Building a Console Table From an Old Door

For the past few months I’ve been dealing with some eye health issues. It’s been relatively tolerable until I found myself in the surgeon’s office this past week. I’ll spare you the gory details but it was a very painful experience. Needless to say I’ve stayed away from cleaning, painting, sanding, staining, allergens and extended periods of direct sunlight the entire weekend. I’ve gotten lots of rest and I can already tell a difference. I head back for a follow up visit in a few weeks and once I get the “all clear” the first place I’m heading is to Sephora to buy new makeup. I haven’t been able to wear makeup or contacts since the second week of January. It’s been a tough few months.


We picked up this old door in Blue Ridge, Georgia about a year ago. It sat in the garage waiting patiently to be turned into a table. I was supposed to be with my family all weekend for an annual event we’ve been talking about for weeks now. I was pretty down in the dumps that I couldn’t be with them because of my eye. They sent me sweet messages the entire time most of which made me feel weepy. Crying out my eye meds was not an option so Saturday morning S agreed to build the console table to help take my mind off of things. I sat in the garage a few minutes at a time watching the process unfold. Here’s how it all came together:


We salvaged these table legs from a table my parents used to have on their lani.


The legs were secured to the door with wood screws using a cordless drill.


S built a skirt for the table using 1 x 4’s. Since the salvaged table legs came attached to a piece of wood, S secured the skirt to the existing wood on the table legs with finishing nails.


For added stability S added two cross pieces made from 1 x 1’s and secured with finishing nails and wood glue.


Once the glue was dried, a small piece of trim was added with finishing nails.


The skirt and legs were then painted white.


Once dry they were distressed with course sandpaper and coated with clear wax.


It was such a humbling experience to watch the process instead of participating in it. I’m so grateful to have the table finished and I’m looking forward to adding accessories later this week. Words cannot express how thankful I continue to be to have such amazing people rally around my dreams each and every day. This blog and these projects do not happen without a lot of love, patience and understanding. Thank you for all of your prayers concerning my eye health and to S for helping me to realize this post.

Many blessings,


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