15 Things You Don’t Know About CoCo

We’re sharing 15 things you don’t know about CoCo in honor of the official launch of our new website today!

A good portion of these questions have been asked on a regular basis via social media or were specifically sent in by you. The rest are random facts friends, family and my bestie S asked about.

Some of them I swear were just to make me squirm 🤣

15 Things You Don't Know About CoCo-The Crowned Goat

15 Things You Don’t Know About CoCo…

*This post was updated in June 2021

I know you have a big farm family and several sisters.  Where do you fall in the birth order?

I’m the oldest.

Is your birth name really CoCo?

CoCo is a nickname my sisters gave me years ago.  It’s the reason there are two capital C’s.

For the longest time, I thought it was a play on my middle name. But according to my sisters they started calling me CoCo because my skin is so soft it feels like cocoa butter.

I still use my birthname quite a bit, CoCo is the name I prefer most though.

What’s your graduate degree in?


Do you have any secret goals or dreams we’d be surprised to know about?

I have lots of goals and dreams!

But the one that might surprise you most is to be a part of a mass choir like the Mississippi Mass Choir or the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Especially, since I can’t carry a tune.

In fact, every year at Christmas the littles ask me to stop singing while we’re on our annual Jingle Bells Bike Parade. Apparently, they “can’t take it” and it’s totally “embarrassing” 😂

CoCo, would you rather live at the beach, the lake, in the mountains or in a big city?

Hands down the mountains! We’d probably already be living there if my entire family didn’t live in within driving distance.

Do you have any weird fears? 

I have a major fear of balloons. The balloon arches I see all over Pinterest are so beautiful but the anticipation that one of them is going to pop is too much to handle 😂

I also have a fear of clowns, cats, buffet lines and most bugs.

Do you have any pet peeves?

My two biggest pet peeves are poor table manners and passive aggressive behaviors.

You talk about coming from a family of picky eaters. Has that changed since you guys have gotten older?

I’ve gotten better about trying new things over the years. But I still usually eat certain meals in a specific combination and I don’t change the combination unless there are no other options.

I just called my baby sister a few days ago to see if I could bring anything to Sunday Supper and she said, “I like salad, salad but I don’t like salads so you can bring a salad, salad if you want.” Meaning she likes field green type salads but nothing with a mayonnaise base like a macaroni salad.

My other sister doesn’t like for her food to touch.

I think it’s just one of those quirks that runs in our family. My Dad is probably the worst of all.

I don’t know how my Mom put up with us. She’s a saint 😆

Are you picky about sweets too? You mention stress eating and chocolate cake a lot!

Oddly enough, we aren’t as picky about sweets as we are about other foods.  We all have an insane sweet tooth which I attribute to my grandparents because they served something sweet after every meal.

As far as the stress eating and chocolate cake goes, I’ll take full responsibility for that one 😉

15 Things You Don't Know About CoCo-The Crowned Goat

What do you do that drives your family crazy? 

I’m sure there are lots of things 🤣

S, take it away…

It’s one thing if CoCo is trying to tell you a story, it’s an entirely different thing if she’s trying to explain something to you.

Half the time I feel like she’s talking in parables and the other half she’s so vague I feel like I need to buy a vowel. I hear, “I mean, this is 101” a lot.

She’s always asking me about something. “Where is that thing,” or “can you get me that thing?” Please someone tell me, what is the thing???

According to my sisters…

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with CoCo in real life, you know she’s very animated. Her hands are waving, her eyes are dancing, and her voice immediately gets a Southern drawl.

If she’s telling a funny story be prepared to wait at least 5 minutes for her to get the story out because she’s probably laughing or crying or both while she’s telling the story.

You wrote several posts about having to take care of S after her accident. Was it harder than you expected despite being friends for so long?

A million times harder!

I’ve had years of experience helping to take care of my Dad after he was burned and my grandparents as they got older. S is fiercely independent though which made it very difficult.

None of her family lives nearby which made it especially tough because she needed a TON of help.

