Late Spring in Blue Ridge

We recently returned home from the cabin so I wanted to share late Spring in Blue Ridge and the surrounding areas because we had such a great time.

Several times a year, we visit family in North Georgia.

Usually in the late summer, early fall, and of course, the holidays.

And it’s always fun to discover new places.

While each trip and season brings its own kind of beauty, I can honestly say, my DIY Celebration Memory Board is filled with lots of special moments from this trip.

I think what made this trip easier is that spring break and Easter had both already passed.

So, the crowds were much lighter than we’re used to which made everything easier to navigate.

I know we’re all gearing up for the summer travel season, so I wanted to share a few places that we enjoyed in case you’re headed to the North Georgia Mountains sometime soon too.


Amicalola Falls, Dawsonville, GA

One of our favorite places to hike is Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville.

It’s one of those places we’ve visted so many times but it never gets old.  

The welcome center is a really nice one too.

Plus, the staff is always helpful no matter what your level of hiking experience.

The cabin is an easy drive to Amicalola Falls.

So, we’ve never stayed at the Lodge or on the grounds.

But they both seem to be popular.

In fact, the welcome center had lots of families and groups checking in on the day we were there.

Soul Sisters Antiques & Home Decor, Dawsonville, GA

I love to treasure hunt so it was fun to explore several new to me stores while we were in Dawsonville.

Soul Sisters Antiques was tucked into the back of a strip mall.

But it’s totally worth the extra effort to find.

They had a fabulous mix of antique and vintage items.

The displays made me want to bring an entire truck load of French and European farmhouse goodies home.

Fancy Flea, Dawsonville, GA

Fancy Flea is a smaller store with a mix of vintage and newer items.

As well as painted furniture pieces.

They were the only store we found postcards for sale.

While we didn’t have a lot of time to shop Dawsonville there were several places I saw that I’d love to go back to – they felt like hidden gems.

Fancy Flea-The Crowned Goat


Dahlonega Square (Main Street Area), Dahlonega, GA

There are several antique stores in downtown Dahlonega that are worth checking out and are within walking distance of each other.

I’m STILL thinking about this piece by artist Rachel Pate.

It’s hard to tell in this photo but the horse is made of paint and pages from the Bible.

It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

Picnic Café, Dahlonega, GA

After a bit of shopping, we usually have lunch at a cute little spot in Dahlonega called the Picnic Café.

It’s small but the food is always good.

I order the peach chicken salad on a croissant with a side of field greens almost every time we go.

And if you’re in the mood for dessert they have the best chocolate cake too!

Blue Ridge…

Blue Ridge Antique Mall and Consignment, Blue Ridge, GA

This is the first time we didn’t go into Blue Ridge Antique Mall and Consignment in downtown Blue Ridge because we ran out of time.

It usually has a good mix of cabin and vintage items to explore though.

Also, I saw a sign that said Black Bear Antiques which was previously in Ellijay is moving to Blue Ridge.

The inside of Black Bear Antiques was still under construction, so I’ll be excited to see how it looks when they’re up and running again.

Rum Cake Lady, Blue Ridge, GA

It rained a few days while we were at the cabin which must have made us homesick because we found ourselves at Rum Cake Lady searching for comfort food.

We had black beans and rice with sweet plantains, a traditional Cuban sandwich, tostones and brought home guava pastries for dessert and it was all good. 

The location in Blue Ridge is tiny.

A lot of people ordered takeout, but we ate in the covered patio area, and it was fine.

Chesters, Blue Ridge, GA 

Almost every time we go to Chesters in Blue Ridge there’s a long wait so it was great to be seated immediately on this trip.

Most people probably go there for the wings, but I love their pimento cheese.

The Black Sheep, Blue Ridge, GA

We celebrated a milestone birthday brunch at The Black Sheep which was a fun change because we usually go there for dinner.

They don’t serve alcohol until 1230 pm on Sundays in Blue Ridge so no Bloody Mary but the atmosphere was relaxed, and the food was good.

No matter when you go, I’d suggest a reservation.

Also, just a heads up they tend to sit people really close together.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of downtown Blue Ridge, but the cherry blossoms were blooming on this trip, and they were gorgeous!

The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

Another place we went to celebrate the milestone birthday was at the Georgia Aquarium.

