowing my mind, Coco. I didn’t even know you could paint on fabric like this. I’ll be making these for sure.

    1. I appreciate it, Bonnie! I wasn’t sure at first how they would turn out either but I’m glad I took the chance. It’s fun to have a personalized look. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Thank you for this budget friendly idea, CoCo. I can’t afford Pottery Barn (that would be a dream) but I can make pillowcases like this to help my kids feel special. Thanks again!

    1. You are so welcome, Sarah! Your kids are special because they have you for a Mom. Hugs, CoCo

  3. You’re so creative CoCo! Have you washed these more than once yet? How do they hold up?

    1. Thank you Casey! I’ve only washed them once and as I shared in the post one came out fantastic and the other looks like it didn’t have great paint coverage so it didn’t hold up in the machine as well. I’m going to try that particular pillowcase again and see if I can get better coverage this time. I’ll keep you posted though. Hugs, CoCo

  4. I love these Coco! I know we’ve said it before and will say it again but Isn’t paint amazing 😉 What a cute idea and they look amazing! I love the idea of making personalized ones for all of the visiting Littles as well! I have 8 that visit and they would love these. I’ll have to try that out one day soon. Hope you are having a great week! Hugs, Lisa

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I know you have experience with dying fabric with paint and I’m always amazed at how paint can completely change the look of a piece. Oh my word, I would need back up if I had 8 littles visiting. 4 makes me feel like I need a nap 🙂 Hugs for a happy day, CoCo

      1. Luckily all 8 don’t come at once for a sleepover/weekend 😉 With 7 brothers and sisters they are all great about taking turns so they usually come in 2s or 3s. 🙂 (and even that makes ME want a nap!!)

        1. ha ha #auntlife 🙂 it’s the best! Sending you hugs!

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