I was trying to navigate her surgical care and recovery, become her healthcare advocate, make sure she made it to all her appointments, balance her greiving process, help my sweet Jelly Bean deal with canine dementia, cook all the meals, do all the laundry, and clean the house, all while trying to run the blog full time.

It was a lot.

My family showed up big time and I’ll never forget their kindness, love, support and prayers. They’re a huge reason we made it through!

S and I both have a deep, deep appreciation for others in the same position now and I look at the art of caregiving in a completely different way.

While I would never want to go through the experience again, now that we’re on the other side, I can definitely say it changed us both for the better.

I love your From the Front Porch posts on Friday! You share a lot of dresses. Is that what you usually wear?

Thank you so much! The From the Front Porch series was inspired by my baby sister. She didn’t have enough time during the day to read every blog post so she asked if I could do a weekly wrap up to catch her up while she was in the carpool line.

Those posts are always fun to put together and they’re one of the most popular each week too!

As far as my personal style goes, I probably wear jeans more than anything, but dresses definitely come in a close second.

I’m pretty no-nonsense when it comes to clothes and jewelry.  I like to throw on one or two things and feel pulled together without a lot of extra fuss.

How did you get started painting and selling furniture?

I was working at the hospital looking for a creative outlet when I started painting home decor items.  They were all small pieces at first like nightstands and entry tables.

Over time though, I started painting larger pieces of furniture.

In the beginning, it was just for family and friends. Then my Mom and I decided to combine my love of painting with her decorating skills and we started selling our items in several antique booths around town.

It was so much work and so much fun all at the same time!

15 Things You Don't Know About CoCo-The Crowned Goat

Have you ever let your bestie S design a project idea or room?

In all honesty, I take lots of opinions under consideration during room makeovers. I don’t pretend to have all the best ideas or techniques.

That said, more times than not I start out with an idea in my head and work to achieve that idea from start to finish.  Even if I have to pivot a few times.

(Here was S’s response)

CoCo definitely knows her own mind. She likes things done in a certain way. Most people would call that bossy, but CoCo has been called bossy quite a bit and it doesn’t faze her at all.

We’re pretty much used to her “direction” now and “get on board” pretty quickly. No sense in delaying the inevitable.

15 Things You Don't Know About CoCo-The Crowned Goat

Why did you start a blog and how did you come up with the name The Crowned Goat? 

Blogging was never on my radar at all, ever.

One day when I was in graduate school though I was sitting in my not-so-great apartment in a not-so-great-area of town completely embarrassed to invite anyone over and I had had enough.

In my spare time, I would pour over the pages of magazines and decorating books wishing that apartment felt like home. I wondered aloud many, many times, if anyone else was feeling the same way I was feeling.

I finally decided to quit wishing and started doing something about it.

The first part of my blog life was so our customers could follow along on our treasure hunts. And to keep them informed on the items coming up for sale.

I realized after meeting some of them in person though, I could pass on the tips and tricks I had learned along the way to help them create a home they could be proud of.

As far as the name goes, The Crowned Goat was all S’s idea…

In the very beginning stages of this creative business, I told S I wished there was a place we could treasure hunt, paint furniture, have seminars about all things home, support each other’s business endeavors and eat sweet treats all at the same time.

I wanted this magical place to feel like a British pub where everyone was welcomed with open arms and could receive support, encouragement, and a pep talk whenever they needed it.

While this online space isn’t the brick-and-mortar space I had originally imagined, I’m excited to say this community is something I so proud of.

We’ve rallied around each other through life’s ups and downs. Through projects that have gone really well and those that have been a total failure.

You’ve given me your advice and opinions when I felt stuck, nudged me out of my comfort zone when I needed to branch out and have been the sweetest cheerleader when I got published in some of those very same magazines I poured over all those years ago.

Every day I know it’s an immense privilege to be a part of your day and it’s an honor I don’t take lightly. Thanks so much for being here and for your friendship.

I feel beyond blessed to be able to live out these wild and crazy dreams!

