One Room Challenge – Progress Update Week 4

Remember last week when I said, week 3 was the hardest week of the One Room Challenge? Well, I was wrong…so, so, so wrong. Week 4 is definitely the hardest. While we’ve continued to make great progress, I’m starting to feel a little panicked by all of the last minute decisions. The constant mess and growing piles around the house are really starting to get to me. I have a “hangry” tone in my voice, even though I’ve downed multiple pecan rings and all but single handedly eaten an entire carton of ice cream. And not one of those little cartons either. The treadmill is officially going to be my new best friend after the One Room Challenge is over if this Florida girl is ever going to be ready for bathing suit season.

This week was all about making sure we had the right accessories and completely obsessing over curtains. I’m not even playing. Obsessing. I finally decided on these from Ballard Designs. They stole my heart from the very beginning but I didn’t know if I could let myself pay that much money for curtains. Well, they went on sale this week and I scooped them up. Hello, buffalo check, I’m ready for you girl!


The stools for the work island arrived safely. We put them together and I love the style but I’m not sure if the wood is too warm for the weathered grays in the space. I’m thinking about giving it a bit of a gray wash so they don’t compete with the work island. What do you guys think?


Speaking of bar stools and work islands I had planned to use an old chicken coop my gramps had given me as a dog bed. I have two Jack Russell Terriers that are constantly under my feet in need a soft place to nap while I’m working. It was a big hit until I realized the barstools and the chicken coop wouldn’t fit under the island together. So, I’m on the hunt for a new dog bed but I think I may have a backup plan.


This chair has been buried in the garage for about a year now so I’ve decided to use it as a desk chair. I think the wood is way too dark so I may give it the same gray wash treatment I give the bar stools. I’m going to leave them both in the room for a few days and see if the dark wood grows on me or not.


I’ve used this chalkboard around the house in several different places and I still love it. I painted the outside edge in Valspar’s Hot Stone and the inside edge in Valspar’s Quail Egg which are the same colors that are on the office walls.


I was able to find a few more accessories last week, which was fun. I want lots of neutral layers on the bookcase shelves mixed with bits of tarnished trophies, weathered wood and ironstone. My mom and design partner throughout this process came to help me organize everything and ready the bookcases. This is probably the reason it feels like there’s stuff all over ha ha!


Thankfully, I was able to find plenty of baskets to help keep the inventory/craft storage closet in check. I thought I would be able to knock it out in one weekend but we encountered a small hiccup. I’m hoping to have everything completed by next week.


This fox was one of my favorite finds from the treasure trail. You mount it on the wall and it holds string!


Lastly, it took HOURS to put this beast together but I can finally say after four weeks of having to use the picture window as the only light source in the office, the chandelier has been installed. Hello, I’m in love!


I hope you guys all have a safe and happy weekend. See you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest over the weekend and back here on Monday for another awesome week.

Many blessings,


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  1. Oh honey, you are doing great! If you go look at my week four update it looks like week two around here!! I’m just praying this next week we make waves in progress so I can pull it off… I’m feeling good about making it to the end, but I’m definitely getting a little of that hangry tone myself as I sweat the details!

    Can’t wait to see the office come together! It really does look great! And I like the warm wood of the stools with the gray, but that is just me 🙂

  2. This is looking like a fun and functional space, Coco. That little fox is adorable and I love the chair.

  3. Loving all of your choices – those buffalo check drapes will look wonderful!!!

  4. It’s looking so good CoCo! The collection you have gathered for your bookshelves is stunning. I love the magnet board? The one with the X wood on it. The fox is quite the find. Too cute. I can’t wait to see the whole room because I know it is going to be a looker. 🙂


  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Those accessories are fabulous! I need them all!

  6. Dorothy O. says:

    I have an almost identical fox! Found mine years ago at a Salvation Army. Made in England. The hole above the nose is where you perch small sewing scissors, so it looks like he’s peering over spectacles. I found scissors in gold plate! What a find. Blessings.

  7. We don’t even know where to begin! You have made such fabulous progress with your office! That fox is so unique – never seen anything like it. So happy that you got your beloved buffalo checked curtains…they will look great in your space. Lookin’ good CoCo!

  8. I love those drapes! I have been wanting them for my dining room and may have to see about them now. The chicken coop dog bed is great!

  9. Your first paragraph pretty much sums up my life over here as well! No one said the ORC would be easy though. I love your chandelier and everything you’ve done in the space so far.

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