Loblolly Bedroom Makeover Reveal


As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been spending time completing projects at my childhood home, Loblolly Manor. My parents are spending more and more time there and what seemed totally doable as a retreat space no longer meets the needs of living there on a regular basis. We’ve recently completed a bedroom makeover to help bring the space more in line with the French Country vibe of the rest of the house. Here’s a look at the changes and the reveal…

DIY Painted Nightstand


We’ve been tackling all sorts of projects at Loblolly Manor this past week. It’s been everything from rearranging and organizing furniture to giving one of the bedrooms a bit of a makeover. Here’s a look at how we gave the room a fresh look starting with a DIY painted nightstand…

Creating a Bench from Dining Chairs


A few weeks ago, a client called to tell me she found two dining room chairs she thought would be perfect for a bench. She further went on to say, the chairs were missing the inside arms but she swore I could make it happen…ok, what now? Here’s a look at how we created a bench from two dining room chairs…

Painting for Clients – River Ranch Chairs


I’ve been painting pieces of furniture for private pay clients for a few years now. Recently, the homeowners of River Ranch asked if I would paint a pair of chairs for them. These specific chairs had been covered in plastic for almost 50 years. I know, right? The pressure! Here’s a look at how the chairs came together…

Summer Inspired Tablescape


For the past few weeks, it’s been all about the simple pleasures of summer. We love to picnic as much as possible. When an afternoon storm snuck up on us threatening to cancel our big plans, we had to get creative with an indoor picnic. Here’s a look at how you can put together an easy summer inspired tablescape too…

Decorating with Baskets


If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you have probably already figured out, I adore baskets. Seriously, I use them in every room in the house. They help me contain everything from magazines, to blankets, to flowers and pantry items. While I’ve mostly used them as utilitarian pieces, recently I’ve embraced decorating with baskets for their beauty. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you love baskets too…

Summer Inspired Mantel


There are a few questions I receive on a pretty regular basis…how do I decorate my mantel…almost always tops the list. Mantels can definitely be tricky. Whatever the situation you’re facing with the mantels in your spaces right now, here are a few tips to help you not only create a mantel for summer but for the upcoming seasons as well.

Summer Inspired Dining Room


A couple of weeks ago, my mom came over to help me refresh a few rooms around the house. So far, we’ve worked on one of the bedrooms the entry and the dining room. There haven’t been any major changes rather budget friendly, decorative changes that make a big impact in each space. This summer season, I wanted to highlight the simple sophistication of the magnolia tree and the sweet smelling flowers found on their flowing branches.

Bedroom Decorating: Small Changes that Make a Big Impact


As I’ve shared with you guys this week, once we finished the office makeover I was ready to dive into giving the adjoining spaces a little refresh too. Here are a few budget friendly changes you can make to help achieve a big impact when decorating your bedroom…

No Sew Pom-Pom Curtains


After I saw how much the buffalo check curtains changed the look of the office I set out to find curtains that would also enhance the adjoining bedroom and bathroom. It didn’t take very long to find the pom-pom curtains from Restoration Hardware. I know. Swoon. Here’s a look at how I created a budget friendly, no sew option for those inspiration curtains. Here’s what you’ll need to create pom-pom curtains for your home too…

Creating a Color Wash


We were nearing the end of the One Room Challenge, when we decided to update the suite of rooms connected to the office. Here’s a look at how we gave the dressers in the bedroom a budget friendly makeover by creating a color wash.

Entry Makeover Reveal


The entry…you guys…can we just talk about the entry for a second? It’s gone through so many changes. There were parts of each set up I’ve really liked over the years but honestly none of them were ever that functional. Here’s a look at how we married a few thrifted finds, created a seating area, and made the entry not only functional but also consistent with the layered neutrals we have in the rest of the house…

How to Stain Drop Cloths with Coffee


So, after we got the headboard turned bench for the entry completed, it looked a little plain. Ok, so it looked a lot plain. It needed a bench seat pad to add a bit of softness to the mix. Here’s a look at how we stained drop cloths with coffee to achieve a layered neutral look in the entry…

Upcycled Bench for the Entry


We spent part of the weekend crafting a bench for the entry from my childhood headboard and footboard. I wasn’t really ready to let the pieces go yet we just didn’t have room for any of it in the garage. Here’s a look at how we saved this sentimental piece…

Goodbye May, Hello June


I hope you guys all had a fun and rest filled weekend. We caught up on a few projects around the house, enjoyed lazy meals, Memorial Day celebrations and the Florida sun. It’s been a busy and productive month which is always exciting. Here are a few things we’ve been up to…