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Way, way, way back in 2014 I flung open the door to this home office makeover and proudly proclaimed it finished….

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-1

At the time, I swore out loud how amazing it was and how hard I had worked to create a “beautiful space” given its humble beginnings (that’s right all those things were crammed in that tiny office including a treadmill!).

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-2

This office makeover tested me in so many ways because while I was proclaiming all of these things on the outside, on the inside…I was totally embarrassed. I was embarrassed because I knew it wasn’t my best work and immediately after opening that door – I wished I could take it back and start all over again.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-3

I know!

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-4

At the time we really didn’t have a lot of money so I used what we had on hand as far as furnishings and shopped thrift stores for all of the accessories.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-5

Every time I walked into that space it just looked…thrifted. And thrifted was not the look I was after at all.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-6

Thankfully, our style has evolved so much in the past few years and we have a clear understanding how we want this house to look and function and feel.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-7

So today, I’m excited to announce I’m getting a second chance to make things right in this space! Here’s a peek at our upcoming office renovation plans…

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-8

Our number one goal for this space is to make it more functional. It completely lacked storage options (think no closet) so I’m hoping we can find some closed storage bookcases similar to these but a little more substantial for the 9 foot ceilings. There will be a lot of electronic devices in this space so functional storage that is also pretty is a must.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-9

The office is about 13.5 feet by 11.5 feet with all sorts of weird angles due to a wall of windows on one side of the room and the door is on a diagonal on the other. Basically there is only one full wall in the entire room so we’re going to have to get creative with furniture placement.

We’ll also have to get creative with paint colors. Another goal is to make the room feel larger and less cluttered so we’re able to achieve a more cohesive look throughout. We’re trialing these wall colors which I’m super excited about. I’ve been dying to try a moody color somewhere in the house. We also have plans for board and batten which means a crisp white will fit perfectly in this space.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-10

We’re definitely keeping the existing desk as it’s a family heirloom. I’ll try to get a better picture when it’s not in use ha ha. It’s huge. We’ll probably keep the chair too but I’m not really sure how many of the other pieces we’ll be keeping in here.   The office is like most other spaces in the house you have to keep moving different furniture options in and out of the room until you get the layout and look that fits your needs the best.

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-11

We’ve already started cleaning the room out which means the dining room is currently being used as a staging area. Yikes! You guys know how much a mess bothers me so keep me in your prayers! Here we go…

Home Office Makeover Plans-The Crowned Goat-12

See you guys back here tomorrow. The credenza in the office was way too big for the space but it’s going to a new home and in the process of giving the office a makeover the credenza got a bit of makeover too. I’ll share it with you tomorrow. Until then, , I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Elizabeth Bonin says:

    Hugs and prayers for a quick and smooth office makeover! Feeling your pain with living in a messy unorganized space while things get worked on!?♥️

    1. ha ha I know you can totally relate to the mess sweet friend since you are dealing with your kitchen makeover right now. I love the peeks you’ve shown on Insta. It’s going to be so gorgeous. Hugs, CoCo

    1. I’m feeling the love ladies, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

    1. I appreciate that so much, Nancy, thank you! I feel the same way about your kitchen. Everything sounds fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

  2. On one hand I’m really excited to see your home office makeover especially since your office is my dream office. On the other hand I have to say the pictures of your messy spaces makes me feel normal which I hope you will take as a compliment.

    1. ha ha yes, Sarah I do totally take that as a compliment! Everything is very normal here no matter what it looks like on social media. Hugs, CoCo

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