Loblolly Manor: Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Today, I’m excited to share the master bathroom makeover at Loblolly Manor.

As you guys know, we worked really hard to have the bulk of the makeovers for Loblolly Manor completed as a gift for my Mom by Mother’s Day. Save for two rugs, two chandeliers and a few small organizational things we still need to work out (think getting the linen closet and bathroom cabinets organized) – we met our deadline.

My parents will be hosting several events at Loblolly so we’ll probably keep working to finish up those last-minute items before the events take place but for now we couldn’t be happier with the amount of progress we’ve made in such a short time.

One of the rooms that received a quick makeover was the tiny master bathroom. In fact, it’s such a small space I couldn’t fit my camera equipment and myself in the bathroom at the same time! Just to recap, not much had changed in the bathroom since 2016…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad at all with the white and turquoise color scheme but not really the French cottage feel my Mom had envisioned either.

Back in January when we were knee deep in the design and planning phase, I asked my Mom if there was anything, “off limits” during the makeover. This sign, I made years ago from the original fence posts at Loblolly, was her “no touch” list.

Ironically, the Loblolly Manor sign which also doubles as a towel rack became our inspiration for the rest of the room.

One of my favorite new additions in the master bathroom, is the new shower curtain. It has such a pretty gauzy feel and it definitely helped to set the tone in the rest of the room. We ordered it from Urban Outfitters.

Even though the master bathroom is tiny, the master bedroom is fairly large. We had to be pretty selective when choosing a rug because there is a hallway and closet area just inside the master bedroom door with a long runner which is parallel to the master bathroom. My Mom didn’t want anything too “matchy-matchy” so we chose this understated gray and off-white rug for the bathroom.

We had previously been using terra cotta pots and plants we found at IKEA in the window but once we decided to update everything we gave the pots a bit of French inspiration and an easy aging treatment. You can read all about that process here.

The chippy white basket we’ve had on hand for a while and you can learn how to make the vintage style book bundle here.

Any guesses who picked out the vanity and mirror? ? I wanted to paint the vanity in French Linen at least a million times over these past few months but it never moved off the “wait list.”

So, we dressed it up with this pretty urn

and a topiary we found on one of our many shopping trips for Loblolly.

We picked up the ironstone cup at an antique store and the soap at Marshalls. The breadboard we used as a tray, shave brush and natural sponge we already had on hand.

You guys, we did not make any big or major changes in this bathroom. We did not paint the walls or change out the tile or the flooring.

But once all the simple changes we made came together, they made such a big difference, proving you don’t always have to do a series of complicated DIY projects to get the look you love.

I hope you guys all have a peace filled and happy weekend. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many Blessings,


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    1. Thanks so much! I believe we picked the rug up at Amazon or from TJ Maxx – I will check. Either way, both places have reasonable prices and are great places to find pretty rugs. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  1. Hey CoCo – Another beautiful room makeover! You are really accomplishing so very much! Love that towel rack sign – so fabulous that you made that! Definitely an inspiration piece for sure. The bathroom looks so lovely with all of the new touches. We are sure your dad was on “vanity guard duty” making sure the wait-list never cleared 🙂 but the room looks beautiful with all of the new light and airy features and color. Hugs to a job well done!

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