Half-Bath Makeover

When I first thought about giving the half bath a makeover, it seemed like it would be a pretty straight forward process. We had no plans to change out the gray paint color, the tiled floor, the artwork, the mirror or even the sink. The idea for the makeover was as simple as.…we have leftover paint, boards and battens in the garage…our garage is overflowing…let’s give this half bath a free mini makeover and clear out some clutter in the process.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-1

This half bath is about 25 square feet. I mean, it’s tiny. I seriously thought it was going to be finished in two days because the only thing we really wanted to do was to put up board and batten which we’ve done a step-by-step guide in the office and in the master bedroom now too. I’m not saying we’re pros or anything at this point but it’s not our first rodeo either, you know what I mean? It just didn’t seem like this makeover was going to be that involved.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-2

Several weeks ago, I painted the bottom portion of the bathroom walls in Valspar’s Ultra White. It’s one of our favorite colors and it’s a true white. We’ve used it all over the house.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-3

And this is where the half bath makeover stalled for a bit because my DIY sidekick, bestie and tech extraordinaire S worked an unbelievable amount of consecutive days.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-4

Finally, after a break in the schedule and a trip to Lowe’s to buy one piece of plywood (turns out we were short a few boards in the “free” pile) it was almost midnight when we finished putting up the board and battens but it felt exciting to be making progress.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-5

We spent the next day filling in nail holes and seams with wood putty.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-6

And after the putty had dried, it all had to be sanded smooth.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-7

You may notice we had to add a different trim to the top of the boards than the ledge trims we’ve used previously in the office and the master bedroom. That’s because the mirror would not fit with the ledge trim so we had to use this one we also picked up at Lowes.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-8

The next day, I painted all the trims, boards and battens in Ultra White. In addition, all of those seams had to be caulked too (yep, every.single.seam.) (FYI: This is where I started using my photography light kit instead of the bathroom vanity light which is why there is a big color difference in the pictures).

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-9

At this point, we were WEEKS behind schedule on a 25-square foot non-makeover makeover and I started to panic it was all going to be too white. I mean, the commode was white, the pedestal sink was white, the board and batten was white…I know…like didn’t I just go through this in the kitchen ha ha?

Thankfully the mirror and the towel holder were black so if nothing else the bathroom had some contrast.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-10

Those moments of panic led me to start researching new vanity lights and sink hardware. I found a rug with more color and bought wood and wicker accessories to help warm the space up.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-11

I also added a few bits of vintage (full disclosure I’ll probably keep the charcoal gray towel out more than this one since it belonged to my Granny, it’s nice to have options though.)

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-12

After a few days, I walked away from the whole thing. I don’t know why but I started feeling rushed to make a decision about the vanity light and hardware all because I wanted to check this room off my to do list. Obviously, that is NOT the time to be making decisions like this, you know what I mean? Here’s the thing…every single vanity light and sink/tub hardware throughout the entire house is the same so changing it in the half bathroom will ultimately lead us to have to change it in all the other rooms too.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-13

Finally, I decided to decorate with the pieces I had already collected and if the sink hardware and vanity light still bothered me, I would change it all. And you know what? I’m still on the fence.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-14

We also added crown molding and it helped to give everything a more finished look as well.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-15

I tried to use the same gallery wall of goat photographs we had previously used in the half bathroom but with all the board and batten, it looked really busy. The horse sign was a good second option though and I was excited to be able to use something we already had on hand.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-16

The tobacco stick frame helped to unify the rest of the wood elements in the room too.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-17

I can hardly believe it’s been about 10 weeks since we’ve done any room makeovers around here but I’m really glad this one is finished.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-18

The half bathroom is the one people coming over for dinner or just dropping by use the most and it finally feels like the space is consistent with the rest of the house.

Adding Board and Batten to the Half Bathroom-19

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  1. Your powder room turned out so pretty! Well worth the long time it took! Really love the rug. It adds a nice pop of color.

    1. I appreciate your sweet words so much, Jackie, thank you! This little powder room was a lot of fun to put together. The rug was a last minute find at Target for less than $30 which was exciting after having worked so long to put up all that board and batten ha ha. I hope your day has been a happy one, Coco

  2. Wow, wow, wow. You packed so much beautiful design and thought into one place. It was well worth the wait because it turned out beautifully! Love your attention to detail. The color, the rug, the wood caddy, the horse art…ALL of it. Amazing job!

    1. Thanks so much ladies! This half bathroom is so tiny I could hardly get in there and take pictures. I was hoping that bright white would make it look at little bigger and I think it did. We are so lucky to get to do this job every single day. Hugs, Coco

    1. I appreciate you so much, Betty, thank you! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Love your bathroom Makeover! What paint color is the top half of the walls?

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! We’ve searched all over the garage trying to find a paint sample but came up empty-handed. It’s been years since we painted that bathroom but my best guess is that color is called Network Gray by Sherwin Williams. There is no natural light in the bathroom but I would say the color reads as blue-gray. Hope this helps, CoCo

  4. Love this!! Great job, looks amazing! How high is your board and baton and how tall are you ceilings? Thank you!

    1. Thank you bunches, Lana! Our ceilings are 9 feet. From the floor to the top of the board and batten is around 69 inches. Keep in mind those measurements include the bathroom baseboards as well as the trim on the top of the board and batten. My best estimate for JUST the board and batten would be around 64 inches. Hope this help, CoCo

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