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I know I say this at the end of every month but I can’t believe this one is coming to an end. How has your September been? It’s definitely been an exciting one having finished the kitchen makeover and rewarded ourselves with a long weekend of rest. It felt like such a gift.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: The Breakfast Nook


Once the rest of your spaces in your home are settled, fall decorating in the breakfast nook should be fairly easy. This is one of the reasons, sticking to a similar color palate and style is so important especially if you’re living in a home with an open floor plan. You may be thinking, “What’s the catch?” but let me assure you, there’s no catch. You can do this. Here are a few things to consider when decorating the breakfast nook for fall…

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: Mantel & Living Room


Sometimes I look at the glossy pages of a magazine filled with gorgeous fall foliage, golden colored trees and wheelbarrows full of pumpkins and feel the teensiest bit jealous. When I look outside my window I see pine trees, palm trees and oak trees – all green – and sometimes it seems like fall in Florida doesn’t quite measure up to those beautiful photos in the magazine. Recently I found a way to not only appreciate the foliage in Florida this time of year but also to celebrate it. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re living in an area where the leaves don’t change color and The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating your mantel and living room.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: The Dining Room


Just off the entry is the dining room. It’s wide open, column flanked and provides plenty of room for friends and family. I’m realizing more and more I don’t have time to completely change items around from room to room just to decorate for the seasons. I’m thinking if you’re reading this series for busy girls, you probably don’t either. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re creating a festive look for fall in the dining room with a busy schedule….

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: Entry


I’m so excited the kitchen makeover is finished so we can break out the pumpkins and start decorating for fall. My schedule has been crazy lately and I was thinking maybe your schedule has gotten a little crazy too. Whatever your season of life I’ve got you covered with quick and easy decorating tips in a weeklong series called The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating. Here are a few budget friendly tips to consider starting with the entry…

From the Front Porch


How’s it going you guys? Are you excited about the progress you’ve made this week or do you find yourself needing a major power nap? If you shouted power nap, I can totally relate. I am over the moon excited to be taking a much needed three-day weekend to completely rest and I hope whatever you’re doing this weekend you’re excited about it too. Here are my favorite things from around the web this week, with an unabashed nod to all things relaxing…

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Kitchen Makeover


If you’ve been following our kitchen makeover journey from the beginning, you know there was a string of unexpected and expensive life moments between week two and three that almost derailed the entire project. I know there is someone out there right now in the middle of reassessing makeover and project options because they’re facing unexpected and expensive life stuff too. It takes a little extra work “to get the look for less” but it is possible. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for Easy Ways to Save Money on a Kitchen Makeover…

Breakfast Nook Makeover Reveal


You guys…the breakfast nook…oh my word…it drove me bananas…for days. The breakfast nook more than any other space in the house has undergone several simple updates over the years. I realized this weekend that it was probably THE hardest room in the house to decorate because it is open to so many other rooms. You simply cannot change up the kitchen without affecting the breakfast nook. Here’s a look at how we changed up the space for the breakfast nook makeover reveal…

A Simple Cottage Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal


Over the weekend I was sitting on one of the new bar stools, waiting on breakfast, giggling with my bestie S about how I swore the kitchen makeover would take ….ahem, a grand total of 5 days to complete. “Don’t you remember I said this was going to be THE hardest room you’ve ever made over?” Yes, in fact, I had heard those words but I was up for the challenge any way. Would I take on a project like this again? In a heartbeat! Here’s a look at how the details of our kitchen makeover came together…

An Inexpensive Way to Update a Childhood Hutch


I hadn’t planned to share this project with you guys today. I was actually going to save it for next week but the transformation is just too exciting to wait. I was putting the finishing touches on the breakfast nook and kitchen areas when there was just something about the space that wasn’t working. I tried three other pieces of furniture before giving this piece I’ve carried around for almost 40 years a total makeover. Here’s a look at an inexpensive way to update a childhood hutch…

From the Front Porch

From the Front Porch

You guys, can you believe it’s already the middle of September? I can’t even wrap my head around that idea. How has your week been? Have you guys seen all of the fall home tours this week? They are so gorgeous! Here’s a look at what I’m loving around the web this week…

One Easy Update for a Simple Chandelier


I know I was supposed to share a few changes in our breakfast nook today but you guys, I got completely distracted by the light hanging over the breakfast table. I thought I was all but finished in that space but then I realized the light needed just a little something extra. Here’s a look at one easy update for a simple chandelier…

How to Make a Faux Milk Glass Cake Stand


For THE longest time I’ve been on the hunt for white vintage cake stands. Cake stands or treat stands are some of those pieces that are not only beautiful but also functional and can be used in so many different ways. After searching for a few months and coming home empty handed, I finally decided to try my hand at making a vintage style cake stand. Here’s what you need to create your own Faux Milk Glass Cake Stands…

Simple Tips for a Fall Cider Bar


Creating an indoor fall cider bar is a great way to make memories with your friends, family and neighbors all season long. It’s also a fun to include a treat station in your indoor cider bar area as well. It doesn’t have to be super fancy or complicated just set out a few things you know your guest will enjoy. Here are a few simple tips for a fall cider bar you can create at home too…

Decorating for Fall with Apples


Today I wanted to share an easy way to decorate for the Fall season with apples. Apples are great because they’re almost always plentiful at the grocery store or your local farmers market. They’re not usually expensive and when apples are accompanied with other seasonal favorites like mums, goldenrod or plaid throws they make a budget friendly decorating statement. Here’s a look at decorating for Fall with apples…