From the Front Porch


I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of smart, strong and talented ladies these past few weeks. As you know, most days I work from home so it feels really special to be surrounded by women that work extra hard to make each day amazing for their families, classrooms, patients, creatives and communities. This week I’ve been inspired by nature, blush, classy ladies and little luxuries. Here are a few things I’m loving from around the web…

Coastal Dresser Makeover


It’s taken a few weeks but I finally feel like I’m really close to having the booth full again. Not totally restocked, mind you, but full. I was able to pick up a few pieces of furniture from an estate sale in September and my mom was able to find a few pieces for me in our hometown too. One of the pieces was this dresser I decided to give a coastal makeover with a custom mix of three paints. Here’s a look at how you can achieve this simple look…

Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks


About a month ago my mom asked me to help her “freshen up” her office. She has a gorgeous space just off the entry of Bliss Barracks that is filled with lots of natural light. It’s definitely one of the hardest working rooms in the house and she wanted it to have a more calm and serene feel. We had a few priories we set out to fix that you might be able to relate to. Here’s a peek at the office refresh at Bliss Barracks…

Fall in Blue Ridge


We arrived home late last night from a long weekend trip to the mountains. We were visiting family for an early Thanksgiving. Normally, I have a full list of places I want to go and new adventures to experience. But this time, I decided to go with the flow and let things happen spontaneously. Here’s a peek into our trip and Fall in Blue Ridge…

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub


As October begins to wind down, we’re about to be in a really busy season of the year, you know? A season where we’re pulled in a lot of different directions and our schedules, weekdays and weekends may not be our own. One small seasonal luxury we can give ourselves, friends and family members too is a homemade sugar scrub. Bonus, they’re super easy to make. This year, I decided to make a sugar scrub with real pumpkin and it smells AMAZING! Here’s a look at what you’ll need to make a pumpkin pie sugar scrub of your own…

Stenciled Feed Sack Pillow Covers


Feed sacks are great for the fall and winter season because you can use them for potato sack races at festivals, as blankets over hay bales for extra seating and pillow covers too. This project is so easy to complete it almost doesn’t need directions but just in case here’s a look at what you need to create a special stenciled feed sack pillow covers of your own….

Outdoor Fall Tablescape


Have you guys ever heard of the crappy dinner party? You know the dinner parties you used to throw just for fun long before every detail had to be Instagram-able. It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a crappy dinner party but I’m considering the concept for our Friendsgiving. I’ll let you know what I decide. Until then, I thought I’d share an easy to create outdoor fall tablescape in case the thought of hosting a crappy dinner makes you cringe…

How to Create a Gourmet S’mores Bar


One of my favorite things to do during the fall and winter seasons is to host an easy chili dinner and gourmet s’mores bar for friends and family. For the past few weeks, we’ve been wearing light layers and leaving the windows open. The slightly chilly air definitely makes it feel like fall has officially arrived.

From the Front Porch


I can’t believe we’re already at the middle of the month. It totally blows my mind Halloween is just a few weeks away. Do you guys have your costumes ready yet? We live too far out to get any trick-or-treaters but it’s always fun to watch the littles dress up and get excited about all the candy. If you’re in the middle of party planning or looking for fabulous pumpkin carving ideas, here are a few things I found from around the web this week to inspire you…

Buffet Makeover in Sea Gull Gray


Last month, I was at an estate sale desperate to find several pieces of furniture at once. There are times I go out shopping and find exactly what I need for the business and other times it is “slim pickins’” as they say. Thankfully, at this particular estate sale I was able to find 2 pieces one of furniture one of which was this buffet. Here’s a look at how we gave the buffet a makeover in sea gull gray…

How to Personalize Pumpkins with Paint


One of my favorite projects from the fall front porch tour was the personalized painted pumpkin featured by the front door. It was a simple project to complete and is a great alternative to carving a pumpkin. It’s also a project that would be fun in a group setting with friends, family members and neighbors too. So put on a big pot of chili, break out the corn chips, snuggle up in your sweater and invite everyone over. It’s that easy! Here’s a look at what you’ll need to create a custom pumpkin of your own…

Salted Caramel Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cakes


As soon is fall officially hits, I’m in the kitchen making caramel apples, beet brownies with peanut butter cream frosting or any recipe I can get my hands on that calls for pumpkin. This recipe is a mix of my favorite pound cake and my favorite pumpkin spice bar recipe. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own…

Thoughts on Hurricane Matthew


It’s really hard to describe the roller coaster ride the last few days have been so I guess I’ll just start at the beginning. Early last week, we got our hurricane supply kits out to make sure everything had been restocked from Hurricane Hermine. We gassed up the cars on Tuesday night and headed to the grocery store sure the storm would miss us. Once we got home, we checked the weather report before going to bed and there was nothing more than heavy rain bands and tropical storm warnings forecasted for our area. Then Wednesday came…

No Sew Varsity Letter Pillow


Shortly after school started I was on the phone with one of my aunts. She was headed to town super excited to meet the rest of my family for the first football game of the season. High school football games are usually a big deal in most towns but in small towns they’re a Friday night event. Football in the South is definitely a rite of passage and spending time cheering in the stands with friends and family is great way to celebrate fall. Here’s a look at how you can make your own…

Fall Porch Tour


As I mentioned yesterday, I spent a good portion of last week adding fall touches to the front porch. Mums have quickly become one of my seasonal “must haves” and this year I’ve used them throughout the house and on the porches too. Grab a cup of hot cider or a pumpkin spice latte and let me show you around… Welcome to our Fall Front Porch Tour!