Breakfast Nook Makeover Reveal

You guys…the breakfast nook…oh my word…it drove me bananas…for days. The breakfast nook more than any other space in the house has undergone several simple updates over the years. I realized this weekend that it was probably THE hardest room in the house to decorate because it is open to so many other rooms. You simply cannot change up the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, entry, or even one of the bedrooms without affecting the style of the breakfast nook.

If you live in open concept home, you know exactly what I’m saying…one room affects another… which affects another. It can definitely be a bit overwhelming trying to tackle a project like the kitchen while taking into consideration all of the other rooms at the same time. This is one reason it really helps to understand your signature style and the colors, patterns and textures you want to use throughout your home. Making intentional design choices when all of the spaces open to each other will create a cohesive feeling by using similar elements and color palettes from one room to the next.

The last time the breakfast nook was updated it looked like this…a lot of white and layered neutrals which I loved.


Then we painted the cabinets and gave the kitchen a makeover and it changed the look of both spaces completely. The addition of an all-white kitchen made a neutral breakfast nook and living room look like one giant space painted in a sea of white instead of three cozy nooks. White will always be one of my favorite colors but sometimes you can have too much white which can read as boring unless you bring in lots and lots of texture.

I concentrated on the indoor coffee station first. This farmhouse style weathered cabinet is one of my favorites but it was just too big for the space….


Then I tried one of our painted nightstands but it was too small…


I finally decided to try the hutch from my childhood that had been sitting in the garage holding paint cans all these years and it was a perfect fit.


Once I got the hutch in place, I started working on the table arrangement. My bestie S built this table several years ago and I love it as much today as I did the day we finished it. The white chairs were thrifted from a junk store in Georgia and I still love those too. But the arrangement wasn’t working very well with the addition of the new bar stools so we tried 9 different combinations until it felt cozy instead of cluttered. We moved the bench to the dining room and this set up gives us a lot more room to walk around now.


This window has an awesome view of the patio and a good portion of our property so we wanted to make sure it was framed properly. I tried to use the no sew pom pom curtains but they fell really flat.


I decided to try one of two prints we have in the house and the gray and white buffalo check print won out immediately. Thankfully, I found similar fabric at a local craft supply store and was able to make my own curtains for way less than the buffalo check curtains. You can tell immediately from this photo how important it is to bring texture to a space.


The final touch we needed to add to the breakfast nook was an element of wood. This piece has been used in the home office for a few years now so we decided to try it out in the breakfast nook. It definitely brought some elegance to the room.


I topped the antique cabinet with my growing collection of tarnished trophies and added the paper mache deer that used to hang over the indoor coffee bar to complete the look.


After all of these items were in place the chandelier seemed a bit too simple so I added a mix of new and antique crystals to jazz it up just a bit. You can read about that process here.


As you can imagine, the breakfast nook looks completely different now but it feels like it complements the direction and vision we have for the rest of the house…






It’s that view that makes the drawbacks of living in an open concept home seem not so bad. You can be in the kitchen talking to friends and family or watching the game while someone else is making another round of dip or waiting on freshly baked cookies while coloring with visiting littles all in a big open space where everyone can visit and hang out. It’s those seemingly small moments of celebration that add up to big moments with the ones we love every single day…and those are the moments to treasure.

See you guys back here tomorrow.I’m sharing a full resource list for the kitchen makeover and a few tips on how we saved money. Until then, I’ll see you Instagram,Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,



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  1. Beautiful! Just LOVE all these changes.

    1. I appreciate it, Linda, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  2. I can’t believe this is even the same room! Love this CoCo!

    1. I appreciate it, Sarah, thanks so much! Hugs, CoCo

  3. I just read on another post you made those curtains for $37! I don’t even know how you pulled that off. They look so good!

    1. ha ha it’s the magic of no sew! I’m so glad you like them, thank you 🙂

    1. I appreciate it, Renee! I’m totally with you those curtains are my favorite part too. Hope you have the best day, CoCo

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