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Home Office Makeover

You guys, seriously, I cannot believe reveal day for the home office makeover is finally here! For realz, we need to pop the champs! It seems like it’s been FOREVER since we started working on this room. FOREVER, I tell ya!

Let’s have a walk down memory lane, shall we? Way back in January of this year, I shared with you our 2017 Home Goals and giving our home office a makeover was a high priority on my list. It wasn’t that the office was horrible before, it wasn’t…it’s just that it was no longer our style…

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-1

I was elated to announce in February, our home office makeover plans and shared the real reason I wanted to make this office such a special space. Do you guys believe in second chances? Me too!

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-2

Then my grandparents passed away in March and things stalled a bit. Things actually stalled a lot. My bestie S did so much of the work installing the board and batten while I was grieving so I would have content to share with you. It was seriously so kind and generous.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-3

After that our lives got really hectic. We hosted company, Easter, participated in the One Room Challenge, Mother’s Day, hosted more company, celebrated birthdays, grieved the loss of my beloved Tally, took part in 4th of July festivities, helped my mom with her laundry room makeover, and then moved on to the half bathroom makeover. I’m not going to lie to you guys, some days the distractions of a full plate were a blessing but other days it was completely overwhelming.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-4

So last week when my parents said they could spend some time helping me finish up a few projects around the house, I jumped at the chance for the extra set of hands, muscle and creativity. I cleaned out the office so we could start with a blank slate. Then we moved the rug from the living room to the office.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-5

Next, we moved in the antique pieces we knew from the beginning we would be keeping. The piece which stores books, office supplies and the tv…

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-6

and this family heirloom desk.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-7

How cute are these cubbies? It doesn’t have a lot of closed storage options but it has five drawers which is nice.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-8

After those pieces were in place we added the bookcases. We were so excited to find them at a thrift store for a great price. They were in perfect shape but the stain was a little orange so I gave them a quick update.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-9

I still can’t get over how much they changed the look of the entire office. We decorated the shelves with all the thrifted treasures I’ve brought home over the past few months. I can’t even take credit for the styling job because my mom is a rock star at styling shelves.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-10

Once the bookshelves were installed it was time to move in a piece I was sure was going to be controversial. This media cabinet has been used in the living room for almost 9 years now. You know how moving one thing especially something big sorta upsets the apple cart? I knew moving this piece from the living room to the home office was definitely going to upset the apple cart and the look of the living room too.

I’ve been dreaming of bookcases in the living room for a while now AND we needed a place to hold the printer and other electronics, so it was worth taking the chance. And you know what? The apple cart wasn’t as upset as I thought it would be!

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-11

We didn’t really want to clutter the office with a bunch of extra stuff so we used special pieces that were simple yet meaningful.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-12

We added some Blue Daze and this mug turned pencil holder

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-13

At the last minute, we decided to use another piece from the living room and snuggle this painted chair next to the bookcases. It’s always good to have seating options, right?

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-14

So, here’s one more look before…

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-1

and after. Crazy, right?

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-15

In the seven months we’ve been working on this makeover I’ve learned two important things…one, second chances are always a blessing and two, never give up even if things aren’t moving as quickly as you might like.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-16

In the end, it’s all about creating a space you can’t wait to get home to.

Home Office Makeover Reveal-The Crowned Goat-17

I’ll be back tomorrow with some fall inspiration. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. It’s beautiful! Well worth the wait. Hugs dear friend!!

    1. You know I appreciate your sweet words, Angie, thank you so much. Sending you hugs right back lady, Coco

  2. Elizabeth Bonin says:

    Love the transformation! Looking forward to your living room redo now??

    1. ha ha you caught that huh? Oh my word, you know how it is…I know you do…one thing always leads to another. Sending you hugs and I hope you found so many treasures today, CoCo

  3. Your office is gorgeous! It’s classic with the colors and antique pieces included. Love it!

  4. Karen Heath says:

    It’s lovely CoCo. The rug alone makes a huge difference. What a great find in those sheves!!

    1. You are so right about the rug, Karen! It definitely changed the feel of the entire room. It was a thrifted find years ago for either $20 or $25 and has been a treasure ever since. Hope you’re having a great day, CoCo

  5. Tisha Clapp says:

    You are so creative! I adore every bit of it, and the bookcase are perfect! What a sweet find!

    1. I appreciate it so much, Tisha, thank you for your sweet and kind words. Hugs, Coco

  6. WOW – this makeover was well worth your wait…and ours. Your attention to detail, style and personal taste has not been lost. Gorgeous! PS – please send your mom and dad to Georgia.

    1. ha ha I could not have pulled with off without my mom and dad they were invaluable to this project. I can’t believe it’s finally finished. One more room checked off the list – yeah! thanks so much for your kind words, Hugs, Coco

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