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A Simple Cottage Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal

Over the weekend I was sitting on one of the new bar stools, waiting on breakfast, giggling with my bestie S about how I swore the kitchen makeover would take ….ahem, a grand total of 5 days to complete. “Don’t you remember I said this was going to be THE hardest room you’ve ever made over?” It was pretty hard to deadpan a reaction given I had in fact said, “Ok, I hear you and I’m up for the challenge anyway,” all on my high horse of excitement and determination at least hundred times during this month long period. It’s funny to laugh about now but you’d think after all these projects I would learn to be a bit more realistic about how long things actually take.

Now that I look back on it, it’s pretty ironic we were working on the heart of the home, because heart is exactly what it took to complete this kitchen makeover. There were way more delays than I could have ever anticipated: the paint took twice as long to dry due to high humidity and tropical weather; Hurricane Hermine blew through and we lost power and trees; the lights, rug, and bar stools arrived late because of the storms too. It wasn’t just the weather that caused delays. It was life stuff too like vehicles that had to abruptly be serviced; an A/C repairman that saved us from another astronomical electric bill and averted a potential house fire; it was crazy work hours for our day jobs, budget readjustments and pots of coffee brewing at 2 am just to get the task done.

But you guys, despite the delays, the setbacks and momentary tears of frustration…we made it. I couldn’t be more proud of the way we’ve rallied.

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Just as a reminder, here are a few shots of our kitchen before. It’s undergone some basic updates like subway tile backsplash,


new paint on the kitchen walls,


added a few pieces of ironstone to the tops of the cabinets,


and updated the coffee bar but honestly not much else.


For almost 7 years, I’ve wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets white and until a few months ago I wasn’t really sure it was ever going to happen. Then we updated one of the bathroom cabinets with General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White and it changed everything. A few weeks ago we partnered with General Finishes to paint the kitchen cabinets  in Snow White and we painted the kitchen island in Seagull Gray. I can’t even put into words what a huge difference it made…


We customized the island with wainscoting, hung the pendant lights I’ve been pinning for the past few years and added a few more pieces of treasured ironstone. The one thing I appreciate about this island is how much room there is to prep for dinner and make sweet treats.




I love black and white photos and have them hanging up in almost every room. These are pictures of old Florida we’ve had for a few years. You guys were so awesome to share ways to deal with the outlet cover that was square in the middle of the desk area wall. It was driving me bananas! Martha, suggested I hang a picture over the outlet (thank you, Martha!) and this turkey plate was a perfect fit. I’m excited to have found a spot for the “trophy cup” too. You can read all about how to achieve a faux finish like this here.



Eventually, we’d love to raise the cabinets to the ceiling and add a reclaimed hood over the stove but it’s hard to give up the convenience of the microwave right now. I was given strict instructions to leave the cow and everything else bare…as in “a wide open space please” ha ha. Oh man, it’s so hard when you love stuff and live with a minimalist.



We added a new rug and updated the kitchen hardware. I’ll share how we saved money on both of these items later this week.


It may be a little hard to see with the black granite countertops but this bottle is a vintage amber bottle we decided to use as a vase. You can find the lavender and rosemary hand wash (it smells SO good) for a really reasonable price (think under $10) at Marshalls.


If you read yesterday’s post you’ve already seen the update we gave my childhood hutch. My mom still can’t believe it’s the same piece!


The only other thing we updated in the kitchen was the bar stools. They were a bit of a controversial choice with most of my friends but I had to try them. The nail head trim and the nubby fabric just spoke to me.


Besides, I need a comfy place to sit while I’m waiting on breakfast. It’s like a food celebration up in here almost every Saturday morning.


Oh you guys, this was so much more work than I could have ever imagined but I would do it all over again in a minute. I couldn’t be more excited about the way everything came together. There is no way I could have done this alone so I want to give a very special thank you to Team Crowned Goat: my dad who painted the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, my bestie S who painted and customized the island and my sweet mom who helped me style the kitchen and problem solve the coffee bar dilemma. They make all of the projects I dream up look so much better with their best gifts.

