Summer at the Cabin

When we left our tiny island cottage for the cabin in the mountains, I was so ready to get out of town.

So. Ready.

In my excitement for the trip, I never thought to check the weather to see if I should grab a cardigan or to look in my makeup bag to see if I had remembered to pack insect repellent.

All I knew is that after weeks of working through lots of complicated situations from job changes to grief and loss, we were about to get a much-needed break.

I wish I were playing when I tell you not even three hours into our 8-hour trip, I received yet another heartbreaking phone call.

I was *this close* to turning around.

But over and over again, I was gently reminded it was best to rest up now because the recovery process for our loved one was going to be vast and long.

So, with my family’s blessing, we continued on our journey.

I don’t know if it was because of the way our trip began or if we were just so ready for a break that we were extra intentional with our time but it wound up being one of our best trips to the cabin to date.

We’ve been coming to a cabin in the North Georgia mountains for over 10 years, usually twice sometimes three or four times a year and every trip it feels like coming home.

Before we arrived we created a simple bucket list so we could fit in all our favorite things while we were there and make time to explore new places as well.

Given part of our time at the cabin is dedicated to checking on various family members, we try to break up the days into digestible chunks.

We usually take the first day to hike, the second day to shop and discover new towns, and the third day to rest. Then we start all back over again for as long as we’re there.

I know it might seem like a simple system but this way everyone knows what to expect and we’re all able to carve out plenty of free time too.

On this trip, we hiked part of the Cherokee National Forest because we wanted to see Benton Falls. The drive up is such a pretty one with plenty of places to stop and enjoy Sugarloaf and Ocoee.

We’ve hiked a lot of places with waterfalls while at the cabin but I’d never heard of Benton Falls until this trip. It was about a 3-mile hike and some spots could definitely be considered a moderate hike level. It was absolutely worth it though.

Once we finally got to the waterfall it felt like we were experiencing a hidden treasure!

Speaking of hidden treasures, we shopped our favorite treasure hunting spots in Blue Ridge, Ellijay, and Jasper.

I’m in the middle of a major decluttering spree so I didn’t bring home anything for myself. But I did find a piece of ironstone at Mountainside Antique Mall for my Mom.

We also drove into Rome to visit Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum and Gardens.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, you’ll probably recognize the house immediately. It’s one of my favorite movies so it was a lot of fun to actually be at the house where it was filmed.

Our tour guide was fabulous and the gardens were crazy beautiful. Rome is a pretty little town and the downtown area is easily accessible.

While we were in Rome, we ate lunch at Harvest Moon Cafe.

We also made time for the shiitake mushroom and truffle ricotta pizza and ginger beer at Ellijay Wood Fire Pizza in Ellijay and the chicken and wild rice soup at the Cantaberry Cafe. We usually go to the location in Ellijay because it’s closer but we decided to try their new place in Blue Ridge. It’s definitely a smaller space but the soup was just as good.

Of course, you can’t go to Georgia in the summer without getting peaches and fried pies! We definitely have plenty for homemade ice cream and cobbler which I’m really excited about.

All in all, the trip to the cabin has been the perfect combination of purpose and pleasure, rest and relaxation. And while I love our home in Florida, I have to say, this has been the best way to kick off the summer season.

Where are you traveling this summer? Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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Many blessings,


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  1. Hey CoCo – sounds like your trip was amazing and just the medicine that you all needed. So glad that sweet tally is better – seems like she needed a break too 🙂 Looks like you had a lot of fun too. If you won at Bingo…we need a loan LOL. Welcome home.

    1. Thanks so much ladies, we had the best time and I’m so glad we had a chance to get away. As you know the ORC was crazy awesome and crazy exhausting all at the same time. Sadly, we did not win at Bingo but those people that that game very very seriously 🙂

  2. Trina Williams says:

    This sounds and looks like Heaven on earth! Quiet, peaceful and beautiful. I would love to know the location of this cabin…..Enjoy!!!

    1. Thank you, Trina! These were all taken in the North Georgia mountains just outside of Blue Ridge with the exception of the roadside peach and general store photos which were taken in a little town called Ball Ground 🙂

  3. Looks Norman-Rockwell-ishly perfect!! Enjoy your cabin time!!

    1. Thanks so much, Angie! I saw you guys are spending some time at the beach so I hope your having a fun time with your family too! Sending you hugs, CoCo

  4. jessica woodall says:

    So where is this beautiful place?

