A Few Finds and a Duck Egg Nightstand Makeover

I’ve spent the past few weeks shopping for new inventory items for my booth at The Pickers Market. For reals, it looks like I should be having a moving out sale. It’s so empty. Restocking a booth is like finding items for your home. It takes a while to capture just the right look you’re after. There are a lot of things that I’ve liked ok but when people shop my booth, I want them to find something that they’re excited to bring home. I want them to have the same feeling I have when I find something totally fantastic that’s been on my list for a while now. Like that scale I found at Renningers. I heart that thing. I’ve been in this business long enough to be patient about what I’m bringing into the space. I will say, it’s getting harder and harder to wait though.

I’m in the midst of redoing the look of the entire booth this week and bringing all the pieces I’ve found lately together. I have little piles of things everywhere and it’s driving me crazy. One pile of breakables that need to be wrapped, a pile that needs to be tagged, two piles that need to be loaded and a pile that I don’t know what to do with yet.

You may remember this three-drawer nightstand from last week’s Treasure Trail Finds post on Wednesday. I like that it’s compact but the drawers are deep so I know it will provide a good bit of storage.


A lot of my customers have beach cottages or live in condos. I can imagine this nightstand tucked between two iron beds covered with sun-drenched quilts. It was in really great shape so no repairs were needed which is a blessing. I used two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg, as it’s always a popular selling color. To seal, I used clear furniture paste wax and buffed with a lint free cloth.


I didn’t change anything about the hardware because I liked the contrast between the duck egg and the dark finish of the metal.


A few weekends ago, I traveled down to IKEA with my Mom and sisters to pick up a list of things. On our way to down, we stopped at a few new places we hadn’t been able to visit since last August. I didn’t find a lot but I was able to pick up these old books


and this old pencil sharpener.


I’ve had the round basket piece, the glass insulators, metal rulers and graph boards for few months now. They’ve all been previously used in other vignettes throughout the seasons. They’re headed to the booth soon.


I hope I can let the pencil sharpener go. You guys know there is always one or two things that tug at my heart strings. The pencil sharpener is it this time.

020315-7 ASCP Duck Egg

See you guys back here tomorrow. I spent the weekend painting a china cabinet.

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Many blessings,

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  1. CoCo – I just love your finds and your storytelling. As booth owners ourselves we know how much thought, effort and hard work go into curating a look and style. You have been a great mentor to Jennifer and I – teaching us the ropes so to speak. We definitely get attached to pieces that we sell but I guess that means we are doing something right…when your pieces sell right away you know that other people appreciate your style and design sense. That table is going to sell right away…great job!

    PS – keep the pencil sharpener 🙂

    1. I appreciate that you can feel my pain, Vicki! It’s so much fun and so much work all at the same time. I’m glad to pass on what I know to you guys. I want you to be successful. Ha ha guess what I never found room for in the booth? the pencil sharpener!

  2. Coco, that color is so beautiful and I keep seeing it more and more everywhere so I’m sure it will be a hit. Someday we need to have a sewing and painting swap….lol. Beautiful job and I’m sure it takes a lot of time to paint and create a piece of art like this. have a great day, Lisa

    1. That is a perfect idea Lisa! I would swap for your sewing skills any day lady. Thank you so much for your sweet words, they like you are much appreciated.

  3. Such great finds! I am addicted to going to thrift stores and swap meets! It is so exciting going in not knowing what to look for and coming out with treasures that cost pennies!

    1. I know what you mean, Brittany! I bring a list along of general ideas of the things that I want but most of the time I find the coolest things that I would have never expected. The thrill of the hunt definitely keeps me going! Thanks so much for stopping by, Coco

    1. Jamie, that is such a sweet compliment thank you so much! It’s nice to have extra spaces to practice at home and at work. Hugs, Coco

  4. Your vision for this piece is perfect ~ iron beds, sun drenched quilts, drawers for storage. Plus my fave color and this piece should sell quickly. Maybe you should do some big “style tags” on the pieces to share how you see them being used. A short description to help folks with possibilities ~ share your great ideas!! Bwg ~~~

    1. Style tags, that is a great idea Bobbi! Thank you bunches for all of your kind words. I keep thinking we’re going to have a MABEL retreat in a cottage that is filled with sun-drenched sheets one day 🙂

  5. Great finds! I love your nightstand makeover too! Btw, I wanted to tell you we sold our first piece earlier this week :). Hope you’re having a great week, CoCo!!

    1. Amy that is SO exciting! I am so proud of you guys. It’s so awesome when you’re successful at what you truly love. Great job ladies

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