Loblolly Manor: Tiny Guest Bathroom Makeover

Today, we’re back at Loblolly Manor sharing the tiny guest bathroom makeover!

To be perfectly honest, every time I think about the bathrooms at Loblolly, I hear silently hear the makings of what could be a funny set of kids bathtub books called, “Tales from a Tiny Bathroom.” I’m not even playing, you guys, they are both that small.

So small in fact, I could hardly fit my camera equipment in the master bathroom when I tried to take pictures after we gave that space a refresh several months ago. And this tiny guest bathroom makeover was even tighter to photograph.

That being said, the guest bathroom is a fantastic lesson in shopping your own home before you buy anything new. Almost everything we used in this tiny guest bathroom makeover was either already at Loblolly or was being used at my house, which made this project very budget friendly.
Just to refresh your memory, here’s a look at the tiny guest bathroom before…

It’s not horrible at all. But once we decided to embrace a consistent color palette of whites, grays and camels throughout the house we knew we would need to make a lot of changes in the guest bathroom. Our first change was the shower curtain. I’ve loved these ruffles for a while now and knew they would be perfect in the tiny guest bathroom. Since I already had it on hand, the shower curtain was totally free!

White Ruffle Curtain

Given the guest bathroom is so small, we decided to take out the chippy side table to make more room by the bathtub.

Powder Blue Shower Curtain

And while we were at it, we decided to trade out the white rug for this vintage coffee sack as a rug to help add texture to the tiny bathroom. It was another free piece I had at home. The toilet paper stand was previously being used in the master bathroom so again, free, yeah!

We shopped the house for artwork too! Remember when this subway inspired sign was hanging in the entry?

Three Drawer Dresser

Well, it found a new home alongside the thrifted vase we easily updated a few months ago.  It has a French Country feel now but wow, you guys should see what it started out like – I’m pretty sure most people would have just left it in the store.

Vintage Artwork

The tray was a $7 find at Home Goods and we found the basket at an estate sale for a few dollars.

Vase with Flowers

I would love to say we gave the bathroom vanity a coat of French Linen, but you guys probably already know my Dad could not handle painting one. more. thing. gray. at Loblolly ha ha. So, for now, we’re making do (read: waiting for him to change his mind).

If all the girls had their way we would paint the vanity in French Linen and ditch the medicine cabinet above for a gorgeous gilded mirror – just sayin.

2 Door Vanity

All in all, we spent under $20 on a few items…a soap dispenser, hand towel, basket and thrifted vase…for the tiny guest bathroom makeover. That’s totally bananas, right? Here’s another look at the tiny guest bathroom before…

and after…

Ruffle Shower Curtain

If you’re ready to give one of the bathrooms in your home a budget friendly makeover, consider shopping your house for these items first:

• Artwork
• Accessories
• Rugs
• Baskets

Tiny Guest Bathroom

Not only does it save time but it also helps to save money too which is always a welcome sight no matter what the size of your guest bathroom! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,

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  1. CoCo – this bathroom makeover is amazing! Just by changing out a few things, you have totally transformed the space. Love that shower curtain too! Another fabulous job! PS- wait for dad to go out of town and paint the vanity…and add the mirror. It will look fantastic! LOL

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