    1. This is in the North Georgia mountains just outside of Blue Ridge 🙂

  5. Looks wonderful Coco! I think you are absolutely right… we all need weeks like that where we just enjoy the whimsy of the moment and relax. Mine is coming soon and I can barely wait 😉

    1. I’m so excited you’re going to be able to get away for a bit! I know you’re working hard on your day job and your dreams too and definitely deserve some time to rest and relax. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Hugs, CoCo

  6. Sonya J Choate says:

    CoCo, we have some land in west Tx that is to us,as your mountain cabin is to you. We have been going for at least 27 years now, I took my kids as babies and they take their own children now. We haven’t been able to go with my mother since March. But my niece drove Mom home and I was able to stay a blessed entire week alone at “the Farm” so when I read you were So.Ready. I completely understand. Like I said, we are so very blessed to have these very different, yet so much the same for both our families. God bless you and your retreat. Sonya Choate

    1. Such a sweet comment, Sonya, thank you! It’s so crazy how we know we need to let ourselves take a little break yet there always seems to be a million other things that we let take priority. I’m so glad we were able to get away and I’m excited for your family’s farm too. Making memories will be worth it – every time 🙂 Sending you hugs, CoCo

  7. CoCo, that area is gorgeous. My brother lived up that way for a while and I enjoyed each visit with him. One of my favorite places! (And soooo different from southern Florida!) Enjoy!!!

    1. It’s so exciting to hear your bother lived up near Ellijay and Blue Ridge, Shirley. I swear there is nothing like being up there. It’s such a peaceful and relaxing place. The first week we arrived it was still in the low 70s up in the mountains and it was heavenly. I don’t even want to think about what our temps in Florida are like right now. They’re probably hotter than a pepper patch 😂 Hope you’re staying nice and cool in South Florida and your summer is off to a great start, CoCo

  8. Hi have a dear friend that lived in Ellijay for over 10 years, and treated me to all the gorgeous scenery via the internet. I even toyed with retiring in the area…it so beautiful. So glad you were able to get away and recharge! I would still love to visit the area again, Sandi

    1. That is so much fun to hear, Sandi! We rent the same cabin and have family in the area so it always feels like going home no matter what time of year we go back. I have to say this was definitely a special way to kick off the summer season. You would not believe how much Ellijay has grown. The downtown area is still quaint and cozy but East Ellijay is hopping with new construction. It’s still easy to get around and drive to all the nearby towns and attractions though which is nice. I think you would love it! Hugs, CoCo

  9. What a beautiful place to rest and decompress!! I would love to see the Blue Ridge Mountains someday! So glad you got away for a little while.

    1. Thank you, Rachel, our time here has been amazing! While I’m not ready to go home at all, I’m thankful we were able to spend time in one of our favorite places. It’s so peaceful here. Sending you big hugs for a happy summer, CoCo

  10. CoCo,
    Looks like a great trip. I’m so sorry your trip began with more bad news. It looks like such a lovely spot and thanks for sharing your views with us.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! We were on the way to the cabin and my parents were on the way to Martha’s Vineyard when we got the call my cousin had been life-flighted to one of the major hospitals in the area. To say we were all totally gobsmacked is an understatement because it was utterly and completely unexpected. She had successful surgery to remove several brain tumors a few days later but it’s definitely another thing that has rocked our world. Thankfully, she was in good hands and we were able to still spend some time at the cabin. We desperately needed it after the past few months. Big hugs and thank you for all your encouragement along the way, it’s been a huge help, CoCo

  11. The photo of Benton Falls is so beautiful it almost doesn’t look real! It is always so good to get away, if even only for a short time. Don’t worry about the chores at home or the work stressors – take a breath, get outside, slow your pace and spend quality time with friends and/or loved ones. Our get away is the Colorado Rockies. We can be in the mountains in 20 minutes and I can literally feel my body relax as we drive into the foothills. Time is never wasted in the mountains.
    So many books on your list! A few caught my eye for Summer reading and I want to recommend Eat that Frog! Read it many years ago and it literally took my business to a new level. Quick read with very important message not only for work but also for our life in general.
    Glad you could get away

    1. It was so hard to believe all those layers of rocks had survived and created such a beautiful waterfall, AJ. I was in awe – that’s for sure! It’s exciting you guys live so close to the Rockies. Being in the mountains is such a special way to relax and unwind no matter what time of year it is. I love that it brings you so much peace and happiness too. Eat That Frog is a great book. I appreciate how easily digestible it is. Sometimes I finish a book and think goodness gracious, how in the world am I going to fit this system into my current season of life but almost every tip he gives is something you can take action on almost immediately which feels like a win-win. Hope your summer is off to a great start, CoCo

  12. So much beauty around you at the cabin. So happy you had time to relax. We all need it at times. Pinned!

    1. We do! I’m definitely so thankful we were able to carve out time to be up here. It feels like the biggest gift. Hugs, CoCo

  13. Can you please share details of the cabin if it is a rental? Praying everything gets better soon for your family!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Cindy, I really appreciate it. We rent a 2/2 cabin in the North Georgia Mountains between Ellijay and Blue Ridge through a company called Sliding Rock Cabins. They have several cabins to choose from so my best advice would be to call and speak with them about your needs as some of the cabins can be tricky to get to. Also, for the sake of full disclosure, we’re not affiliated with Sliding Rock Cabins in any way nor have we ever received compensation, affiliate monies, or discounts for using them. That said, Ellijay is such a pretty area and is convenient and within driving distance to lots of fantastic places so I hope you enjoy your time there if you go. Hugs and happy summer, CoCo

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