Thank you to all of you for your sweet comments, helpful suggestions and encouragement during this entire process. You guys are fabulous!

Finally, thank you to General Finishes who was a fantastic partner during this process.




See you guys back here tomorrow.I’ll share the changes we’ve been working on for the breakfast area.. Until then, I’ll see you Instagram,Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – your kitchen makeover is perfection!! We know your dream-kitchen dreams came true and it definitely shows! The kitchen is so much lighter and brighter and it is absolutely beautiful! Team Goat has worked wonders yet again!

    1. Thanks so much ladies! I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement throughout this process – it helped so much. It can’t believe after all that work it is finally finished. We need to party! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love it! It looks so open and airy and inviting. I know you’re really enjoying it. Great job!

    1. Thank you, Angie! It’s definitely exciting how everything came together. I still can’t get over it sometimes, it feels like the biggest blessing. Hugs, CoCo

  3. Amazing!! I love it all painted out, Coco. It’s so bright and welcoming.

    That must have been hours of work but no problem for you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Stacey, I really appreciate it. I completely underestimated the amount of work this project would actually take but man, it was so worth it. The white just made a huge difference! Sending you hugs, CoCo

  4. GAH!!!! I looooove it, CoCo!!! (singing in ol’-lady voice mocking a yodel tune while dancing the “Carlton Dance”) I’m so glad you took the leap of faith. I did it in the spring and can’t be happier about it.

    Your kitchen was gorgeous but it was born to be white and the hardware… YESSSS! So excited for you!

    1. Such kind words that are melting my heart, girl, thank you! This kitchen was so much more work than I could have ever imagined! You’re kitchen from the ORC was one of my favorites so I know you understand just how much work and take out food cartons are involved ha ha. It was nuts but I would do it again in a heartbeat and I know you would too. Thanks so much for the love, CoCo

  5. Wow! just wow! I am so happy for you. It looks awesome and I can see all your hard work paid off.

    1. Aww, thank you! It looks a million times different, right? I can’t even get over it. Labor of love, I tell ya, labor.of.love 🙂 Big hugs, CoCo

  6. Hi Coco, It’s beautiful !!! I really liked your area before but the white is so refreshing. And, I like the platter over the outlet. Perfect choice ! Congrats on a job well done.

    1. You’re the best, Martha! I was totally struggling with the outlet but when you suggested a picture so that I could take it on and off as needed it was a huge lightbulb moment for me. Thanks so much for the sweet suggestion and for your kind words. You are appreciated. Hugs, CoCo

  7. Shut the front door CoCo – this is ahmazing! Wow!

  8. I knew you would do a fabulous job on this, CoCo, but this simple cottage kitchen makeover is simply stunning. I’m so excited for you. Have a great day, Casey

    1. I really appreciate your sweet words, Casey, thank you so much! Hope you have a great day as well, CoCo

  9. You should be really proud of the hard work and love you’ve put into this space. It looks SO good!

    1. Aww, you’re the best Mom, ever! Thanks for all of YOUR hard work in helping me to style and trouble shoot the breakfast nook. It drove me bananas but I’m pretty sure I drove you bananas in the process. Love you, CoCo

  10. This is gorgeous—-and worth the wait, we are in week 11 of a kitchen gut—and even though the cabinets are in and everything is working the island is full of boxes of outlets, electrical stuff..and the backsplash still is not up. I totally understand, how much work it is…and we went to the bare walls. Grins and congrats, it’s gorgeous…sigh….Sanid

    1. I’m sending you big hugs, Sandi! 11 weeks, you should get a medal girl! I thought it would be a weekend project because it seemed like all the time consuming big things were already in place. But man I was SO off with my projected time line ha ha. It was nuts and totally worth it all at the same time. I will be sending hugs, prayers and happy thoughts your way. I know your kitchen makeover is going to be so fabulous, CoCo

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