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Outdoor Hutch & Buffet in French Linen

Today, I’m sharing the outdoor hutch and buffet in French Linen I painted for the lanai makeover at Bliss Barracks a few weeks ago.  This post is definitely one of those posts that will make you believe in the power of paint!

When we first started working to give my parents lanai at Bliss Barracks a makeover, we immediately started to create and section off specific areas into zones. My Mom’s number one goal was to make the entire space feel like an outdoor extension of the inside of the house.

One of those zones was the eating zone that was set to house the outdoor dining table, the drink station, the grill and a small buffet.  Without a doubt, the metal buffet needed a makeover and I wound up painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. Here’s a peek at how at the buffet looked before…

and after.

The ceilings on lanai are pretty high and I knew if we didn’t find a way to raise the eye up as you walked out into the space, everything was going to look squatty and flat. So, I asked my parents to bring the hutch that was on the buffet in the dining room at Loblolly, back to Bliss Barracks.

I knew it might be a long shot to try and marry the two pieces, but the hutch didn’t really fit the buffet at Loblolly all that well anyway. Besides, as I kept telling my parents, if we could make it work, this vertical solution would prove to be a free solution.

And it worked.

I helped my Mom style the buffet and hutch late last week with equestrian inspired finds she has been collecting since we started planning the lanai makeover.

Keep in mind this area of the lanai is covered so most of these items will be ok if they get a little misty or sun.  That said, you can’t predict when an unexpected storm will arise so I wouldn’t put anything out on your porch, patio or lanai you really care about in case it gets broken or damaged in some way.

For example, the riding hat and crumb-brush set will probably be coming inside at some point.

Most of the other finds were picked up at thrift stores, charity shops and estate sales and were not very expensive at all.

The other thing you might want to consider is how much or how little you’re willing to clean and dust your outdoor areas.  My parents have the lanai on the same cleaning schedule as some of the other rooms in the house, so it always stays clean, dusted and picked up.

Keeping the lanai on a weekly cleaning rotation helps my Mom know if or when certain items need to be changed up due to the weather and other outdoor elements.

As far as keeping the hutch and buffet in good condition, the top will be clear coated with an exterior outdoor sealer and according to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint website, the bottom is metal, so it does not need to be sealed further but may require a fresh coat of paint periodically depending on the elements.

I’m very interested to see how both pieces hold up in the spring and summer Florida weather.  I’ll keep you posted and updated in case you’re wondering about using chalk paint outdoors too.

It’s hard to believe but things are actually coming together really well on this project.  We worked most of last week to tie up some final details, finish the outdoor dining table and the small outdoor side tables.  They both look really good.  I’ll be headed back to Bliss Barracks later this week to take some more pictures and to get ready for the final reveal.

Have you guys ever painted outdoor furniture with chalk paint before? We’d love to hear about your experience and any tips you might have for us!

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow.  These outdoor projects have a all sorts of excited about Spring decorating and gardening.  We found the cutest little clay pots and the easiest way to create a bird’s nest so we’ll share that idea with you tomorrow.  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – Kudos to another perfect transformation! The power of paint is a beautiful thing…every single time! We love the color you chose and how you accessorized the hutch. It’s amazing just how well the two pieces pair together! Great job! Much Love!

    1. It’s hard to believe that hutch was once used on my desk, then moved to Loblolly and then to Bliss Barracks! It just goes to show you when you choose pieces and paint colors you love, there is always a spot for it! Hugs, CoCo

  2. I’m also interested to see how both of these pieces do outside in the elements. I’m wondering how much the sun will fade the chalk paint and if it will chip. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Bonnie, those are on the top of my list too. I’ll try to update again maybe in the Fall after we’ve gone through Spring, Summer and hurricane season. Hugs, CoCo

  3. Love it. It looks totally different.

    1. I know, right, Lizzy? I tell ya there is nothing like the power of paint! I’m so glad we were able to save and reuse these pieces. Hugs, CoCo

  4. Shelia P. says:

    Hi CoCo! The little buffet turned out really nice! The top piece was just what it needed for height. I was wondering, being I live on the Gulf coast too, and am considering chalk painting something for my patio….would using something like a polycrylic on top of the chalk paint protect it from the elements better? Because you know how just the humidity down here rots things in no time flat. I’ve had no experience using something like that and was just wondering if you’ve tried it? I just bought some outdoor wicker and was contemplating giving it a coat of that as well, just to see if it helped protect it and make it last longer down here. I wonder if it would make it sticky though, with the brutal sun and humidity we get here. Hmmm … just mulling it over out loud, lol! Anyway, like you, I’m anxious to do a little bit of gardening as well. Nothing major being we’re over run with banana plants and humongous philodendrons and other outdoor plants to take care of. But I’m looking forward to planting some huge ferns, vines and flowers in my new outdoor urns I bought. I need some color in the garden, I’m cravingggggg Color! LOL! Anyway, great job on the mini buffet. I know your parents must love it, I know I would! Have a great day tomorrow! I’m wishing S a speedy recovery! ?

    1. It’s going to be so much fun to finally get in the garden and get all of your furniture and seating areas pulled together for the Spring and Summer season – I’m excited for you, Shelia! I’ve read in several places about using both a polycrylic and an outdoor exterior sealer for wood that has been painted with chalk paint so I am definitely going to try it as well. I always like to make sure the paint has had enough time to fully cure before I put a poly sealer on it. I’m like you, it’s so hot and humid down here it’s hard to know which one to pick! I just put a little yellow on our front porch and it was bananas! I was all who am I with this yellow ha ha 🙂 The color does look good though, I have to say! Sending you hugs, CoCo

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