Fall Inspired Outdoor Dessert Buffet

We’re sharing simple tips and tricks for creating a late Fall inspired outdoor dessert buffet today!

Like so many of you, we’re constantly trying to blend work life, family life, and home life as seamlessly as possible.

Especially, during busy holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

One thing we’ve started doing is having friends and family over for dessert buffets instead of hosting full meals.

These low-key events usually take place on the front porch or back patio and it’s working out really well so far!

Outdoor Fall Inspired Dessert Buffet-The Crowned Goat

While we’d love to make everything on the dessert buffet from scratch, we simply don’t have that kind of time.

I’m guessing you might not either.

So, rather than having to choose between spending lots of time in the kitchen or enjoying the remaining days of Fall in the pumpkin patch, we’re choosing easy and “kind of homemade.”

Here’s a look at simple tips and tricks for creating a Fall Inspired Outdoor Dessert Buffet…

Make Your Outdoor Dessert Buffet Easily Accessible

When possible, set up your dessert buffet on one table. It will make it easily accessible so your guests can help themselves.

Fall Inspired Outdoor Dessert Buffet-The Crowned Goat

Use Cake Stands, Breadboards, and Trays to Vary the Height of Your Displays

Cake stands, breadboards and serving trays provide a stable surface and offer a variety of height options for sweet treats.

You can use them to hold everything from cakes to pies to donuts to brownies to caramel apples.

Make Your Decorations Simple Yet Festive

When you’re short on time, make the decorations as simple as possible!

Hang a festive wreath, add mums, a bowl of fruit, or a flower arrangement for an unexpected pop of color.

Use Items From the Grocery Store or Bakery

Don’t be afraid to save time by buying specialty items at the grocery store or local bakery!

Most stores even allow you to purchase cakes and cupcakes without the frosting if you want to customize them to your theme at home.

You could also consider buying a cake box mix to make cake donuts. Then provide special sauce ideas so your guests can drizzle their own flavor combinations on top.

In addition, consider stocking up on mini pies. They are always a hit at our house!

We have these at almost every event during the Fall and holiday seasons because they’re smaller and easier to eat than a big slice of pie.

They come in a variety of flavors and are super easy to stack on a cake stand or a tiered dessert tray.

You might also want to consider adding an array of cookies for guests who enjoy an after-dinner latte.

We also try to leave out apple nachos for a healthier option as well.

Make Plates, Napkins, and Utensils Easy to Reach

Make it as easy as possible for your guests to serve themselves by leaving the dessert plates, napkins, and utensils at the beginning of your fall-inspired dessert buffet.

I know sometimes it might feel like dinner and Fall inspired outdoor dessert buffets need to be handcrafted and homemade.

But unless you’re hosting guests with special dietary needs, make it as easy on yourself as possible!

Fall Inspired Outdoor Dessert Buffet Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Your gathering will be just as memorable with items bought from the grocery store or your favorite local bakery as it would be if you had spent hours in the kitchen baking away!

Besides, most people coming to your home would probably rather have your full and undivided attention than a homemade pie or perfectly frosted cake anyway.

Fall Inspired Outdoor Dessert Buffet with Quick and Easy Sweet Treats-The Crowned Goat

Let us know which treats are always a hit on your Fall inspired outdoor dessert buffet! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

5 Simple Tips for Creating an Easy Outdoor Fall Inspired Dessert Buffet-The Crowned Goat

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  1. Oh.My.Gosh – we wish that you made home deliveries LOL!! You have most of our favorites covered – we love caramel and chocolate. You know how much we love donuts and spice cake HAHA. We think a dessert bar is always a good idea…anytime 🙂 Much love.

    1. Ha ha It’s almost too easy to set up a dessert bar especially out on the back patio where there is plenty of room for all sorts of goodies. I did sample a few of these and they were good. I don’t know what it is about Fall but my sweet tooth is back in full force and it sounds like yours is too! Hugs and love, CoCo

  2. Sabrena Reed says:

    Are those little pies pumpkin? Too Cute

    I went to 2 Family Dollars on the Southside – no pumpkin plates…. boo hoo

    1. The pies are pumpkin, apple and pecan! They have cherry, blueberry and lemon as well I think. I mean for 50 cents, you can’t beat the price so it would be super easy to stock up. We use them all the time. SO bummed about the pumpkin plates. Someone else said on FB they couldn’t find them either and people on IG are saying they’re sold out in their area already too. I’ll keep my eye out for you! Hugs, CoCo

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