Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover

We were in the middle of the backyard patio makeover when I realized we were going to have to get creative with furniture. I wasn’t opposed to going out and buying a few new pieces. But I already have a garage full of stuff and that made me more determined than ever to find a way to use what I already have at home. Here’s a look at how we shopped our house and updated the front porch:

Given that we needed more seating on the patio, I moved the two chairs that previously flanked the herb garden to the back. Here’s a shot of the way the chairs looked on the front porch for spring.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-1-682x1024 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

This is how they look now that they’ve been moved to the back patio.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-2 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

The wicker table used to sit in front of the vintage settee on the front porch. I had to move it to the back patio when I sat down in one of the wicker chairs and realized I had nowhere to put my drink.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-3-613x1024 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

Moving the wicker table meant I had to find another table to use on the front porch. I was at my secret shopping spot when I found an old trunk in need of a few repairs but nothing too major. I think it’s going to look really nice once it’s finished.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-4-682x1024 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

I may have mentioned this before but creating zones on both the front porch and the back patio have been huge game changers. With the addition of the trunk, the seating zone was complete.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-5-682x1024 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

The next step was figuring out the best way to fill the big space on the front porch as known as the eating zone. Luckily, we had a big glass table and 4 iron chairs that we used on the back porch before we made the farmhouse style table. The table fit nicely on the front porch and now we have a place to enjoy a weekend brunch or a glass of sweet tea.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-6-682x1024 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

So you may be asking, what happened to the herb garden? It was relocated just around the corner to the alcove. I originally thought we’d be able to have seating there as well but once we put all of the other pieces in place it just looked too busy. I’m rethinking this entire space for possibly a vegetable garden or more kitchen herbs that don’t require a lot of extra maintenance. I can’t say that I love the set up right now but I’ll figure something out and keep you posted.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-7-682x1024 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

Thankfully after rearranging all the porch furniture, the only thing I had to buy for the front porch was the trunk and it came at a reasonable price. It really goes to show you that if you buy what you love you’ll find a place for it.

Shop-Your-Home-Front-Porch-Makeover-The-Crowned-Goat-051515-8-1024x682 Shop Your Home: Front Porch Makeover  Decorating

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      Thank you bunches, Tracey. It’s so nice to finally have a space that feels like an extension of our home. The rugs are indoor/outdoor rugs which makes any spills easy to clean up 🙂