2016 Home Goals

When I look back on my home goals from last year, I’m totally excited about all we accomplished. The front porch, back patio area, kitchen, living room, two of the bedrooms and two of the bathrooms got makeovers. Here’s a look at how these areas started in January of 2015


and how they looked at the end of the year 2015. I’m so glad I finally found a style that makes my heart sing.


Some of the changes were small and others felt like a big undertaking. We’ve learned new skills and how to work together to create a home we’re really proud of and that in itself is worth celebrating.

For 2016, my home goals are to update the entry.

010616-3 - Neutrals Inspired Entry

I know, this space has already undergone a few mini makeovers last year but it’s not as functional as I believe it could be. I feel this way every time I walk in the front door and have to fight the pillow in the chair in order to put down my purse. Also, I hear the words…have you seen my car keys…almost every morning. This is my inspiration picture…


I want to add some planked walls to the half bath and lighten up the walls just a little. I also want to change out the frosted globes on the light fixture.


I want to paint the door on the back patio as well as build a bench for extra seating. This one was on loan from the breakfast table area.


I’ve already started collecting materials for an office makeover, which means this space will definitely not only look different but will also, become more functional. Of all the makeovers we have planned for this year this is the one I am most excited about.


The bookcases in the living room will be getting a new home so I need to find something that will be able to take their place. I also need to address these chairs and to embrace pretty pillows in the living room even though the dogs will probably knock them off every day.

We’re going to create a different seating area in this bedroom and

paint the mirrors, change out the lights, find a rug and add a bit of industrial charm to the shower doors.

Finally, the dining room is almost finished but there are a few tweaks I want to make like pretty chairs for the ends of the table and curtains. You guys already know the trouble I’ve had with curtains over the past few months. I finally gave up and just waited for the right ones to come along.


I decided to stencil my own curtains and they’re awesome. I’ll share them with you tomorrow.

Many blessings,

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    1. You guys are the best, thank you so much for your love, friendship and constant cheerleading! Hugs, CoCo

  1. Wow, girl, that’s an ambitious list! I have no doubt that you will wow us with every project. Have a great day!!

    1. ha ha for sure Kimm, luckily I’m a major planner and I have a retired dad that’s always looking for things to do when he’s not on the golf course 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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