7 Strategies for Staying Motivated, a February Goals Update & a Video

Today, I’m excited to share our February goals update and a brand new video on How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like You Aren’t Making Progress on Your Goals!

This post was 100% inspired by one thing – I got on the scales!

As some of you know, I’ve been consistently training for a 15K race coming up in March for about two and a half months now. We have been dedicated to cutting back on sweets and snacking in general, creating healthy meal plans and monitoring our water intake. It has been SUPER hard to stay on track at times especially through multiple birthday celebrations, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day!

So, imagine my surprise when I got on the scale after all that hard work and realized I had barely lost a single pound…frustration does not even describe it!

That frustration gave way to discouragement until I finally realized I had to take action on the situation. In this video, you’ll find seven strategies I uncovered along the way on How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like You Aren’t Making Progress on Your Goals.

You guys were completely amazing in your support of the first video.  It seriously just overwhelmed me with so much love. I totally gushed in this video about how much your sweet comments, messages and phone calls meant to me and how they were one of the biggest reasons I was able to hit publish on this post even though I still get nervous being in front of the camera.

I can’t even thank you enough for cheering me on!

If you feel stuck in your goals right now or feel discouraged because you’re not seeing the progress or results your looking for or no longer feel motivated to achieve the goals you set out in January, this post is for you…

If you only take away two things from today’s post I want it to be…

One: You are worth so much more than settling for second best or for less than you’re worth – we were created to be amazing so DO NOT believe the lie that you’re “too old” or “not creative enough” or “don’t have what it takes to contribute” – YOU DO!

And two: Staying motivated is all about developing a system of strategies that work so well for you they become productive habits and those habits are what help you make progress on your goals every single day.

If you’re new here (Welcome) or want to follow along on our goals journey this year, you can find our 2018 Word of the Year here and our goals for the year here.

Here are a few ways we’ve been making progress so far, this year…

  • We have kept Sundays sacred for almost two months now and it’s made a HUGE difference. I slipped up once and the following week was terribly unproductive – lesson learned!
  • We continue to implement new strategies and use new tools that are helping us to grow The Crowned Goat with intention. It’s super scary and super exciting all at the same time! I sometimes get scared some of the things we have in the works are actually going to happen because they are bigger dreams than I thought were even possible for us!
  • We fully embraced the winter season and I’ve already started decorating for spring. We’ve also been creating and celebrating beautiful and organized spaces in the homes of clients too.
  • It has not always been easy but we’ve incorporated a healthier lifestyle with meal plans, excise, rest and recreation into our daily lives. I just told my Mom I really want to keep it up after the race because it would be so easy to stop all the healthy stuff once we’ve finished the 15K and reached our goal.
  • I can’t believe I’m starting book #4 already this year! I didn’t really watch a lot of tv any way but having a list of professional books I want to read in advance has been so helpful. I’ve also found several podcasts I listed to each morning while I’m on the treadmill or painting furniture during the day. The study on the book of James is going s-l-o-w but that’s because I know I’m being tested on some of the material and man, that kind of stuff can really hit you in the heart if you’re not ready for it, right?
  • Taking time to truly connect with others has definitely been a great surprise. It has actually forced me to be more present in all situations even the ones that make me feel uncomfortable.
  • We continue to be vigilant about stewarding our financial goals even when dinner out or lattes on the run are calling our names – it hasn’t always been easy but it has definitely been worth it!
  • I would say carving out white space especially on Fridays has been the hardest of everything on the list next to studying the book of James. I think this is because I’ve been in and out of town more than I expected to be.

So that’s where I’m at, how are you guys doing? I hope you know it’s always my honor to celebrate with you guys no matter how big or small your victory. I’d love to hear one thing that helped you to stay motivated to continue to make progress on your goals this month in the comments section below!

Oh, and don’t forget to download the goodies I promised in the video. You can find our motivational postcards below…

I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow with a peek at scenes from our week and all our favorite things from around the web. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I really needed this video today, CoCo. I have had low to no motivation for most of February and I cannot figure out what my problem is. I was on top of things in January and then I could feel things slipping start to slip away in the beginning of the month and now I don’t feel motivated at all. Thanks for the strategies, I will definitely try them and thank you for doing these videos even when you feel scared. You don’t look scared btw. I know I just need to recommit even when things don’t go as I had planned, Sarah

    1. My heart definitely goes out to you, Sarah, I have definitely been there myself. Please know that while our motivation will change as we go through different seasons of life our commitment to making positive changes each day doesn’t have to. You can recommit to your goals any time you feel like you’re ready to get back in the game. I’m here for you if you need anything and I believe in you. Big hugs, CoCo

  2. Great video today CoCo! The donut comment made me laugh out loud but I get where you’re coming from. I think the visual reminders will help and to adress the stress eating triggers I struggle with is also something I need to do immediately. Can’t wait for March!

    1. ha ha I was owning that donut comment like a boss, Bonnie 🙂 Learning to understand your triggers does take a bit of time and effort but once you understand those it does make it easier to make better or different choices during the day. On a personal level, I no longer weigh myself every single day because once a week is enough. So proud of you for learning more about your stress eating triggers too! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Spent my lunch break watching this video. I’m glad you’re doing these. I feel like I know you better. Thanks for helping is all stay motivated. You are right its all about the DAILY choices we make which is not always easy.

    1. You’re so sweet to spend your lunch with me, Brianna, thank you! I’m totally with you – the daily choices – are not always the easiest choices but it’s such a game changer to realize there are things we can do every single day to make a difference. Big hugs, CoCo

  4. Thank you for the postcards Coco. Can you share which study of James you’re working on this month? Thanks, Ashley

    1. You are very welcome, Ashley! The study of James I’m currently doing is with Jen Wilkin. Once you get to her site you can download the workbook (I think it’s free) and also listen to any of her previous podcasts and lessons. She’s super easy to listen to and has a lot of difference resources for you to chose from as well. Thanks so much for asking, CoCo PS: I’ll make sure to add her website to the blog post

  5. Hey CoCo – fantastic information and so relatable. BTW – We are charter members of Donut Eaters Anonymous. When stress hits junk food is our friend. We definitely need to pay attention the the skills and message you are giving. We love you and appreciate you sharing your heart and truth! Hugs!

    1. I really appreciate it ladies, thank you so much! You guys give me the giggles with that Donut Eaters Anonymous line – I can definitely relate. You guys are always the best cheerleaders even when I have to do scary things. You mean so much to me! Big hugs, CoCo

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