Simple Summer Camp Ideas

We’re sharing simple summer camp ideas today!

Recently, I tossed my overnight bag onto my big fluffy bed and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

It felt good to be back.

Simple Summer Camp and Retreat Space Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Despite my parent’s constant nudging, “You should stay at Loblolly and get started on your book this summer!” I’m almost embarrassed to say I couldn’t remember just how long it had been since I had spent the night at my childhood home.

While we’ve made a ton of progress after having to gut the entire place and start from scratch nearly 6 years ago, we still have a lot to finish before we can call it a true retreat space.

A Simple Summer Camp Ideas Inspiration…

“How much fun would it be if we could come back here and stay for the summer season?” my Mom blurted out over coffee while we were flipping through magazines searching for inspiration.

“It would be like something out of a Mary Kay Andrews novel or a throwback to sleepaway camp that’s for sure,” I replied only halfway kidding.

As I fell asleep that night, I couldn’t help but think about how cool it would be to go back to our hometown, rent a house by the lake, or stay at the cabin for the entire summer.  

No doubt it would feel like a true luxury just to get away for that long.

A Dream I’ve Never Shared…

Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to host a retreat for fellow creatives.

Nothing wild or overcomplicated, mind you.

Simply a relaxing extra long weekend for those who are struggling with burnout, the ones who need a quiet place to think, write and plan, and to speak life to those who need a little extra encouragement.  

Doesn’t that sound like something we could all use right now?

So, while I was dreaming of hosting a creative retreat, I also started thinking of easy ways we could incorporate the feeling of sleepaway camp into our summer schedule.

It didn’t take long before I came up with a list of simple summer camp ideas. These are activities you can do with friends, family members, neighbors, or alone.

Here’s a look at simple summer camp ideas if you’re looking to rediscover old hobbies or learn new crafting techniques…

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Simple Summer Camp Activities-The Crowned Goat

Charm Bracelet Set * Cursive Handwriting Book * Embroidery Kit with Bees * Paint by Numbers * Camera

Handwriting Workbook * Tie-Dye Kit * Stencil Templates * Genesis Bow * Air Dry Clay

Brush Pens * Beginner Embroidery Kit * Spirograph * Rainbow Banner * Pressed Flower Kit

Coloring Book * Puzzle Table * Rock Painting Kit * Polymer Clay * Guided Journal  

Colored Pencils * Modern Calligraphy for Beginners * Potholder Pro * Uno * Acrylic Paint Set

Other Simple Summer Camp Ideas to Consider…

  • Taking a wreath making class
  • Attending a flower arranging workshop
  • Signing up for a cooking, baking, or cake decorating class
  • Rediscovering a dance class you loved as a child
  • Bird Watching
  • Star Gazing
  • Taking a candy-making class
  • Learning how to make soap
  • Signing up for sewing, knitting, or crochet class
  • Attending a block printing or tie-dying class
  • Diving into acrylics, oils, or watercolor paints
  • Taking a jewelry making class
  • Archery, hiking, rowing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, or horseback riding,
  • Learning a new language
  • Taking a calligraphy or handwriting class
  • Signing up for a gardening class
  • Diving into polymer clay or pottery making class
  • Have a campfire and make s’mores

An Intentional Summer…

I know it’s not always easy to get away for an entire summer.

Especially, if you have a demanding work life, home life, or family life.

I totally get it.

But I honestly believe it doesn’t have to be an “all-or-nothing” kind of summer either.

Sure we might be grown now and have more chores and responsibilities than we did at sleepaway camp.

We can still carve out time for memory making though.

We just have to be intentional about it.

So, don’t let this summer go by without rediscovering something you once loved. There’s no better time to be creative than right now!

Let us know your favorite simple summer camp ideas! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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Many blessings,


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    1. I really appreciate it, Lovely, thanks so much!

  1. You have so many great ideas for fun things to do this summer! If we can’t go to a summer camp, we can bring the camp into our homes!! Love it!! If you ever decide to host a retreat, let me know! Hugs, Donna

    1. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been feeling so nostalgic for sleepaway camp, Donna! I’m sure it’s the days filled with fun and intention, writing letters home, and finding intentional ways to be creative that have me craving a trip to the lake. We’re headed to the cabin so I’m sure that will help. Hope your summer season is filled with all good things, CoCo PS: If I ever host I retreat I’ll definitely let you know!

  2. CoCo,
    I love all these great ideas. I’d love to join you for a creative retreat. The idea of spending time alone is appealing as well. LOL. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    1. ha ha I totally get it, Rachel! I’ll be sure to include both free time and group time if I ever host a creative retreat. They’re both so important! Sending you hugs for the happiest summer season, CoCo

  3. I could TOTALLY use a retreat for creatives. That sounds idyllic. As far as carving out time during the summer, I try to have my morning coffee outside sitting on the steps leading to our backyard. It may only be for 10 minutes but it is still a mini retreat. Thanks for the all the ideas. It makes me reminisce about going to camp when I was kid. Hugs to you Coco

    1. I love that you make time to sit outside in the mornings too, Anna, it’s such a peaceful way to start the day. One of my favorite quotes from Jon Acuff’s newsletter this week said, “Get it in, where you can fit it in.” It sounds like such a simple concept but drives the point home that even 10 or 15 minutes a day can make a big difference and impact our overall well-being and goals. Sending you hugs for a summer that is all that you need it to be, CoCo PS: If I ever decide to host a retreat I’ll let you know!

  4. You’re always so inspiring CoCo. Those lazy days if summer went by in a blink

  5. Hi CoCo, Thank you from your Vroom Vroom Team for sharing the 3 links you shared with us at #264 SSPS Linky. Please check back weekly to see if featured on the blog post or by any co-hosts.
    Great work and I have pinned some

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