I knew the Aquarium was going to be big.

But I was honestly shocked when we got there. It almost felt like a two-story indoor mall with nearly every kind of water creature you can imagine.

It was actually very overwhelming at times.

I think part of it was because there were LOTS of kids on field trips since we went during the week and it was exceptionally loud.

But the other part is that it’s hard to take in the sheer enormity of the displays and animals.

My sisters, Mom and niece have all been before and they loved it.

Everyone in my group loved it too.

In fact, so many people told us it was a “must see.”

And I can appreciate where they are coming from.

But as an introvert with an anxiety disorder, I was really, really, overstimulated.

Thankfully, they have a sensory room upstairs if you need to regroup.

They also have sensory notification signs for headphone zones and quiet areas throughout the building which was also helpful.

I would definitely recommend reading through their Accessibility Page if you’re planning a visit and are easily overstimulated though just to be on the safe side.

I wish I would have taken the extra time to do this too!

All in all, we had a great visit and I’m thankful for the time away even with a few hiccups. 

It always goes by way too fast.

But it feels so good to come home with a happy heart!

Summer at the Cabin

Summer at the Cabin-The Crowned Goat

How to Bring the Feeling of Vacation Home

How to Bring the Feeling of Vacation Home-The Crowned Goat

The Blessing I Almost Missed

The Blessing I Almost Missed-The Crowned Goat
Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I have never visited the blue ridge mountains before, so I really appreciated your tips so much. Amicalola Falls looks spectacular and I loved getting your tips for the best antique stores and places to get sweet treats. Thank you so much!!

    1. It’s such a beautiful part of the country, Heidi! If you ever get a chance to visit you definitely should. There are so many fabulous places, trails and waterfalls to explore. Sending you hugs for a happy week, CoCo

  2. This trip looks amazing! I love all of the little shops and restaurants. I think my favorite thing is the horse picture. That is really neat. It’s so unique!

    1. I am SO BUMMED we couldn’t bring that horse picture home, Susan. It would have been amazing over the fireplace. It was already mounted on the canvas though so I don’t think it would have been economical to ship. Still, I can’t stop thinking about it. It was gorgeous! You would love all those little town. They look straight out of a Hallmark movie. Big hugs, CoCo

  3. Carole East says:

    Next time you are in North Georgia, take a day trip to Murphy, NC, “Marketplace Antiques” will not disappoint. I think you would love it!

    1. Adding it my “must see” list now, Carole. Thank you so much for the recommendation. It’s gorgeous up there and I can’t wait to visit! Hope your day is filled with all good things, CoCo

  4. Wow!!! Your cabin vacation looks SO FUN!!! That little town looks just adorable…so amazing to have the plethora of antique shops and cute cafes all lined up like that!!
    I would love to visit this part of the country someday..the scenery looks glorious! Thanks so much for sharing, CoCo!

    1. You would love it at the cabin, Rachel! There are so many different places to hike, ride bikes and explore. Not to mention all the good food places and little shops to treasure hunt. It’s right up your alley! Hope your week is off to a great start, CoCo

  5. Hi Coco,
    Loved hearing about your trip and things you did. Some quaint looking shops and eateries, love that!
    We used to go to upper Georgia, Helen, Unicoi state park, Dahlonega, Murphy and Cleveland Ga. (home of the cabbage patch dolls – we went there 2 different summers but we never did get to go to the cabbage patch as it was always closed. Poo) then, when our kids became a teenagers and were working we started going for beach vacays, as they were on 40 mins. away, and they could have their friends come out there at times.
    Our daughter lived in Asheville about 10 or so years ago, and we love Asheville too. Can’t beat the mountains for a relaxing and quaint time. Glad yall had a great time, and are getting back into the swing of things!
    take care hon, Blessings, Nellie

  6. It looks like you had a fabulous vacation! The area looks so beautiful and the shopping seems great! I love learning about new places so thanks for all the travel tips and info on so many towns! Take care, Donna

  7. You have some really beautiful photos CoCo. I am happy to hear you had such a wonderful time, the shopping would have been right up my alley too. I imagine the zoo was a lot of fun. I know the kiddos get so excited when they see the animals and can get quit loud, I miss those field trips with the kiddos I worked with. Love hearing the tips about the sensory room, I never sought them out in the past, but very good to know.

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