Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail

Today I’m sharing our latest finds from the treasure trail and give you an idea of how I plan to use them in our home. I try to meet my mom each month for a bit of shopping and lunch and it’s honestly one of my favorite days of the month. We try to plan our time around a specific estate sale that’s held every 4-6 weeks and then we hit “The Loop” which is a stretch of thrift stores and charity shops in fairly close proximity we’ve been shopping at for years.

I try to frequent these same shops each week because the turnover is usually pretty high and it’s always fun to see what new items have arrived. It’s also a great way to establish rapport with the staff of these stores. While we almost always shop our home first there are times when we’re trying to get a collected look for a specific project and adding a mix of vintage helps complete our vision. Sometimes I find exactly what I’m looking for and other times I come home and thing only thing I’ve purchased the entire day is lunch. That’s part of the fun though – the hunt!

Latest finds from the Treasure Trail-1

I’m never really sure if I should include prices or not because I know prices and selection vary according to the area of the country and world (hello, ladies from the Commonwealth) you guys live in. That being said, I know some of you are also on a budget and I want you to feel encouraged you can fill your home with things you love without it costing a ton of money.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably already seen the picture above but here’s a closer look at some of the items. I’ll never turn down a $9.99 ironstone soup tureen…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-2

I’m going to fill this golf trophy with moss balls and use it in the home office makeover…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-3

We’re probably going to use this in the office too. The closed lid makes it perfect for storing office accessories like paper clips, push pins, weekly receipts etc…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-4

These books will either go in the office or on the bookcases we’re planning for the living room. The colors and prices were just too good to pass up

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-5

especially if you find multiple volumes together…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-6

This vintage binocular case is also for the office…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-7

Sometimes, we buy something based solely on the container.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-8

Most people would have probably passed both of these pieces up because of the plastic plants but if you can imagine them with different plants spilling out or filled with bath salts or pencils your options change completely…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-9

I almost passed over on this one. I know. My mom was like, “Put that in your basket right now!” It was $4.

Latest finds from the Treasure Trail-10

We’re either going to use this basket in her laundry room or in the half bathroom.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-11

There are some pieces we pick up that would look great outdoors or indoors because they’re that neutral like this pineapple…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-13

This cut glass piece was $.99 and will either become a room diffuser or the tiniest vase you ever saw for the bathroom.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-14

We’ve been collecting pretty frames to use as a revolving gallery on the ledges in the master bathroom. You can find some of the other black and white artwork we plan to use here.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-15

We’re going to mix photographs and other art so I picked up this pencil sketch too…

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-16

This was marked $1 for the frame but if you read a little closer it’s a commendation of retirement from the US Postal Service from 1957.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-17

My friend Liz is an amazing artist. She painted a tiny picture of my sweet Talladega that I treasure daily. I’ve never known anyone else that paints on such a small canvas so when I saw this grandpa I immediately knew I had to bring him home.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-18

The littles like to brush their crumbs from the table and “help” clean up so I bought this brush for $.40 for them to use. This may give you an idea of how tiny the artwork is (think about the size of the palm of my hand.)

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-19

I also couldn’t pass up this pencil drawing of a jockey because you guys know I’m bananas for anything equestrian.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-20

We’re always on the lookout for fabrics or pillowcases that have a little bit of texture we can use on the couches or benches around the house. These were $.50 each and since we use the $4 or $5 pillow inserts from Big Lots they’re a really inexpensive option.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-21

Do you remember the summer inspired tablescape we created in the dining room? We mixed real lemon with these thifted lemons. I think they were $3.

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-22

We’ve also picked up a few new things from Marshalls, Home Goods, Target and Ikea too (3 sets of curtains, hand towels, faux potted herbs, hand soap for the half bath makeover, vase for the master bathroom makeover, pillow covers and inserts)

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-23

In other exciting news, we’ve FINALLY found bookcases for the home office. I swear longest makeover in history but sometimes that’s the difference between waiting for what you love instead of settling for what you like. Here’s the “These are it! Thank you, Jesus!” blurry picture I sent from the store. Right now I’m thinking white with plaid backed shelves and c-cup drawer pulls but it’s not for my office so we’ll see how it comes together ?

Latest Finds from the Treasure Trail-24

It took June and half of July to collect the items you see in the pictures so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see exactly what you want or need when you go out thrifting or treasure hunting the first time. It takes a while and sometimes going to a completely different city to find that “collected over time” look helps too. If you’re in a small town and don’t have many stores in your area to choose from consider asking a trusted friend or family member that lives in a larger town to help you find what you need. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help spread a little thrifting love and you can celebrate your savings over lunch.

I’m working on a post to show you EXACTLY where I’ve used some of these items in our home as we speak. I know some of you walk into a thrift store or charity shop and are immediately overwhelmed by “too much junk” which gives me the giggles because one of my aunts and my bestie S feel the same way.

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


Many blessings,


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  1. Elizabeth Bonin says:

    You some some sweet treasures! And I looove your little grandpa painting! The frame is fabulous♥️and thanks for the sweet mention. Love to you my friend♥️

    1. I thought of you as soon as I saw that Grandpa, Liz! Can you believe how tiny it is? It was $3 and I loved the frame and everything too. He has this kind of lonely expression which is probably why I thought he needed a good home ha ha. I’m so excited to see where he ends up. Sending you lots of love and hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much ladies! I’m in the process of giving a few spaces a bit of a mini-makeover as we speak so hopefully I’ll be able to share where all these goodies ended up soon 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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