French Inspired Laundry Room Art

Today, I’m excited to share how to create French inspired laundry room art!

I can hardly believe tomorrow is the final reveal day for the laundry room at Loblolly Manor as part of the One Room Challenge. It’s crazy to think about how fast 6 weeks have flown by. While we’ve mostly been on track we have definitely encountered a few setbacks along the way. One being the artwork we had originally ordered did not work out at all. Not only was it late to arrive, it was also way smaller than had been originally represented. I’ll just say, learn from us and read the fine print and product description very carefully.

Once we found out the artwork was going to be a no-go, we had to quickly come up with something we could replace our original idea with – and by quickly, I mean – we had two days!

In the midst of trying to come up with something up with else, my Mom suggested we print out a French graphic online and frame it. But we didn’t have the size frame we needed to fill the space. So, we did the next best thing – an engineer print! If you’ve never done an engineer print, it’s super easy.

Here’s what you need to know…


Engineer Print (make sure to complete this step in advance)

24 X 18 Canvas

Spay Adhesive

Rolling Pin (or other straight edge)

Tarp or Drop Cloths (to protect your work surface)


First, make sure your work surface is completely protected with tarps or drop cloths.

We used to Aleene’s Tacky Spray for this project but you can use whatever adhesive spray you like best. As always use caution and care, read the directions on the back of the adhesive spray in advance and complete this project in a well-ventilated area.

We found this print online at The Graphics Fairy. If you want to use the same one you can find it here. We uploaded the graphic and used Office Depot’s online printing services to have the graphic printed as an engineer print in a 24 x 18 size. It was under $2 and was ready for pick up in 24 hours.

Just a heads up, you have to be pretty careful with the engineer print. Ours was place in a bag as opposed to a tube when we picked it up and you can definitely see a wrinkle in the final product.

Lay your canvas on the tarp,

then place the engineer print on the canvas. I sprayed the canvas in sections to make it easier to manage.

Roll each section with a rolling pin or a straight edge in order to make sure all of the bubbles have been removed.

This engineer print turned French inspired laundry room art was so easy to create.

Looking back, I wish we had thought of this idea first!

See you guys back here tomorrow! We’ve been working hard on the laundry room for 6 weeks now and its finally time for the reveal. We are so excited and we hope you are too! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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