Let us know which of these 15 things you don’t know about CoCo suprised you the most. Then share something about yourself that might surprise us too!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This is a sweet post. 🙂
    Happy Birthday CoCo!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing until I saw myself in those running pants ha ha, then I thought What is going on here! Sending you big hugs and thanks so much for the birthday wishes, CoCo

    1. You’re so sweet, Mary Beth, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  2. You are hilarious S! I love this post and we didn’t know half of these things about CoCo either. Happy Birthday CoCo!

    1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Bonnie! This is definitely not the post I thought S would be writing or using some of those pictures either ha ha. Hugs, CoCo

  3. Hey S – FABULOUS post! You already know how much we love CoCo too! She is the first person we have never met that orders a McDonalds hamburger…without the hamburger! She is the most kind, caring, loyal, fun and bossy person that we know. She is so lucky to have you on her life…you have done her proud today!

    1. You guys are so funny! I’m sure she had to whittle the list down quite a bit. I see that not making a left hand turn and not walking in the door first did not make the list. Thank goodness because 15 seems like a lot of quirks for one person 🙂 I really appreciate all of your kind words, love, encouragement, birthday wishes and surprise presents. You guys are the best! Big hugs, CoCo

  4. I cant even imagine what her face looked like when you brought those flowers to the photo shoot ha ha. Happy Birthday CoCo

    1. What about MY face when I saw myself in those running pants, Sarah! I about died! Thanks so much for your sweet words, CoCo PS: The flowers were kind of bad 🙂

  5. Well written S! and OH so true. I love everything you said. I laughed and I cried. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I wish you all the best during your “milestone” year.

    1. Seriously, the best sister ever! Your love and friendship has topped any birthday gift, I’ve ever gotten – ever. Love you SO much, CoCo

  6. Happy Birthday Coco!! You must be a sweetheart. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Stacey, I appreciate you girl! Hugs, CoCo

  7. S for President! I think you just got busted CoCo ? hope your birthday was a happy day, Casey

    1. ha ha S is definitely smart enough to be President! I appreciate your birthday wishes, Casey, thank you. Hugs, CoCo

  8. Love getting to know you better in these posts CoCo. Good job on this one S. Happy Birthday

    1. Thanks so much, Brandy, I really appreciate it! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Girl, these heart on the sleeve posts are THE hardest to write so I really appreciate your encouragement. This getting older stuff is not for sissies ha ha. Sending you big hugs and lots of thank you for always being there, CoCo

    1. So sweet of you to say, Rachel, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Hope you’ve had the best week, CoCo

  9. Happy Birthday CoCo. I enjoyed reading about you.

    Another pictures and great nickname from your sisters.

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! My sisters and I are pretty close in age so I’m lucky to have them. We’ve definitely all gone through a lot together so they keep me grounded and help me prioritize what’s most important. Hope your week has been a fun one so far! Hugs, CoCo

  10. This was a fun post to read! I didn’t know you were “bossy”. LOL. I can’t imagine that. One day I look forward to hearing that southern drawl of yours too. Living in Texas, I honestly don’t think I have an accent but every once in a while a word pops out and I think differently. Like the word Ranch. It comes out Raa inch. Weird. Something you may not know about me? I have a deathly fear of all snakes and I swear I must be allergic to dust. Because when my inner Cinderella comes out, my hands itch. Weird again.

    1. You’re always giving me the giggles which is one of my favorite things about you sweet friend! While I try my VERY best not to come across as bossy and listen to as many opinions as I can, once my mind is made up I’m like a bulldog and it’s hard to change it 🙂 We should totally zoom some time – I’ll tell you if you have an accent and you can tell me if I have one he he. I definitely feel you on the snakes – yikes! Big hugs, CoCo PS: I love Cinderella so much she’d still be my #1 even if she never cleaned another floor 🙂

  11. This was so fun to read, CoCo! Excited for the refreshed site, too! I’m working on mine this week…little nervous;)

    1. Thank you so much, Lora! We’re still making little tweaks here and there but I’m thankful to have it all behind us. We moved from a shared server to our own and it’s so much better now. Can’t wait to see how things come together with your new site I know it’s going to be amazing! Hugs, CoCo

    1. You are too sweet to say that, Kim, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

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