A Messy House Tour & 7 Ways to Combat Overwhelm

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I almost skipped today’s Messy House Tour post. To be perfectly honest, I feel like we are still playing catch up from the One Room Challenge master bedroom reveal. Of all the posts to cut this week, it seemed like this one would be the easiest one to cut. But then my mom sent me the quote of the day by Paulo Coelho that read…”One day or day one. You decide,” and it kinda rocked my world.

Ballard Designs Hack: Tufted Bench

DIY Tufted Bench Makeover-26

If you guys have been following along for the past few weeks, you already know we’ve had so many projects to complete including this Ballard Designs Hack: Tufted Bench. These projects were all related to the One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover and while we made it just in time to take the reveal photos there are still a few items on the “to finish” list behind the scenes…

The $12 Library Hutch

Library Hutch Makeover-10

One of the pieces we were most excited to use in the bedroom makeover was the $12 library hutch. I knew as soon as I saw the hutch it would make a great place for books so I asked my bestie S to put “feet” on the hutch so it would look like a more intentional piece. The only problem was feet were made from pine. Here’s a peek at how we married these two looks…

Master Bedroom Makeover: Sources & Budget Breakdown

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From start to finish we completed the One Room Challenge in six weeks. Those weeks were filled with everything from ripping out the carpet and stenciling the floors to adding architectural elements with board and batten to shopping estate sales and thrift stores to pull together accessories and finishing details. As with any makeover, there are so many factors that went into completing these projects, so, I thought I would give you a peek into our shopping sources and budget breakdown…

ORC: Master Bedroom Reveal


You guys, I can’t believe we’re finally at the master bedroom reveal day of the One Room Challenge. We worked a ton of late nights, early mornings and every weekend for six weeks. We made dirty, dusty messes all over the house and on the front lawn too. We ate lots of take out, a ridiculous number of sweet treats and drank galloons of lattes. This transformation was totally bananas and totally worth it. Here’s a look at how all the details for the master bedroom project came together…

Thoughts on Creating a “Dream Space”

ORC Master Bedroom Makeover Before-8a

Do you ever think about creating a “dream space” in your home? Me too. Over the past six weeks, I’ve looked at these old images of the master bedroom probably a hundred times. Tomorrow is the big reveal day and I couldn’t be more excited to show you guys how things have come together. But I also don’t want you to forget where we came from either…

Before & After Console Table: Using Dark Wax as a Stain

Using Dark Wax to Cover Orange Pine-16

A few weeks ago, my mom was back in our hometown and found a console table she said was “slightly orange.” We had been looking for a slim lined table for the bedroom makeover and the one she found had all the right measurements. Honestly, when she sent me a picture the orange colored table, it didn’t look that bad. But once I picked it up from her, it all made perfect sense. Here’s a look at how we used dark wax as a stain and transformed a slightly orange console table into a warm and rustic desk…

TV Armoire to Functional Wardrobe Makeover

TV Armoire Makeover-16

I’ve been meaning to paint the TV armoire for almost 3 weeks but there was something about the paint color on the weathered nightstand that wasn’t jiving with the rest of the room and it was totally throwing me off. Well, this past week inspiration finally struck and I was able to get them both finished. Here’s a peek at how we transformed an armoire meant for the TV into a one stop wardrobe and solved an ongoing problem along the way….

Breakfast in Bed Picnic for Mother’s Day

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Did you guys ever make your mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day when you were little? I was in the kitchen the other day making us lunch when I had this flashback of waking up early on Mother’s Day with my sisters to make her breakfast one year. Here are a few tips on how to create an easy Breakfast Picnic Basket for Mother’s Day or any morning you want to make feel special…

ORC Progress Update: Week Five

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You guys, you guys, you guys…this One Room Challenge is making me feel like the Mayor of Crazy Town! We have entered the phase of totally exhausted meets totally excited and things are getting so, so, so…real. Here’s a peek at our progress for week five and all the goodies we picked up on our recent shopping trip…