Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom

This shabby chic inspired bedroom.  Wow.  So many changes.  The walls have been painted 4 different colors.  Every time I decorated it, I immediately wanted to change it and that should have been my first clue my style was evolving and moving in a completely different direction.  But I held on thinking I could make it work with more stuff.

Don’t get me wrong the room was beautiful.

It was full.

It made me feel crowded.

Shabby-Chic-Inspired-Bedroom-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-1 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

I loved the headboard we made out of an old mantle.

Using-an-Old-Mantel-as-a-Headboard-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-2 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

The rose painting.

Shabby-Chic-Inspired-Home-Decor-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-3 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

The dress vintage ruffled dress I found at Renningers in Mount Dora.

071515-4 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

Then I had to take the nightstands to the booth

Using-Vintage-Mirrors-on-a-Bedroom-Nightstand-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-5 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

after so many pieces of furniture sold out in one month.

Decorating-with-Vintage-Paint-by-Numbers-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-6 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

I also started selling off some of the accessories and the entire space looked empty.  Instead of acting as a haven from the busyness of life, it became a place to stash things that I didn’t have room for in my office or inventory closet.  Honestly, it was a hot mess most of the time.

Incorporating-a-Vintage-Scale-with-Bedroom-Accessories-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-7 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

Then my mom came and helped me save the day.  We painted the walls, cleared out the clutter and together we were able to realize the vision I was after all along. My neutral loving heart is happy.

vintage-Dress-Forms-The-Crowned-Goat-071515-8 Shabby Chic Inspired Bedroom Decorating

See you guys back here tomorrow.  I’ll share the reveal.

Many blessings,



  1. says

    This is a beautiful room and I love how every single details has its place. My favourite is the wall with the rose painting and chest of drawers… simply breathtaking …

    • says

      Thank you, Angie! I still have all of those items so keep your eyes peeled they’ll probably make another appearance in a completely different location. You know how much I like to change things around 🙂