2016 Blog and Booth Goals

I can’t believe we’re at the end of our first full week of a new year. It always feels like this week is a week of transition. We’re finally putting the last of the holiday decorations in the attic, packing school lunches again and getting back on the treadmill, you know what I mean? It’s probably also a week you’ve taken a bit of time to write down your goals and map out a plan for 2016 and I’m right there with you.

Last week, I shared my word for the year – Intention – and scripture for the year from Ecclesiastes 3:11…he hath made everything beautiful in its time… I’m excited to see where the journey for both of these topics takes me. It was so nice to be able to get away for a few weeks over the holidays and really concentrate on the goals that I want to achieve for this year. Sometimes just being able to sit and listen feels like such a gift. No cell phones, TV, crammed schedule or distractions…just finding peace in the quiet.

During that quiet time I was able to work on goals for the blog and my business. There are parts of this life as a blogger and vendor that are super exciting and yet there are other parts that are equally as scary. My dreams for this year far exceed anything I’d ever be able to do in my own power so I’m believing big and letting my faith be bigger than my fears. I’m not gonna lie…it’s hard sometimes especially when the dream seems totally crazy.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

2016 Goals for the Blog…
If you saw yesterday’s post on How to Customize Drop Cloth Curtains with Paint and Stencils then you already know we’re going to continue to partner with some really great brands again this year. We have a few projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with you.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

On Tuesday, we started a new series with other bloggers that will run all year on the first Tuesday of each month. We’re showcasing our journey to sparking joy and using the KonMarie method featured in the book the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The group is using the hashtag #bloggersorganize2016 so let me know if you decide to join in via Instagram so I can feature you in a post. Decluttering is a lot of work sometimes so let’s stick together and be a cheerleader for each other, ok? I finished my closet and I’ve moved onto the kitchen. It was a total MESS for the ENTIRE day but we created a dish pantry and totally reorganized everything and I’ll share it with you next week.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

I’ll also be partnering with my crazy awesome sisters in a monthly series called…with my sisters. Even though we’re at different stages of our lives, we still have so much we want to share with each other. We’ll pick a different topic each month and share our adventures with you. This month, we’ll be talking about meal planning for busy families, which I’m totally excited about. This will also include a group Pinterest board about what recipes worked and what didn’t so feel free to share your favorites and pin with us!

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

Another monthly series and book club we’re going to include is called, “What’s on My Nightstand” which I created after realizing we were all reading the same books. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is what’s on my nightstand right now and I know you a lot of you are reading it too.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

In addition to bringing you more videos (I know!) home décor, diy, craft, organizing, decorating projects, painted furniture, vintage finds, updates on Loblolly Manor and a few sweet treats, I’ll also be showcasing homes we can all relate to. I get so many questions and comments about how sometimes things look “staged” and how you guys want to see “real homes with real people and real potential.” I’m right there with you. I don’t always have an Instagram worthy house either.

This brings me to 2016 Goals for my business…
After working on Loblolly Manor a good portion of last year, I realized it made me so happy to be able to help other people see the potential in their home. It’s something I realized I really miss out on being a vendor. I rarely get to see the homes my vintage finds and painted pieces of furniture end up in. A few projects are already in the works like a transformation for this laundry room.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

I’ll still be sharing my love of all things vintage at The Pickers Market again this year. I’ve been out of town so much the past few months it honestly hasn’t gotten the love and care it deserves. I’m praying about a few things related to this part of the business and until those prayers are answered I’m getting a talented assistant to help. My sweet mom is coming back on board to help run the design, style and picking side of things, which I couldn’t be more pleased about.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

Finally, we’re working behind the scenes to offer a way you can “Shop the Goat.” There are a few details that still need to be worked out but once it all comes together it will be fun. I know a lot of you are in small towns and want more access to both old and new finds. We’re definitely working on this side of things too.

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

It’s a lot, right? But it’s also exciting to take the chance. I’m so glad you guys are with me and that we’re all supporting each other through the good, the bad and the crazy. 2016 is going to be our best year yet!

2016 Blog and Booth Goals - The Crowned Goat

I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend. We have a great week coming up next week. I’m determined to make the kitchen area more efficient this year and I’ll share my best kitchen organization ideas, easy kitchen cleaning tips, the dish pantry reveal and time saving menus for busy families with my sisters.

See you on Facebook, on Instagram and on Pinterest over the weekend and back here on Monday for the Something to Talk About Link Party!

Many blessings,

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    1. I appreciate your support, ladies, thank you so much. I can’t wait to see what exciting things 2016 has in store for us! Hugs, CoCo

  1. Wow CoCo! Such great goals! I’m still hashing through a few of mine but I know I will for sure be participating in your organization hashtag. That goal has made it on my list. I still remember your sweet story about organizing your linen closet. I’m sure this is going to be the best year to date! Happy 2016 my friend!

    1. It’s been really liberating to be able to let things go, Nancy. I was kind of nervous about it at first like…what if I need this…or what if I can’t find this again but so far I haven’t missed anything that I’ve let go of. I’ve finished the clothes closet and the kitchen so I’m going to tackle books and linens next. Keep me posted on your progress, CoCo

  2. Oh my goodness, my sweet friend, I couldn’t be more thrilled for you! I can’t wait to watch and cheer as you blow every one of these lofty goals away. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. You’re making me teary, Kimm, I so appreciate you!

  3. Beautiful post Coco! It is always exciting (yet scary!) to set some new goals and begin a new year. I love your word and verse for the year… both are not only a great reminder but will serve as inspiration as well. Will be praying your year moves in directions beyond what you can fathom and be more than you can ever dream 🙂 Hugs, Lisa

    1. You’re so sweet, Lisa, thank you. It is exciting and scary you are so right. I’m ready to see what 2016 has in store for us both. Sending you lots of love and hugs and more blessings than your heart can hold – CoCo

    1. I really appreciate it, Lori, thank you so much. I’m excited to get started on them and kick off 2016. Sending you hugs, CoCo

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