Effortless Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Today, we’re sharing effortless Christmas centerpiece ideas!

If you had a chance to check out our post, Effortless Christmas Entry Décor Ideas, you already know we’re mostly using garlands of greenery with a bit of sparkle sprinkled in here and there this holiday season.

Decorating the Dining Room for Christmas…

The dining room is just off the entry and while I don’t want the rooms to be too matchy-matchy, I do want our holiday decor to complement each other.

Our home is an open concept, and you can stand in one room and see directly into multiple spaces all at the same time.

In years past, our dining room has been all decked out with our favorite china, crystal stemmed glasses, and flatware.

But I get a lot of requests about how to make the dining room feel festive without the effort of having to pull all the dishes out.  

Especially, when you know the space isn’t going to be used for dining.

So, this year, in keeping with your requests and our need for all things quick and easy, I decided to create an effortless Christmas centerpiece. 

Honestly, it’s another one of those projects that doesn’t really need a step by step.  And most, if not all, of the supplies can be found at the craft supply or big box store.

Bonus, it’s relatively budget-friendly depending on how big a centerpiece you’re creating.

Are you ready to get started?

Here’s a look at how to create an effortless Christmas centerpiece…

Effortless Christmas Centerpiece Supplies:

  • Rectangular Container
  • Greenery Picks (we used a mix of pine branches from Joanns but you could also use a garland)
  • Sleigh (color, size, and style of your choice, we bought this one at Joanns last year)
  • Sleigh filler (we’re using presents but feel free to use whatever goes best with your décor like ornaments, snowballs, pinecones, etc.)
  • Burlap (we use burlap feed sack to cover the filler but depending on the size of your container you might not need this)
  • Filler (such as small empty boxes, floral foam, or Styrofoam to help add height but depending on the size of your container you might not need this)

Effortless Christmas Centerpiece Steps:

Gather your supplies and make sure your container is clean and free from debris. 

My Dad made this container for my bestie S from the plywood he used to make the wheelchair ramp after her accident. 

It’s huge, so, feel free to use something smaller if you like ?

Depending on how deep your container is, you’ll need a filler so the focal point of your centerpiece will have something to rest on.

We turned over empty paint cans. But you could also use floral foam, empty boxes, or even Styrofoam if that works best for you. 

Whatever you choose it needs to be something that can provide stability to the centerpiece.

Also, make sure your filler is not too heavy so the centerpiece can be easily moved.  

Layer a piece of burlap on top of your filler.

Then start placing your greenery picks around the edges of the effortless Christmas centerpiece container.

Be sure to leave room for your focal point to rest comfortably in the center.

Once you have the corners covered, place your centerpiece focal point on top of the burlap.

Next, start adding additional greenery around your focal point weaving the individual pieces in and out so they help cover the ends that look like sticks.

Embellish your effortless Christmas centerpiece focal point with ornaments, ribbons, packages, wreaths, pinecones – whatever you like.

Making a Holiday Centerpiece Personal…

What I love about this holiday centerpiece idea is that you can completely customize this look to complement the décor you already have at home.

You can use whatever colors and types of greenery or flowers you want to use. As well as, seasonal and decorative accents that speak to you. 

If a sleigh isn’t your thing, consider using a reindeer, Santa, a Nativity, rocking horse, or even poinsettias.

We chose faux greenery because we really struggle with allergies.

But again, you could just as easily use this same idea with fresh greenery picks and garlands from the florist.

Another exciting thing about this effortless Christmas centerpiece is that you can use it on your coffee bar, mantel, as a breakfast table centerpiece, or on your dining room buffet.

We’ll probably use this piece in the dining room. But I like to keep my option open. 

There’s just something to be said for keeping it simple, you guys!

Let us know how you’re creating effortless Christmas centerpieces this year! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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