Coastal Inspired Tablescape

Today, we’re excited to share our Coastal Inspired Tablescape as part of the Summer Festival Blog Hop hosted by the always sweet Kendra of Joy in Our Home featuring 25 talented and creative bloggers!

If you’re new to The Crowned Goat or visiting from the fantastic Kristi of Making It in the Mountains, welcome, we’re so glad you’re here! We live on a tiny island in Florida and eating outside is one of our favorite summertime activities. Most of the time we’re dodging afternoon thunderstorms and sweltering heat, especially in July and August.

Occasionally though, the coastal winds keep the storms over the water and we get to enjoy the back part of our property for a relaxing dinner, movie night or to hang out by the firepit. We currently have big dreams to expand this entire area and I can’t wait to see how things come together. I lobbied hard for a yard full of goats, but that just seemed to slow our plans way down ?

My family has lived in Florida for six generations now and collecting shells or sea glass always feels like a summer rite of passage. Some of these shells were gifts, some of them we found washed up after hurricanes, and some of them we found on the west coast of Florida which has the prettiest blue water.

Although I’m probably more of a farm girl at heart, it’s always fun to pull out our baskets of shells each summer season and decorate a coastal inspired tablescape with them.

We made this farmhouse table with the boards our carpenter had left over after he finished building the mantel, moldings and trims for our home. It’s hard to see in this photo because of the table runner but the center board bears all the cuts the carpenter made over the months he was out here working on the property. It’s definitely one of our favorite pieces and we use this table as much as possible.

The paint is starting to get really chippy because it’s been weathered by so many different tropical storms and hurricanes. It’s crazy heavy and it melts my heart every time we return home and see it still standing, secured in place.

We like to keep it pretty low key and relaxing out here especially when creating coastal inspired tablescapes like this one. Most of the chargers, dishes and linens were all thrifted finds.

That way if someone breaks something on accident, it’s not a big deal.

Our property has really sandy soil, so we try to supplement centerpiece arrangements with plants we pick up at the plant nursery or the farmers market.

Our crepe myrtle tree has just started to bloom so it was fun to be able to include them in this post. I would love to have an heirloom flower cutting garden out here. We haven’t figured out how to nourish the plants on my “flower dream list” given the salty marsh air just yet.

In the meantime, I’m happy to enjoy the memory garden we created when we lost our sweet little Tally last year.

We use this old work table for so many things from a makeshift potting bench, to a craft table, to a drink station and a serving buffet too.

It was either $20 or $25 at the time and I had NO IDEA how I was going to get it home, but I knew it was worth taking the chance on. Some deals like that are just too good to pass up, you know what I mean? Thankfully, I was rescued by a truck we’ve dubbed, The Cherry Bomb ha ha.

Living on this tiny island is definitely a blessing. We’ve intentionally left 2 acres completely undeveloped to create a habitat for as many animals as possible. It’s not uncommon to see shore birds heading off to their feeding grounds at dawn and dusk, scrub birds chirping throughout the day, gopher turtles which are endangered in Florida roaming the property at leisure and marsh bunnies hopping through the grass nearly every day.

It makes me appreciate how we’re all connected in ways that seem big and small. From the gifts of the sea, to the habitats we’ve left intact and all the friends and family that have had a chance to enjoy simple moments gathered around a coastal inspired tablescape like this one – we all have something important to offer.

Thanks so much for spending time with us today, we’re glad you’re here! You can take a peek at how we used these same shells in another coastal inspired tablescape in this post.

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  1. Oh, to be in this backyard – sharing a meal, a cocktail and a million laughs! Your tablescape is just beautiful and reminds us of the days that we lived in Florida. Love the table, shells and more importantly the stories and details that go with each piece and memory. Much love.

    1. Doesn’t that sound like a dream, ladies! Oh my gosh, we could have so much fun. Thankfully this property is well gated so I can keep you both here as long as I want – winning! Love and lots of hugs to you, CoCo

  2. I love the coastal touches! Makes it feel like summer right away! Beautiful tablescape!

    1. Thanks so much, Lindsay! I hope you and your family are having the best time this summer. Hugs, CoCo

  3. It’s just gorgeous and that’s all there is to it! Well, there’s a lot more I could say, but where to start??? I love coastal inspired decor for summer. I am headed to the beach in TWO DAYS!! I would love for you to come over and link up this post at Thursday Favorite Things, I would like to feature some coastal inspiration next week. The party is live now through Sat. at midnight EST.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of summer!

    1. There is nothing like being at the beach during the summer, Amber, I’m so excited you’re getting away. Thanks so much for all of your sweet and kind comments. I’m glad to finally be back in town so I can link up again. The cabin is always fun but wow, the internet connection is all but prehistoric ha ha. Hugs and heading over now, CoCo

  4. What a beautiful setting, so peaceful and serene! I LOVE the way you scattered that collection of shells down the center – so simple, yet so lovely!

  5. This tablescape is right out of my daydreams, I think sea shells are one of the prettiest ways to decorate. I liked your story about the picnic table always being there when you return as if its welcoming you home 😉 . Take care.

  6. I love your table, CoCo, your yard, and memorial garden for Tally! I’m sort of exclaiming here because its all so perfect to me. I didn’t know you lived on an island. It brings out the Pippi Longstocking in me!! I especially love the table you made from the carpenter’s leftovers. And your extra table used for this and that…sometimes those are the best finds. I have an old table that a farmer had in his barn on which he did many building projects. If we could listen to the stories…

    Off to see more in this little party!

    Jane x

  7. Beautiful!! I love how so many people brought their summer inspirations outside! I pretty much love everything about this space 🙂 Great job!

  8. This is so pretty. I want to get a group of friends together for an outside dinner party now.

  9. This is so adorable! I love everything I see. The sign, the tablescape, the yard, the lights, everything! It makes me forget about the sweltering heat here too!

  10. Your Summer table is so pretty! I love all of the seashells! Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things – I’m featuring you this week! Angelina @ Petite Haus.

  11. What a great coastal tablescape. You have included all kinds of elements that I like to use to get that coastal style, particularly in the summertime. I will be looking forward to see what you do with your space. I don’t have that kind of space for a backyard, but this year we will be adding on a big screened porch and I will finally be able to do some Florida gardening!

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